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You Asked, I Answered… Facts About Me, My Blog, And My Life!

I cannot tell you how much I absolutely love hearing from my readers, I really do adore you all!  Here are some of the most questions that I have received and my answers to them! Please do not hesitate to contact me (either leave a comment or email me at kristen.booth06@gmail.com) with any additional questions that you may have :)

How old are you?


When is your birthday?

December 26, 1991

Where are you from?

Northern Virginia – I was born in Fairfax, VA; I grew up in Loudon County; I went to college in Harrisonburg, VA (kinda the middle of nowhere!); and now I live in New York City!

When did you start blogging?

During the Spring 2013 semester (so January, 2013) while enrolled in Internet Marketing at JMU.

Why did you start blogging?

Originally, I started “kristenblair.com,” as it was called at the time, as a requirement for a course I was enrolled in.  However, as I learned more and more about the online blogging community along with how much I loved blogging, the focus of my site quickly emerged into Style by Kristen Blair, as it is today!

Today, my goal is to share my love of fashion and my personal style through my posts along with trending fashions, fashion news, and various other topics!  I dream is to be able to touch at least one person through my blog and have an impact on them in some way!

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

My favorite? Hmm let’s see, well I have a few! 1) I LOVE shopping and putting together new outfits with clothes, shoes, and accessories for other people to wear and enjoy.  I think I like that almost as much as getting new stuff for myself (not quite more, but its a close second!). 2) I am an avid runner, and I run almost everyday (well I try to…).  Not only is running something that I do to stay in shape and to exercise, but I have actually come to enjoy it.  When I run, it is my “Kristen time” as I like to call it, it also helps me relieve stress when I have a lot going on! And finally, 3) I absolutely love baking! It is a newer hobby of mine, but I love trying new things and baking things (always from scratch) for other people to enjoy.  I have a major sweet tooth, but for some reason when I make things myself, I never want to eat them… I just want everyone else to! So in a way, it kinda works out for me and everyone else; I get to bake and they get to enjoy the sweet treats that I make, and I don’t eat them!

What got you interested in fashion?

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been really interested in fashion. Actually, working in the fashion industry is the only thing I have really known I wanted to do with my life (with the exception of the random jobs every little girl says she is going to do!).  I absolutely love clothes, shopping, and style, so what better way to spend my life than making a career out of something that I truly love!

What are your plans in May/post-graduation?

After May 10, 2014, when I enter the “real world” of being a grown up and getting a job, the plan is to move to New York City in chase of every girl in America’s dream, a career in the fashion industry. Ideally, I would like to work in an editorial position (my dream has always been to work for Vogue… or really any Conde Nast magazine!), but with a major in marketing, I am also planning to search for social media (I absolutely love Social Media Marketing), public relations, buying, and styling positions.  Really anything that is thrown my way would make me the happiest girl in the world!

If I do not have a job lined up in the city right after graduation, I am planning on moving back in with my parents (in Northern Virginia) and look for an internship in Washington, DC (any suggestions?!).  If this is the route I end up taking, I plan on working as much as possible and saving all the money I can, all the while searching for a job in NYC, so at the end of summer I can make the move of my dreams!

Have you had any internship or work experience in fashion yet? If so, what/where?


Last summer I had two internships in New York City within the fashion industry.  One of them was with a fashion PR firm, Company Agenda, where I learned more than I could have possibly imagined I would in one short summer and I got so many amazing opportunities (including the chance to work SS14 NYFW!).  My second internship was with a start-up online boutique, Just SVARA as a social media intern.  Working for a small start-up was absolutely wonderful! I gained so much valuable knowledge and got the change to do so much work that I feel I would have never gotten to do at a larger company.  I worked directly with the founders of the company and really got to know them while developing a professional relationship at the same time!

Who has been your biggest role model/inspiration in fashion?

Well, the way I see it, this question has two answers…

  1. In my personal life, the biggest role models I have had throughout my life are my big sister, Danielle, and my amazing mom.  I cannot tell you how much having an older sister helped me in the way of fashion, clothing, and avoiding the awkward stage everyone goes through in middle school! She taught me how to do (tame…) my curly hair, wear an appropriate amount of make-up, and to wear what I liked and what reflected my personal style (rather than what was “in” at the time), to name just a few!  My mom is one of the most fashionable moms that I have ever seen (yeah, I may be a little biased.. so what!).  Being a style advisor for lia sophia, she is extremely knowledgeable and up to date with the trending styles in the jewelry sector. She never fails to rock the jewelry she sells… Often, my sister and I find ourselves sifting through her massive collection of fun jewels in search of the perfect accessories to wear.
  2. As far as a public figurehead/celebrity role model, I would have to say that I look up to Blake Lively and Lauren Conrad the most.   First of all, both of these amazing women are just absolutely perfect in every way.  They are gorgeous, successful, have amazing fashion sense/style, and are doing all of the things they are doing simply by being themselves, and that is what I admire most about both of them!  Blake Lively can wear absolutely anything and make it look amazing.  She could stroll the streets wearing a robe with her hair in a messy bun and still look stunning (a little jealous? of course I am!).  Lauren Conrad has my dream life.  If I could trade lives with anyone in the world, it would probably be her.  I also love her sense of style, and her clothing line along with her personal wardrobe, seems to be very similar to mine (with the exception of the labels she has… a girl can dream, right?!).  Basically, these two ladies are my inspiration/role models because of their amazing fashion and style, but also because of the fact that they just seem so real, and I can actually relate to them!

Thank you all for the love, support, and questions! Keep them coming loves :)


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