Oops! Don’t Forget To Accessorize

The Finishing Touch on the Perfect Outfit… Don’t Ever Leave The House Without Accessories!

As you’re showering, doing your hair, and putting on your make-up each morning when you’re getting dressed, most women are watching TV, listening to music (and if you’re anything like me, singing along embarrassingly!), all the while, thinking about what you want to wear and planning your outfit in your head.  However, what many people are not thinking about is how they can pull their whole outfit together by accessorizing.  There are so many little things you can add to your outfit to really complete the look and make yourself even more put together.  A few of these things include:  unique shoes, jewelry, and scarves.


If you’re anything like me, you probably find any reason you possibly can to get a new pair of shoes.  I am definitely what you could call addicted to shoes! For example, I went to 72676_603130419700955_858341648_n Midwinter Formal at VMI in February, and after I got my dress, I found a pair of shoes that were absolutely perfect! But then my mom did not fail to remind me that I already had a pair that I was wearing and these shoes that I “had to have” we’re not necessary.  So being the shoe lover I am, naturally I saved a picture of them to my desktop and emailed her randomly with the picture of the shoes and a statement about how good they would look on my feet with my perfect dress that I had found (at a steal of a price, might I add!).  To make a long story short, I ended up adding those amazing shoes to my still-growing collection.

The point of my story is that we all have a TON of shoes, however most of us forget about the super cute ones that we get for special occasions (like my Steve Madden Realove Heels
Midwinter heels that I have worn only once…).  Something as simple as pulling out those awesome shoes you had to have for a certain event (or that you just couldn’t pass up on your last shopping trip) to your everyday outfits, it can really add to the look and pull the whole outfit together.


Now for my personal favorite part of accessorizing, the jewelry! Adding costume or high fashion jewelry to any outfit can be Lia Sophia Bracelets the cherry on top of a perfect ensemble.  Jewelry has the power to pull an entire outfit together and make any outfit look complete.  No matter what your style may be, there is something for everyone in the way of jewelry.

If you’re a more subtle person who isn’t usually a huge jewelry wearer yet, you can stick to the more traditional and classic silver, gold, and hematite pieces.  You can wear smaller pieces if you’re apprehensive of the new addition(s) to your wardrobe, or if you’re feeling adventerous, go with bigger, more bold pieces that really stick out without being colorful statement necklace from J.Crew too flashy.

Now for those jewelry connoisseurs who think they have it all, try adding a few pieces 
into your collection that have a pop of color or colors if you’re feeling bold.  If you aren’t too sure about adding all this color, you can go with smaller pieces with more subtle colors; but if you’re not, add bigger statement necklaces, flashy earrings, or a big ring.


Personally, I am always cold (my roommate swears something is wrong with me), so as spring/summer outfit with lightweight scarf you can imagine winter and the colder months of the year are definitely not my favorite!  However, one way I deal with the cold weather of the winter months is by adding a scarf to my outfit; this cute accessory, but also a fashionable and stylish addition to any outfit.

So, you’re probably thinking “okay, scarves are cute and great for the winter, but its spring now and finally starting to get warm…” Well, if you were thinking that, you’re right! Wearing heavier scarves are perfect for the winter; but there are also light-weight scarves that come in cute patterns and bright colors that are an excellent fun colorful scarves for spring time touch to any spring outfit! They are not necessarily intended to provide you with warmth, rather they are simply there to act solely as an accessory, much like a necklace!  However, they are also great for the early mornings when it is still chilly from the night before, or that late night when you’re out with friends or heading home late from work (or in my case, the library!) .

So, now that you know how important it is to accessorize and just how much it can add to your outfit, you are ready to hit the stores and go crazy! Stock up on all of your favorite accessories now, so that when you need them to complete the perfect look, you have them and you won’t wish you had just bought that one pair of shoes that you loved at Nordstrom last week (I know I always indulge in such situations…)! Get out there and have some fun! I mean after all, shopping for new clothes and accessories at the beginning of each season is one of my favorite parts of the season changing!

XOXO, Kristen



  1. FashionGurl1091 says:

    I really love all the personal stories- they made me laugh out loud. Great tips and overall blog. Can’t wait for the next post. Maybe you can give me more tips on my jewelry.. I’m trying to change up my look a bit :)

    • Kristen Booth says:

      Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words! I’m glad I can make you laugh and provide some entertainment for ya! :) I can definitely get out some info on jewelry and accessorizing in the next few posts. New fashion content is coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled!
      XOXO Kristen

  2. Whatever your shoe preference, there’s something here for everyone. Shoes make a statement and brighten any outfit, any day of the week. Whether it’s a pair of sandals , platforms or dress shoes, you’ll find your pair and they’ll stick. Find comfort in knowing that your shoes serve a purpose, and that is to make you feel confident and ready to take on the world!

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