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OOTD: Workout Wednesday

Good morning and happy Wednesday, gorgeous! I hope you’re having a fabulous week so far, but if you need a little extra motivation to help get you through the second half of the week, hopefully today’s OOTD will do just that (if not, you only have two more days after today, so that should help too!).  Today’s Workout Wednesday post is just the type of ensemble that gets me motivated and ready to hit the gym. As I have mentioned about a thousand times in the past, I have a (slight) addiction to buying workout clothes. And then I feel like if I have spend that much money on these clothes that I cannot wear to work or out on the weekends (if only it was socially acceptable to wear workout clothes to the bar…), I need to make the investment worth while and hit the gym! Plus, I just feel super lazy if I wear gym clothes all day and don’t at least go for a little while! But, back to the point… This outfit is the perfect example of something that would get me moving and motivated to get my booty to the gym! But, I won’t keep ya in suspense any longer, I know you’re dying to check out this ensemble that I am raving about so here it is!

Outfit Of The Day - Workout Wednesday

Top: Nike$77 $49; Sports Bra: Nike, $31; Leggings: Nike, $46; Shoes: Nike, $130.

As I’ve also mentioned a time or two (and if you look through previous Workout Wednesday posts, you can probably realize on your own), I am most certainly partial to Nike products. I am not sure why, but I definitely gravitate to Nike when given the option! But, was I right or what?! Do you feel like you should immediately run to the Nike store or Dicks and buy this outfit and then hit the gym for a nice, long gym session? I know I most certainly do, but now that I’m trying out this whole “adult” thing, and I have a “real job” where I have to work everyday, unfortunately I can’t do that right now. However, if you can, I would highly recommend it! There is no time like the present, and the longer you wait the more time you have to lose motivation and/or talk yourself out of working out. Plus, the best workout is in the morning, right?

Well, I envy anyone who is able to run to the gym right now, but I hope y’all have a wonderful workout! And for those of you who are stuck in the office like I am, I hope you have a fabulous day! But don’t forget, just because you have a long day at work doesn’t mean you can’t stop and get a quick workout in on your way home. Or, if you’re really too tired or busy to go to the gym, there is no shame in doing an at home workout! You’re obv gorgeous the way you are, I’m just trying to give ya a little extra push and keep ya healthy! Have an amazing day, skinny minnies! And don’t forget that I love you beauties!


Wedding Season Is Right Around The Corner… Are You Ready?

Many of you may not know this because I never formally let y’all know (if you follow me on Instagram, you have already heard the news!), but my sister got engaged to the man of her dreams in September!

My Sister's Engagement Ring

This is her massive rock… I mean, engagement ring!

With only a year to the wedding (they’re getting married Labor Day weekend – September 5, 2015),  she got right down to business and starting planning her dream wedding right away! After the venue was booked, she found the perfect dress, and we had attended about 100 wedding expos and bridal trade shows, it was time to order one of the most important things for this amazing day… the save the dates and invitations.  When she was looking around a few different sites that are out there, she really liked all of the options that Minted had to offer.  It was the first site she found, so in an effort to keep her options open and see what else was out there, she kept looking around. But, despite her efforts, she found herself always coming back and gravitating to Minted and what they had to offer.  What did she do? She designed and ordered her Save the Dates from Minted, of course!

Sissy's Save The Dates - Minted Post

Here’s what the front of her save the date looks like

Danielle's Save The Dates From Minted

And the back…

With that checked off the to-do list and mailed out to everyone, now it is time for her to start thinking about invitations. Where will she order them from? While she initially was going to look around again (like she did with the Save the Dates), she decided, since last time she wasted so much time trying to rule out any other options, she is just going to stick with what she knows and order them from Minted! So, as she and I sat down to look for what she wanted to customize and order, she found three that she absolutely loved! So, now it is just making the final decision and placing the order. She really likes the foil-pressed options, as she feels like it just adds a little something to it. I have to agree with her on that one, the foil is just enough to add a little flare to her invitations without making them tacky or taking away from the chic simplicity of the options she is considering!

Here are the three that she is deciding between…

So, we’ll have to see which one she ends up deciding on, I’ll make sure to keep y’all posted!

Have you heard of Minted before now? Here’s a little about Minted and their wedding collection

Minted is an online “marketplace of independent artists”. What does that mean, exactly? Well, it means that they offer a variety of different products – including stationary, events/invitations, art, fabrics, and home decor – that are all designed by independent artists (the same idea as a contractor, if you will). This means that by shopping and purchasing items from Minted, you have access to a lot of specific items and designs that you would not otherwise have access to by shopping at a traditional retailer.  Are you sold yet? Check out all of the amazing things they have to offer by visiting their site!

Are you loving Minted and their amazing collection of wedding invitations (and everything else too, of course!) as much as my sister and I are? I hope you find it to be as awesome as we have! Have you ordered things from Minted before? Let us know what it is that you ordered and how much you love everything you got from them! Never used Minted before? Let us know your thoughts and what you’ve got your eyes on! I hope y’all have an amazing day, gorgeous!


OOTD: #ManCrushMonday

Hello and happy Monday ladies and gentlemen! I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend and you’re ready to get your week started! I know no one likes Monday‘s very much, but with the weather warming up (even if it is just a little bit…) later in the week, I could not be more ready to get this week rolling! But, today’s #ManCrushMonday outfit goes out to my papa bear! Today is his birthday, so in my consistent effort to get him to dress a little more fashionable, I chose to make today’s OOTD more on the casual side (for anyone who knows him, you know he is definitely as casual as they come!). So, this week’s MCM is the perfect ensemble for almost anything. Super casual and versatile, this outfit is awesome for a date night with someone special, casual Friday at work, or even just a night on the town with the boys. So no matter what you may be doing, this is definitely an amazing option to keep in your collection of go-to outfits.

Outfit Of The Day - Man Crush Monday

Sweater: Brooks Brothers, $119; T-Shirt: Ralph Lauren, $62; Jeans: Hugo Boss, $185; Shoes: Vince, $375; Watch: Rolex, $2,950.

Is this great or what?! Ladies, would you love it if your man was rocking this, or what?! So, gentlemen, trust me when I say this, whether you already have someone special, are on the hunt, or you’re just doing your own thing right now, you’re sure to catch the eye of all the ladies with this one (trust me, I may have some special intel with this type of thing)! What do y’all think of this one? Do you love it as much as I do?! Let me know what you think and what other types of outfits you would like to see for either the man in your life, or for yourself!

Hope you all have an amazing Monday, beauties! Stay warm and start your week off on the right foot by having a great day today!

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