A Snapshot Of My Semester And Overall Experience In MKTG 470


An Overview Of My Semester In Internet Marketing

With the semester coming to an end, I am reflecting on a few of the various things I have learned throughout the past few months…

Google Analytics Dashboard

Traffic Analysis

I used Google Analytics to track the visitors and traffic patterns of my blog.  In doing this, I found that about 60% of the people who view my site are new visitors, making about 40% of viewer returning visitors.  Of these visitors, the average time a visitor spent on my website is about 5 minutes, in which time the average person visited about 2-3 pages.  The visitors of my site viewed the page titled “My Passion” most often, followed closely by my first ever blog post about MKTG 470.

Optimization efforts I made through paid search drove more traffic to my site than efforts made through SEO, however not with a significant lead.  Overall, I am satisfied with the results that I have achieved throughout the semester, however I realize that I have a lot of room to improve and I am excited to see where it takes me!

Google Webmaster Tools

Using Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools provides a list of search queries that have triggered your site being featured in the SERP.  This was helpful because it showed what people were searching for that resulted in them landing on my site, indicating what people may want to read more about and what I can provide later on.  It also showed the links that point to my site and the sources they come from, which is helpful for link building and SEO efforts.  I think online marketers should use this tool due to the amount of information it provides.

Overall MKTG 470 Experience

My overall experience in  MKTG 470 was awesome, and I’m glad that I decided to take it!  I learned so much and I think it was one of the most beneficial classes I have taken at JMU.  Aside from the class information, I learned that I want to pursue a career in Internet/social media marketing.

Social Media and the Fashion Industry

My Future in Internet Marketing

Overall, I enjoyed my experience in MKTG 470.  I really enjoy blogging and it is most definitely something that I would love to pursue as a career! This new revelation I made about my future, allowed me to begin avidly looking for an internship in social media marketing for the summer of 2013! Hopefully, I will have good news to report on the job front soon, and I will have the chance to take you with me through my experience as a fashion intern!


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