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New Year, New Kristen: Changes To Come In 2015

New Year, New Kristen - Starting 2015 Off With A Change

Hello there, beauties… I’m back! After what seems like it has been forever (sorry lovelies, I had a few, uhh, distractions on my plate… But we’ll get into those a little later!), I am back and I am here to stay this time – I promise! (I know that may seem like an empty promise seeing as I know my last few posts (ever since graduation) have said the same thing, but this time I will prove it to you (trust me, I just had to pay the bill to keep the site up for another year, so I’ll be here!).

So, you may be wondering what this whole “New Year, New Kristen” nonsense is all about, and that is what I am going to explain to you now. So, the past year brought a lot of changes in my life. Finishing my last semester and then graduating from college, having no job for the first few months after graduation, starting and ending (well at least I think it has ended…) my quarter life crisis, getting my first “big girl” job (and having to go to work everyday…), buying my first car, having to pay my own bills (let me tell ya, it sucks!), and having to function as an adult. At least in my life, one that has stayed pretty much constant and the same for the past 22 years (with the exception of going to college and all of those smaller, big changes), this was a lot for me to handle. I know everyone has trouble adjusting to change and everyone deals with it differently, but one thing that I do to express my emotions and feelings, is write (duh, Kristen… that’s why you have a blog), so while usually my more emotional and “deep” writing is limited to my own journal, that is one thing I plan on changing this year. Well, at least changing a little bit. I don’t this to turn into my published and public diary, but what I mean is that I plan on branching out of my typical fashion and beauty posts that I usually stick to. In a sense, I plan on writing about things that are more personal and timely in my life in addition to these topics. Basically, my goal with this is to make Style by Kristen Blair into a hybrid of some sort,. Ideally, I would like it to turn into a combination of what it has been so far (so the usual fashion/beauty posts) but also add in posts that are similar to those found on Thought Catalog and Elite Daily (both of which I absolutely love! Hey, we all have guilty pleasures, right?!).

With that, many of you may be a little apprehensive as to how this will work and how it will all tie together and pull into one site that flows and follows a theme. To you my answer is stay tuned. I am not sure how I will go about this yet, but it is something I am working on and figuring out as we speak! So, to all of you lovely ladies (and gentlemen) who have stuck by me – even in my absence – I need to say thank you; but also, I need to ask a favor of you. I know I may not be in the best position to be asking favors of any of you seeing as I am the one who owes the favors here; but, I would like to ask you to stick with me for a little longer while I figure this whole transformation out! It may take a little while for me to work out the kinks and growing pains, but I really believe that this will help me grow not only as a writer (I really do need to branch out and write other things other than OOTD posts and trends for the upcoming season!), but also as a person. I truly feel that this will help me find myself and grow to become less of a closed off person when it comes to my emotions (okay, Kris, enough of the sappy talk…). But, with that, I am done with the sob story and I am ready to get rolling with all the exciting things I have planned for y’all coming in the next few days and weeks!

Bring It On 2015 - New Year, New Kristen

So what do you say, gorgeous? Stay tuned and I promise not to let you down!

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