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Dewdrop DC’s First-Ever Home-Decor Swap Coming Soon

Hello beauties! I am definitely making a habit out of appologizing to you lovelies, and I am so sorry about that, but I’ve missed you all tons!  I hope you are all doing as fabulous as ever (I’m sure you are!), and, for those of you in DC, hopefully you’re surviving the snowpocalypse that we are currently experiencing.

Anyway, getting back to business…

Do you love home decor? How about absolutely fabulous vendors such as: Rodan + Fields, Stella & Dot, Jamberry, and so much more?! Well let me tell you, I am obsessed with all of the above and, lucky for me, they will all be in one place at Dewdrop’s #HouseCrush event, the company’s first-ever home decor swap!  Not familiar with Dewdrop? Well, let me fill you in on this wonderful company…

What is Dewdrop?


DewDrop DC's 1st-Ever Home Decor Swap Event

Dewdrop DC

Dewdrop DC, a start-up company located in Washington, DC, is a fashion-event company best known for its “fashion-forward clothing swaps”.  According to the company’s website, a clothing swap is a place “where stylish locals gather in a fun environment and swap clothes, promoting sustainable living through fashion.”  

Other events that Dewdrop has hosted in the past include pop-up shops, where they partner with DC’s local talent to showcase and sell their products and wares.  The company also hosts happy hours, fashion shows, and so much more! But that’s not all this great company does… In addition, Dewdrop also makes a habit out of teaming up with local charitable organizations, giving back to the community as much as possible and making it a local business in the purest form.

The company, founded by DC-native Kristine Thomas, has been mentioned and featured in a number of publications, including: The Washington Post, Washingtonian, NBC, Refinery 29, Ask Miss APamela’s Punch, to name just a few!

Dewdrop also holds a permanent soft spot in my heart, as it is where I interned during my last semester of college and post-graduation when I was on the job-hunt.  Being a company that really places a big focus on sustainable, green living, as well as giving back to charity and doing its part for the DC community, it is a company that I could always feel good about working for.  Even though I was only an intern, I was always able to feel like I was really doing my part as well as pursuing my dream of working in the fashion industry!  It was one of the absolute best places to work and Kristine continues to be a big part of my life!

What is this #HouseCrush event all about?


Dewdrop DC #HouseCrush Event February 6, 2016

Dewdrop’s #HouseCrush event taking place in Arlington, VA, on February 6, 2016.

A spin off the company’s typical clothing swap events, Dewdrop is excited to announce its first-ever home decor swap! So, how does it work, you may wonder? Well, everyone in the DC area is invited, and all Dewdrop is asking is that attendees bring their pre-loved, stylish home decor items to swap with others at the event.  You take the stuff that you have already had a chance to love, and in return, you leave with new-to-you things that someone else may have already had a chance to love.  Who ever said going green and recycling can’t be chic?!

All items that are brought to the event must fit in a blue Ikea bag, and anything remaining at the end of the swap will be donated to Goodwill of Greater Washington.

Dewdrop’s #HouseCrush will be taking place on Saturday, February 6, 2016, from 1 to 4pm, at the Keller Williams Arlington, VA location (right off the Court House metro stop). **More event information available in Dewdrop’s press release.

I don’t know about you all, but I cannot wait for this event! And, (…here comes another big announcement!) as I get ready to [finally] flock the nest and move out of my parents house, and into an apartment in Chinatown with my wonderful boyfriend Dan, the timing could not be more perfect as I am obviously in the market for new housewares!

So, where will you be on the afternoon of February 6th? I think you all know where you’ll find me, and I can only hope to see all of your beautiful and shining faces there!

I hope you all have a great weekend and please stay safe and warm in this ridiculous blizzard!


#BoothGoesMacDaniel2015: Highlights From My Sister’s Bridal Shower


After a little technical difficulty, the post is back! So… As many of you lovelies already know, my sister is getting married in just two short weeks (just follow me on Instagram and you will quickly see all the photos and pre-wedding fun!) and I am lucky enough to be her maid of honor! As such a role requires, one of my duties was throwing her a bridal shower.  Well… Let me tell ya ladies, it was not an easy task!  I thought it would be a piece of cake, just a little champagne for mimosas, sweets, and some snacks and decorations, right?! Wrong.

So, here is how I went about planning (and implementing) her shower…

Being the crazy/anal person that I am, I made a private board on Pinterest where I gathered all of my ideas.  Then when I after narrowed down my selections, I printed all of the things I was actually going to do and put them all in a binder where I organized them accordingly.  One section of the binder had all of my Pinterest ideas/crafts with directions on how to make each one and what I would need; one section had the menu with full recipes for each item my mom and I were going to make; one section had a to-do list (that never seemed to stop growing…); one section had info for the gift I was going to make my sister; and the final section had all of the information for her bachelorette party (which was the following weekend!).   It may sound a little crazy/obsessive/over the top, but let me tell you, it was the greatest thing I have ever made! It was so useful and had everything in one place, so any time I needed to find something or refer back to a recipe or instructions for a craft, I knew exactly where to find it!

When I was finally finished putting the binder together (which was quite the task in and of itself!) and had picked everything I just “had” to do, I quickly realized (with the help of my mom) that there was no possible way I was going to be able to get all of this done by myself… Which is when I turned to the rest of the bridal party for a little help.  These ladies did an amazing job and I could not have done it without them (thank you again, beauties)!

As I learned in college, I am not the greatest at delegating work. I like things to be a certain way and I like to do them myself so that I know they will be exactly the way I want them (some may call this psycho…).  So, to get over this and effectively dish out some of the tasks, I made each girl a detailed PDF/to-do list (see photo below) that I emailed to her individually.  This PDF had a list of the tasks I wanted her to complete and then it broke down each task and gave explicit details on what would be needed and how to do it. Whether or not they used my instructions is beyond me, but either way they did an awesome job with everything!

Example of the to-do lists that I sent to the bridal party! Each girl had her own that was sent to her a few months before the shower!

Example of the to-do lists that I sent to the bridal party! Each girl had her own that was complete with instruction and links to the sites I found each item at and was sent out a few months before the shower!

One thing that my mom and I had both really wanted to do was have everyone bring a recipe for my sister to start a collection.  In order to make this happen, I made a recipe card (below, with a photo of the invitation), that was sent out with the invitation.  I asked everyone to bring it to the shower with them, and when they did, I compiled them all into a “recipe book” (aka a photo album that I converted into a recipe book) and gave it to her at the end of the day! The best part about making the recipe cards myself is that she can always add to her book using the same cards without having to buy more! It was super easy to make and saved a lot of money because we printed them at home using cardstock!

The recipe card that I made and sent out with the invitations!

The recipe card that I made and sent out with the invitations!

Golden Bride Foil-Pressed Bridal Shower Invitations

Not her actual invitation (obviously…) but this is the one I chose (from Minted)!

So, enough of my rambling…  Here are some photos from the big day!

My beautiful big sister wearing the headband that I found on Pinterest… Decided to get savvy and figure out how to make the headband that is $30 on Etsy on my own!

Wedding Shower Highlights

Table with favors as you walked out the door!

Wedding Shower Favors


Wedding Shower Favors

And one more time, just in case you didn’t get the point that the favors were hairties!

Wedding Shower Highlights

Table with envelopes for all of the guests to address to themselves.. This made it so much easier for her to send the thank you notes!

Wedding Shower Highlights

I strongly advise this for anyone throwing a shower.

Wedding Shower Highlights

How could we not love the world’s largest champagne bottles?

Wedding Shower Highlights

Mimosa bar… Round 2! The wine and champagne glasses had chalkboard paint on them for guests to write their names… Plus, they got to take them when they left!

Wedding Shower Highlights

My beautiful mother with the bride-to-be!

Wedding Shower Highlights

My gorgeous grandma and sister!

Wedding Shower Highlights

The beautiful bride-to-be waiting to open her gifts!

Wedding Shower Highlights

A lovely candid shot of us while she is opening her presents…

Wedding Shower Highlights

If you can’t tell, we’re quite candid… I have never understood how some girls look so adorable in candid shots! But, I thought this was super funny anyway!

Wedding Shower Highlights

Reading the tags on the “Basket of Firsts” that I made her! (Details on that, coming soon!)

Wedding Shower Highlights

Never thought we would see the day when she was this excited over a pot (but a fancy pot, nonetheless)!

Wedding Shower Highlights

Krysta (one of the lovely bridesmaids) with the bouquet of bows!

Wedding Shower Highlights

White chocolate dipped Oreos! I made these with the help of Dan, who tried so unbelievably hard… I couldn’t have appreciated it more!

Wedding Shower Highlights - Cake

The cake!

Wedding Shower Highlights - Cake

And again…

Wedding Shower Highlights

Water bottles… Difficult as they may appear, the labels were super easy to make!

Wedding Shower Highlights


Wedding Shower Highlights

If you can’t tell, I really loved making the signs!

Wedding Shower Highlights

Yet another sign…

Wedding Shower Highlights

Danielle and Peter at the end of the shower

Through planning this shower I realized how much I really love party planning! I know I had a vested interest in this because it was my sister’s bridal shower so I wanted her to have an awesome time and everything to be perfect.  But, I enjoyed getting all of the prep work done! I loved painting all the signs you saw photographed (above), making the cake, and getting everything set in place so it was just right.  I had an absolute blast doing it, and if I ever had the chance to help someone else with theirs (either as their maid of honor or simply to help out!), I would jump at the opportunity in a heartbeat!So, if you or anyone you know needs a little help, please, please, PLEASE let me know! It was so much fun and I would absolutely love to help make someone else’s day as special as my sister’s was!

But, that’s all I have for ya today! I sincerely hope you have enjoyed reliving my sister’s bridal shower as much as I have!  As always, I love getting your input so let me know what you think!  I hope you have an amazing day, gorgeous!


Good News Ladies, The Search For Waterproof Makeup Ends With tarte cosmetics!

Good morning and happy Monday beauties!  Hope y’all had an amazing weekend and your week is off to a great start!  This weekend was my sister’s bridal shower! It was a lot of fun and,   after days (or maybe weeks…) of stressing, everything really came together and turned out exactly as I was hoping! (More to come from her shower later… I am going to share all the details and lots of photos in a post all about it soon! Promise!)

But, getting back on track… I sincerely hope, with summertime in full swing and the temperatures on the continuous climb reaching ungodly temperatures, you’re somehow staying somewhat cool and still enjoying the warm and sunny weather!

Pictured (left to right): Dan, me, Danielle, Peter

All of us (Left to Right: Dan, Me, Danielle, & Peter) at the end of the game!

I’m not sure if you guys know this about me or not, but baseball is hands down my favorite sport and, in my opinion, one of the best parts about the summer!  A few weeks ago, my sister, her fiancé, Peter, my boyfriend, Dan, and I went to the Nationals game vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates (the Nats historic first no-hitter, if any of you were wondering!), and let me tell you…  It was so hot outside!  Naturally, my sister and I were dying (that’s not dramatic at all…), and as we were sweating our “faces” off we began talking about how we wish there were better waterproof makeup options available.  After a short conversation about it, we started talking about something else and seemingly forgot all about it.  But, on Sunday night when she and Peter were over at my house the topic came up again and we decided to do some digging to find out if there was something that we were missing.  After just a few short minutes of browsing our results on Google, we came across tarte cosmetics who, according to the abundance of customer reviews, seemed to have an amazing waterproof line!

tarte cosmetics high-performance naturals

tarte has the best waterproof makeup I’ve ever found!

After we found tarte’s waterproof makeup line, we decided we just had to try it for ourselves.  We saw that tarte is sold at Ulta stores, so we headed to the Ulta near my house and, although we both splurged a little more than we probably should have, it was well worth it because this stuff is amazing!

For those of you in the DC area, you know that we have had some unbearably hot weather this summer which, although I have complained about, has given me the perfect opportunity to really put my tarte products to the test and what do you know, every time I wear any of their products my face looks just as great when I get home at 7:30pm after the heat, humidity, and a terrible thunderstorm, as it does when I leave at 7:30am.  While I do not use only tarte products, because unfortunately I cannot afford to simply replace my entire inventory of makeup, I did get quite a few of the things that I have come to consider “essentials” in my daily routine, including:

  • tarte waterproof mascara (lights, camera, splashes waterproof mascara),
  • tarte waterproof eye primer (clean slate 360º creaseless 12-hr smoothing eye primer),
  • tarte waterproof eyeliner (skinny smolderEYES Amazonian clay waterproof liner), and
  • tarte waterproof concealer (Amazonian clay waterproof 12-hour concealer).

Let me tell you ladies that was the best waterproof mascara and the best waterproof concealer I have ever used!  I have never used waterproof primer or eyeliner, so I can’t really speak to that, but they were both amazing as well!  If you are looking for a new line of waterproof makeup to try out, tarte cosmetics is definitely my recommendation!

tarte cosmetics lights, camera, splashes waterproof mascara, $21

tarte cosmetics lights, camera, splashes waterproof mascara, $21

Plus, with (what I’m sure is) an equally amazing line of non-waterproof makeup, as well as a full skincare line, tarte really has everything you could possibly need when it comes to your face!  Add in the fact that it is all natural and free of all the parabens and toxins regularly found in many makeup products and you really can’t go wrong; personally, I cannot wait to try out more products from the company, especially the tarteguard 30  sunscreen lotion that reviewers have been raving about all over the Internet!

tarteguard, broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen

tarteguard 30 sunscreen lotion; Broad Spectrum SPF 30, $32

If you’re looking for a new brand to try out for any of your skincare needs, take a few minutes and check out tarte, I promise you will not be sorry you did and they will not let you down!

So ladies, what do you think?  Are you super excited to head to Ulta or Sephora and pick some up?  Have you already discovered and tried tarte?  Do you have a line of waterproof products that you absolutely love? Let me know your thoughts, as I always love getting your feedback and hearing your secret tips and tricks!  I hope you have an amazing day, gorgeous!


Outfit Of The Day

Hello and happy Monday, gorgeous! I hope you are surviving this muggy and humid heat wave and you had an amazing weekend! Even though the weekend just ended and, if you’re feeling the same way I am, you’re not quite ready to be back at work just yet, I thought I would still share a super chic outfit that is perfect for a summertime night on the town! So, although it is only Monday, hopefully this will give you a little something to get ready for, and excited about, next weekend!

Outfit Of The Day - Not Your Daughter's Jeans, OOTD

Top: Rebecca Taylor, $195; Jeans: NYDJ, $200; Shoes: Saint Laurent, $790; Clutch: Valentino, $1,190; Watch: Movado, $995; Bracelet: BERRICLE, $85; Earrings: kate spade new york, $38.

Is that outfit awesome, or what?! I don’t know about you ladies, but personally I’m a huge fan of white jeans. Since we can only wear them a few months out of the year, I try to get the most out of them during that little time period as possible! This pair of super skinny jeans (and not to mention slimming), from NYDJ, is super comfortable and look amazing on everyone I’ve seen rock them!

Personally, I am usually more of a jegging (jean legging) type of girl myself, but these have that same feel without making me feel like I am cheating the system (…I tend to live in leggings in the winter, so I always consider it a win when I actually put on “real” pants!). So basically, what I am trying to say is that I have recently discovered NYDJ, and they have absolutely amazing jeans for women. Plus, they’re super affordable, so that’s another bonus!

One of the many ways I like to wear white jeans is with a bright colored, fun top (like the one above), and simple/classic accessories. It really draws attention to the top and makes for a super classy, yet stylish and chic, look. I am typically a fan of different shades of blue, green, and teal/turquoise, because I feel like it makes my blue eyes stand out (although I’m not sure it actually does, I think that may just be my imagination, but it makes me feel good so I do it anyway!). However, I consider any color that shies away from my typical black to be “bright”; whatever your favorite color is to wear, I’m sure it will look awesome with your super skinny [white] jeans and some of your more classic and simple accessories. So, trust me beauties, if you haven’t before, try it out! I can promise you won’t be disappointed.

Hopefully y’all love this outfit (and white jeans, obviously!) as much as I do; I can’t wait to hear your thoughts, lovelies! I hope your week starts off on the right foot, have a great day, beauties!


OOTD: When Will Spring/Summer Be Back?

Good morning and happy Friday lovelies!

I hope you all have had a fabulous week and you’re getting ready for the weekend ahead (I know I am…)! So, the not so pleasant temperatures and weather this week were a big wake-up call for those of us who thought Spring was on its way out and Summer was almost here (I don’t know about you, but I am so over the rain and not so seasonal temperatures…). But, the positive from it all is that it gives us the chance to mix up our outfits a little and pair long sleeves with shorts, which just so happens to be one of my favorite combos.

While I am sitting in my office wishing I was wearing something as cute, “Springy”, and comfy, I sincerely hope y’all are able to rock something as awesome as this today (and every day, really…)!

Outfit Of The Day: Trendy Tuesday

Top: J. Crew, $205 – sold out (similar: VINCE, $160); Shorts: J. Crew, $80; Shoes: Tory Burch, $123; Clutch: Jimmy Choo, $975; Earrings: kate spade, $48.

Is this an awesome spring outfit, or what?! I have these shorts in both white and regular denim, and they are my absolute favorite.  I tend to get most of my shorts from J. Crew (because they aren’t so short that my butt hangs out, but they aren’t “mom” shorts either…), but these are, hands down, my favorite; they are super comfy and they go with almost anything! While it is a little harder to dress these up than the typical chino shorts I usually get, they are perfect for the days when I am trying to be a little more casual and low-key.

Also, can we just take a minute and stare at that clutch? I know it is a little bit pricey for a clutch (at least for my budget it is!), but it is absolutely fantastic and I just have to have it (well, maybe one day!).  It really does add a little something to the outfit and if you ask me it is almost a practical purchase because it can be used for so many different occasions.  Whether it is a casual day on the town with a more relaxed outfit like this one, a night out with the girls, a fancy party at work, or maybe even a wedding (aka, my sister is getting married soon so I basically have to get it for that, right?), this clutch can be incorporated into your ensemble!  That totally justifies me buying it, right?  You all know my opinions of today’s OOTD, so now I want to know yours! Do you love it as much as I do? Are you drooling over that Jimmy clutch like I so clearly am?

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts, beauties! I hope all of you have an absolutely fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend!



Because Who Doesn’t Love Customizable Jewelry…

A few weeks ago a fellow fashionista told me about this “awesome” online store that sells jewelry.  When she first started explaining what the company sold and what they were all about my first reaction was “So what? There are tons of stores that sell high-end jewelry on the Internet, this is 2015, ya know…”  As skeptical as I was though, I kept listening and learning more about the company.  The more she told me about the store and their pieces and the endless options that come with shopping there, the more intrigued I became.

From there, I kept talking to her and learned that everything the company sells is completely, 100% customizable.  They have the standard pieces, but there are tons of additional options available for each of those.  So, say you find a diamond bracelet that you love, but you already have a similar one. You would like the same bracelet with black diamonds (or any other stone; I am just partial to black!), but you don’t see that available on the site.  What do you do? You order that diamond bracelet, and in the customization options you specify that you would like black diamonds rather than the traditional white diamonds.  Easy as that!

After learning all of that initial information, I decided that it was time to check this out for myself. I went the Anjolee’s website and from there I was a goner.  As I looked from page to page and saw all the different amazing pieces they had and the vast number of options that are available for anything and everything they sell, I was in love! I decided I just had to have something from Anjolee (you know how that goes, I needed it!)

Now, I would tell a little white lie and say that I found a bracelet that I loved, ordered and paid for it, and a few weeks later I received it in the mail.  But, since when have I ever lied to you beauties? Well, I don’t plan on starting now, so…

Anjolee Tennis Bracelet Paired With Two Others

There are just so many things that can be done with this bracelet! I love the looked of stacked bracelets, so I pair my bracelet from Anjolee with tons of different things all the time, but this combo is one of my favorites (second only to the one below!). It goes with almost anything!

After expressing how much I loved the site and all that they offered, the amazing girl who told me about the store offered to send me a product of my choice! Someone who knows me all too well (& knows that 90% of my wardrobe/outfits consist of black) got me an amazing diamond tennis bracelet for Christmas (black and white), and I wear it all the time.  So naturally, when I was looking at the assortment of diamond bracelet designs on Anjolee’s website, the all-diamond bracelet immediately caught my eye and I knew I just had to have it… I mean they would just look awesome together, right?!  But anyway, getting back on track… When she told me I could choose an item that I liked, I obviously knew right away what I wanted.

Anjolee Diamond Bracelet And Black And White Diamond Bracelet Pair

My diamond tennis bracelet from Anjolee paired with my black and white diamond bracelet. Since black is a staple in my wardrobe and I wear it almost every day, I wear them together all the time and get tons of compliments every time!

So basically, long story short: Anjolee is an awesome online store that allows you to choose from a ton of pieces and customize them pretty much any way you could imagine.  I got this amazing bracelet that I wear all the time, and I am absolutely in love.  Needless to say, I will definitely be a repeat customer of the store (Well, provided I can afford it anyway; girlfriend is on a budget these days so I can move out of my parents’ house sometime this lifetime… Being an adult sucks! PS – I know you’re reading, so I love you, mama; you know you’re the best roomie ever!).

Check out Anjolee and all they have to offer here, and let me know what you think! What is your favorite piece? Is there something you love and you could see yourself customizing to fit with an outfit or ensemble of jewels that you already have? I can’t wait to hear what you lovelies have to say about it (I can almost promise you will not be disappointed with what you find, I know I certainly wasn’t…)!

I hope y’all have a fantastic day! And wait, don’t forget to check out their website, you’re going to love it!


OOTD: Workout Wednesday

Good morning and happy Wednesday, gorgeous! I hope you’re having a fabulous week so far, but if you need a little extra motivation to help get you through the second half of the week, hopefully today’s OOTD will do just that (if not, you only have two more days after today, so that should help too!).  Today’s Workout Wednesday post is just the type of ensemble that gets me motivated and ready to hit the gym. As I have mentioned about a thousand times in the past, I have a (slight) addiction to buying workout clothes. And then I feel like if I have spend that much money on these clothes that I cannot wear to work or out on the weekends (if only it was socially acceptable to wear workout clothes to the bar…), I need to make the investment worth while and hit the gym! Plus, I just feel super lazy if I wear gym clothes all day and don’t at least go for a little while! But, back to the point… This outfit is the perfect example of something that would get me moving and motivated to get my booty to the gym! But, I won’t keep ya in suspense any longer, I know you’re dying to check out this ensemble that I am raving about so here it is!

Outfit Of The Day - Workout Wednesday

Top: Nike$77 $49; Sports Bra: Nike, $31; Leggings: Nike, $46; Shoes: Nike, $130.

As I’ve also mentioned a time or two (and if you look through previous Workout Wednesday posts, you can probably realize on your own), I am most certainly partial to Nike products. I am not sure why, but I definitely gravitate to Nike when given the option! But, was I right or what?! Do you feel like you should immediately run to the Nike store or Dicks and buy this outfit and then hit the gym for a nice, long gym session? I know I most certainly do, but now that I’m trying out this whole “adult” thing, and I have a “real job” where I have to work everyday, unfortunately I can’t do that right now. However, if you can, I would highly recommend it! There is no time like the present, and the longer you wait the more time you have to lose motivation and/or talk yourself out of working out. Plus, the best workout is in the morning, right?

Well, I envy anyone who is able to run to the gym right now, but I hope y’all have a wonderful workout! And for those of you who are stuck in the office like I am, I hope you have a fabulous day! But don’t forget, just because you have a long day at work doesn’t mean you can’t stop and get a quick workout in on your way home. Or, if you’re really too tired or busy to go to the gym, there is no shame in doing an at home workout! You’re obv gorgeous the way you are, I’m just trying to give ya a little extra push and keep ya healthy! Have an amazing day, skinny minnies! And don’t forget that I love you beauties!


Wedding Season Is Right Around The Corner… Are You Ready?

Many of you may not know this because I never formally let y’all know (if you follow me on Instagram, you have already heard the news!), but my sister got engaged to the man of her dreams in September!

My Sister's Engagement Ring

This is her massive rock… I mean, engagement ring!

With only a year to the wedding (they’re getting married Labor Day weekend – September 5, 2015),  she got right down to business and starting planning her dream wedding right away! After the venue was booked, she found the perfect dress, and we had attended about 100 wedding expos and bridal trade shows, it was time to order one of the most important things for this amazing day… the save the dates and invitations.  When she was looking around a few different sites that are out there, she really liked all of the options that Minted had to offer.  It was the first site she found, so in an effort to keep her options open and see what else was out there, she kept looking around. But, despite her efforts, she found herself always coming back and gravitating to Minted and what they had to offer.  What did she do? She designed and ordered her Save the Dates from Minted, of course!

Sissy's Save The Dates - Minted Post

Here’s what the front of her save the date looks like

Danielle's Save The Dates From Minted

And the back…

With that checked off the to-do list and mailed out to everyone, now it is time for her to start thinking about invitations. Where will she order them from? While she initially was going to look around again (like she did with the Save the Dates), she decided, since last time she wasted so much time trying to rule out any other options, she is just going to stick with what she knows and order them from Minted! So, as she and I sat down to look for what she wanted to customize and order, she found three that she absolutely loved! So, now it is just making the final decision and placing the order. She really likes the foil-pressed options, as she feels like it just adds a little something to it. I have to agree with her on that one, the foil is just enough to add a little flare to her invitations without making them tacky or taking away from the chic simplicity of the options she is considering!

Here are the three that she is deciding between…

So, we’ll have to see which one she ends up deciding on, I’ll make sure to keep y’all posted!

Have you heard of Minted before now? Here’s a little about Minted and their wedding collection

Minted is an online “marketplace of independent artists”. What does that mean, exactly? Well, it means that they offer a variety of different products – including stationary, events/invitations, art, fabrics, and home decor – that are all designed by independent artists (the same idea as a contractor, if you will). This means that by shopping and purchasing items from Minted, you have access to a lot of specific items and designs that you would not otherwise have access to by shopping at a traditional retailer.  Are you sold yet? Check out all of the amazing things they have to offer by visiting their site!

Are you loving Minted and their amazing collection of wedding invitations (and everything else too, of course!) as much as my sister and I are? I hope you find it to be as awesome as we have! Have you ordered things from Minted before? Let us know what it is that you ordered and how much you love everything you got from them! Never used Minted before? Let us know your thoughts and what you’ve got your eyes on! I hope y’all have an amazing day, gorgeous!


OOTD: #ManCrushMonday

Hello and happy Monday ladies and gentlemen! I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend and you’re ready to get your week started! I know no one likes Monday‘s very much, but with the weather warming up (even if it is just a little bit…) later in the week, I could not be more ready to get this week rolling! But, today’s #ManCrushMonday outfit goes out to my papa bear! Today is his birthday, so in my consistent effort to get him to dress a little more fashionable, I chose to make today’s OOTD more on the casual side (for anyone who knows him, you know he is definitely as casual as they come!). So, this week’s MCM is the perfect ensemble for almost anything. Super casual and versatile, this outfit is awesome for a date night with someone special, casual Friday at work, or even just a night on the town with the boys. So no matter what you may be doing, this is definitely an amazing option to keep in your collection of go-to outfits.

Outfit Of The Day - Man Crush Monday

Sweater: Brooks Brothers, $119; T-Shirt: Ralph Lauren, $62; Jeans: Hugo Boss, $185; Shoes: Vince, $375; Watch: Rolex, $2,950.

Is this great or what?! Ladies, would you love it if your man was rocking this, or what?! So, gentlemen, trust me when I say this, whether you already have someone special, are on the hunt, or you’re just doing your own thing right now, you’re sure to catch the eye of all the ladies with this one (trust me, I may have some special intel with this type of thing)! What do y’all think of this one? Do you love it as much as I do?! Let me know what you think and what other types of outfits you would like to see for either the man in your life, or for yourself!

Hope you all have an amazing Monday, beauties! Stay warm and start your week off on the right foot by having a great day today!






Introducing Our First Ever “Man Crush Monday”

Hello and Happy Monday/President’s Day lovelies! After receiving suggestions from an overwhelming number of y’all requesting that I add some men’s fashion into my posts, I have finally caved and decided to add “Man Crush Monday” to the line-up.  I hope this is what you all had in mind, but if you envisioned it looking a little different, just let me know! I plan on having a variety of different styles and themes, switching it up each Monday. This one just happened to be a more formal/professional look, but stay tuned because you never know what next Monday will bring…

So, getting back to business… Today’s OOTD is all about staying warm! With temperatures hovering around too cold to leave the house, and wind chills that are absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary, I figured what better way to do today’s #MCM than a wool suit?!


Outfit Of The Day - First Ever Man Crush Monday

Suit – Jacket: Ted Baker, $595; Pants: Ted Baker, $248; Shirt: BOSS Hugo Boss, $145; Tie: Richard James, $125; Belt: Salvatore Ferragamo, $395; Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo, $760; Watch: Gucci, $790.

Is this awesome or what? Plus, with this bad boy on, not only will you look super chic and stylish, but you are bound to stay warm all day long! Still worried it won’t be warm enough? Throw in some fun and crazy socks, and you will not only have warmer feet, but you will add a little bounce to your step, and make those around you smile when they see the awesome socks you’re rocking (if you can’t tell, I have a slight obsession with fun socks… I know it’s weird, but the collection of socks I own is absolutely ridiculous!). So, add these awesome socks to the ensemble above, and your feet are sure to stay nice and toasty all day long!

Funky Socks To Keep Your Feet Warm - Bugatchi Men's Socks, Nordstrom

BugatchiStripe Socks in Berry/Blue, $25 (Nordstrom)

I really hope y’all enjoyed the first ever Man Crush Monday today. Let me know what you think so far, and I will make sure to take any suggestions into consideration when I am putting together next Monday‘s outfit! Have a wonderful day off (hopefully you’re off, at least!) today, stay warm, and get ready for the snow that may be coming our way later today and tomorrow morning!

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