2012 vs. 2013

Most Popular Styles From Spring 2012 vs. The Biggest Trends for Spring 2013


In the Spring/Summer of 2012, some of the trends in fashion were very similar to those of the 2013 Spring/Summer; however, some were very different from what is popular this season.

models wearing neon colors spring 2012 Colors:

In 2012, neon colors such as yellows and oranges were “the colors” to be seen wearing.  These bright colors were everywhere in the spring and summer of 2012; whether it was a dress, a top, pants, or accessories, everyone was wearing them, especially bright yellows and oranges.    Metallic colors were also extremely popular during this season.

Model Wearing Large Hat on Runway In Italy Hats:

With the excruciatingly hot temperatures and bright rays of sunshine that summer of 2012 brought, came a fashion trend of hats.  Not only on the fashion forward members of society, hats made the cut in almost every type of person’s wardrobe last summer!


Sheer tops were the big thing in the Spring and Summer of 2012.  A newer trend, many people came to love the look of a lightweight, stylish top that could be worn with a tank top of some sort underneath it to work, or with simply a bandeau type top under it for a night out on the town.  They are most definitely still in style today and they are extremely popular, they are just simply not a “new” trend of the 2013 season.


In 2012, prints were a rising trend on the fashion front.  However, simply one article of printed clothing was not enough.  The trend in 2012 with prints was pairing multiple different pieces with different prints and combining them to make one outfit.

models wearing "sporty chic" attire “Sporty Chic” Look:

Wearing your gym clothes anywhere other than the gym used to be frowned upon, and many people swore up and down that they would never be caught out in their work-out attire.  However, in the spring of 2012 one of the largest fashion trends was the “athletic chic” look that many of us (I know I did!) came to love!


models walking the runway wearing pastels Colors:

This spring and summer the color palette is all about the pastels, and especially mint! These pastels are
everywhere this season! Be it pants, tops, dresses, or accessories – such as

jewelry – no matter where you shop, you are pretty much guaranteed to find something you like in one of these light, springy colors!

Statement Jewelry:

Serena from Gossip Girl Rocking Statement Necklaces!

Another rising trend in fashion this spring is adding a piece of large, statement jewelry to your outfit.  Primarily necklaces, these pieces can really add so much to your outfit.  By making them the focal point of your ensemble, they can really pull the whole look together and make you look extremely fashionable and can complete your outfit!

*”Serena” (Blake Lively) photoed on the right starring in Gossip Girl, is an excellent example of super cute statement jewelry really completing an outfit!


One of the most popular trends in fashion for the Spring/Summer 2013 season is floral printed pieces of clothing. Of the floral pieces, one of the most popular this season is floral pants.  Also popular, are sheer printed floral tops.

For more about this seasons trends, go to my blog post  about the fashion trends of spring and summer 2013!!

XOXO, Kristen




  1. FashionGurl1091 says:

    Thanks so much for the jewelry tips! Definitely just what I needed (via my last post). I’ll be going out and getting a few new necklaces this weekend!! :) Keep up the good work!

    • Congrats on your 6th month! I see a lot if great outfits here.. And I sealipcly love that purple striped maxi! I saw that same one at stylescrapbook and I’ve been in love with it since. So lucky you’ve got one too!Cheers,misscarlaviolet.blogspot.com

      • Hi Sophie!
        I’m so sorry I never got back to you.. I feel terrible!
        But, thanks so much for those kind and encouraging words! I am glad you are enjoying what I am posting, and I hope you have been keeping up with my more recent posts (such as my OOTD series!).
        I hope you have a great weekend!
        XOXO, K

  2. FashionGurl1091 says:

    Thanks so much for the jewelry tips! Definitely just what I needed (via my last post). I’ll be going out and getting a few new necklaces this weekend!! :) Keep up the good work! xo

  3. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the tips, gives me something to think about


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