NYFW: A’Detacher SS’14 Collection

Better Late Than Never… Right?

So, as I told you lovely ladies a few weeks ago (you know… right after it actually happened!), I had the privilege of  working New York Fashion Week with the PR firm that I interned with this summer! And being a dream of mine for so many years, it was absolutely amazing… I’m sure it is much more glamorous for the guests attending the shows (my life was a little stressful and very busy those few days!), but I had so much fun and I cannot wait to be able to do it again (hopefully, at least!).  So, the very first runway show I worked (the first event was a presentation – Sergio Davila – so unfortunately I wasn’t able to get any pictures) was A’Detacher.  A very fashion forward collection, designer Mona Kowalska included pronounced creases and flyaway zippers in many of her pieces, that added a lot of personality to the overall look.  They may sound really simple (and they are) and non-vital to the collection, but they really were an essential part of her line that made it stand out from many of the other collections we saw during the week, which were centered mainly around pastel tunics and sheer overlays.  Overall, I think her collection was very bold and different; and, while it has been called “scattered” by many (and I agree that some of it was a bit different that the norm for a SS collection), I think there is definitely a place in almost every woman’s closet for at least one of her pieces!

And now for the best part! Here are some of my pictures from the show:

A'Detacher Model Board - Backstage, NYFW, Pier 59

A'Detacher SS14 Show - NYFW

A'Detacher Show SS14 - NYFW

A'Detacher Show SS14 - NYFW

A'Detacher Show SS14 - NYFW

A'Detacher Show SS14 - NYFW

A'Detacher Show SS14 - NYFW

They aren’t the best quality because all I had with me was my phone, but a girl I worked with (and an amazing friend!), Taylor, had an awesome camera with her, so when she puts her photos online, I will post some more (with much better quality…) for you beauties!

What did you guys think of her collection? I would love some other opinions!!

XOXO, Kristen


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – NYC Style

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week SS14 - NYC

Last week all of my dreams came true… I got the opportunity to attend (well work…) New York Fashion Week.  The company I worked for over the summer invited some of the interns back for fashion week, and I happened to be one of them.  Attending fashion week has been a dream of mine since I was a teeny tiny little girl, and now I can finally cross yet another thing off of my bucket list.

While I was there, I worked:

This was really the opportunity of a lifetime, and I cannot tell you how grateful and lucky I am to have had the chance to be there! Stay tuned for more information and pictures from my time there!

XOXO, Kristen


Dress To Impress: How To Look Professional, Classy, And Stylish For A Job Interview In The Fashion Industry

Dress The Part For Your Interview

No matter what industry you are pursuing, it is always of the utmost importance to look polished, professional, and put together.  However, while many interviews look for applicants to arrive dressed in a suit with a pair of closed-toe, three inch, black heels, the world of fashion is looking for something entirely different! The first step to landing that dream job, is looking the part.  If you believe that you look and feel like you belong, then your interviewer will be more likely to feel the same way.

Rule #1:  Research The Company

Do Research On The Company

I’m sure you all know that you obviously need to do your homework before you show up for your interview, but what you also need to do, is research the clothes and the style of the brand.  By looking at the current and past collections of the company, you will get a sense of the style and type of clothing they offer.  When choosing your outfit, you should then take into account the type of clothes they sell and try your best to fit with that look.  This will give your interviewer the sense that you are the right fit for the company and that you venerate the image that the line portrays.

Rule #2: Wear Their Clothes

Wear Their Clothes - Devil Wears Prada Closet

If you’re interviewing with a design house, try and wear something that is from their line if possible.  I know when you’re looking for a job money can sometimes be tight and the places you’re interviewing may not necessarily be affordable, but even if it is something small (the cheapest thing they sell!), it will really set you apart from others who have never worn the label, and it will allow you to be able to speak from personal experience when asked what you like about the brand.

Rule #3:  When In Doubt, Over-Dress

Undredressed vs. Overdressed For A Fashion Job Interview

When you’re going to an interview, it is always better to over-dress rather than under-dress.  You would much rather be the girl that they remember because of her impeccable outfit and her professional look, rather than the one they remember only because she looked ridiculous and inappropriate.  You want your potential boss/interviewer to be able to envision you in a position higher than the one you’re applying for, so make sure you don’t look like a bum!

 Rule #4:  Wear New Shoes

Wear New Shoes To Your Interview - Christian Louboutin

While you don’t have to go out and buy a pair of brand new, $1,000 Louboutin heels (although, it could never hurt!), you should make sure the shoes that you wear are either new or appear to be new.  You never want to show up in a pair of shoes that look like they are old and ragged.  The nicer and cleaner your shoes appear, the more put together your whole look will seem.

Rule #5:  Always Steer Towards The Conservative Side

Dress Conservatively - Prada Shift Dress

You would be surprised at how many women think it is okay to wear a low cut shirt or a short dress/skirt to an interview in the fashion industry… They think, “Oh I just need to look fashionable and I will have that job in a minute”, when in reality yes, looking good is a huge factor, but maintaining a professional appearance and having the right experience and background is just as important as what you are wearing!

With that being said, keep it classy ladies! Make sure you are wearing more conservative options. If you’re wearing a dress, it should come to (or below) the knee and it should not be revealing or low cut AT ALL! For example, the Prada shift dress pictured above is a perfect option that is professional, conservatice, and extremely fashionable!  If you’re wearing a top with pants or a skirt, make sure the top is not too revealing or low cut.  If you’re wearing a skirt, make sure it is an appropriate length (same guidelines as a dress!).

With these five simple tips, you’re sure to land that job that you’ve been dreaming of your entire life! Good luck with that interview, go get ’em girl! :)

XOXO Kristen



Day 1 In The Life Of An Intern…

My First Day At Company Agenda!

Company Agenda PR - Fashion Industry New York City Last Tuesday I started my job as an intern at Company Agenda, a boutique PR firm in the fashion industry.  Today I completed my third day of work, and I absolutely love it! My first day was extremely long (I got there at 10am and got home at 8pm!), but I learned a lot in just that one day. My frist day I worked on a lot of press clips, which is when you take an article that has been published about any one of the firm’s clients, and you either scan in the article if it is print, or you copy and paste the article if it is online,  into Word, then you print out the document, and then file it into the respective company’s binder.  This is a way of keeping a running file of all the press that each of our client’s gets so that we have a portfolio to show them of everything we have done for them.

After learning how to do press clips I did a ton of them, putting my new skills and knowledge to use; and then, it was time for lunch! I packed my lunch from home (since I am an intern I am broke, and this is an expensive city to live in!), so I stayed at the office for lunch.  After lunch it was time to organize the back room which is used for storage.  The room was a WRECK, but one of the other intens and I spent about 5 hours cleaning out and reorganizing the whole room! After we were done, we were both exhausted and my feet were killing me (it was not a good choice to wear brand new, 6 inch wedges on my first day!), but it all paid off because since the next day was one of the Account Executive’s birthday we got cake and champagne! Overall, my first day was great! I learned a lot about the company and how things are done there, as well as a lot about what being an intern really means.  That being said, I was absolutely exhausted, and when I got home I ate dinner, took a shower, and was in bed by about 10pm.

Company Agenda PR - Fashion Industry NYC

XOXO Kristen


Home Sweet Home: Back To America!

Jet Lagged, Sleepy, and Happy To Be Home!

Last week I got back from my six week long adventure in Belgium and other parts of Europe.  It was the greatest six weeks of my life, but it was so good to be back!  I missed my family and friends more than you can imagine! There were many things that I missed about being home… Starbucks (or just regular coffee in general!), bagels, cheeseburgers, normal ketchup, chocolate chip cookies, and most of all, being able to call and talk to my mom, dad, and sister whenever I want!

New York City - View Of The City And The Brooklyn Bridge However, now that I am home it is time to get to work! This past Saturday, exactly one week after I got back to the US, I moved into my apartment in New York City! It has been a big adjustment, but I am finally getting used to it.  My apartment is in Williamsburg in Brooklyn, and I have an amazing, super nice roommate!  I start working at Company Agenda tomorrow morning, and I have the first day jitters already!  I am really nervous about my big day, but I am also more excited than you can possibly imagine!  I cannot wait to start my life and career in fashion! I know I still have one more year left of school, but I am so excited and I cannot believe all of this is happening… it is literally a dream come true!

When I was 8 years old my family took a road trip vacation, and all four of us got to pick anywhere on the East Coast that we wanted to go.  I picked New York City.  Ever since my very first visit to the city as a young 8 year old girl, I have known I wanted to live here one day.  I remember looking up at my dad and saying “Daddy, when I grow up I am going to live here,” and now my lifelong dream is finally coming true!

Stay tuned to find out about my first day!

XOXO Kristen


Who Is Ready For Summer!?

Summertime Is Upon Us… Do You Have Anything Fun Planned?

University of Antwerp - Antwerp, Belgium Round 1:  Study Abroad – Trip To Belgium

For the first six weeks of the summer, I am studying abroad in Antwerp, Belgium at the University of Antwerp!  I am leaving this Saturday, May 11, and I will be back in the United States on Saturday, June 22!

While I am there, I am taking two classes – Global Marketing and Special Topics in International Logistics.  Both classes will be taught by professors from JMU who are traveling to Belgium with us, and both classes will be integrated and really tied together a lot!  In class, we will be assigned a group and we will be responsible for creating a business plan to bring an American product that is not currently available over seas, to Europe and then market it appropriately.

University of Antwerp - Antwerp, Belgium In addition to class and our school work, we will also be taking trips to Italy and Greece as a group, and then we will have two free weekends where we are free to travel wherever we choose!I am not positive yet where I am going to go for my two weekends, but my roommate and I are talking about Paris and Barcelona for one of them!

To say I am excited about my trip would be the understatement of the century!  I am absolutely ecstatic and extremely nervous all at the same time!  I cannot wait to experience life in Europe (I have never been to Europe before!) and get to travel throughout!  However, while I am super excited about the adventures that lie ahead, in the next two days I may not be feeling too happy… I have a TON of packing and shopping to do in order to get ready for my venture across the Atlantic!

Round 2:  Internship – New York City

After my six weeks abroad that I am spending in Belgium, I will be home for a little more than a week (June 22-July 1), and then I am headed to the most amazing city in the world, New York City!  I am going to the city for an internship in the fashion industry (yup, I did it!!).  After writing about a billion cover letters and almost ten interviews, I ended up getting four job offers (I know, I was shocked too!) and I ended up accepting two of them.

Company Agenda - Fashion PR Firm Internship #1:  Company Agenda

One of my internships is what you think of when you imagine an internship.. show up 2-3 days a week and do anything and everything you are asked to do.  I will be working for a PR firm in the fashion industry called Company Agenda, and is located in SoHo in New York City!  I have never done anything in PR and don’t have a ton of knowledge on the subject, but that is why I am so excited about this opportunity.  It is going to be an amazing opportunity to learn what I do/do not like and then go from there when I look for a real job after graduation!  My whole life I have dreamed of living in the city and working in fashion, and now it is finally happening!

I am extremely excited and anxious about starting my work with Company Agenda on July 2nd. But, I’m a little nervous since I have no where to live yet and I’m leaving the country in two days!! But I know everything will work out and I am so excited to see how it happens. (My parents are going to the city while I’m gone to find me a home away from home for the summer!)

Just SVARA - Online Retailer, Social Media Intern Internship #2:  Just SVARA

My second internship is with a start-up online retailer called Just SVARA, and is a virtual internship.  I will be working as a social media intern, and all my work will be done remotely. We will have weekly meetings either on the phone or on skype, and that is where the other interns and I will receive our assignments, present the work we have done, and pitch ideas that we think will be successful.  I am super excited about this, I already know that I love social media marketing and I am so eager to get started and see where it takes me!

While I am abroad, I am actually going to be acting as the European Correspondent, where I will simply email them once a week with pictures of things that I have done/places that I have been along with a few sentences about what the picture is!

As you can see, I have a super exciting, busy, and crazy summer ahead of me!  While I am going to be exhausted by the time September comes and it is time to go back to school, I could not be more excited to watch my dreams unfold!

XOXO Kristen

P.S. Stay posted for more about Belgium and my Internships!  I am leaving Saturday, so while I am away posts may be more spread out.  But stay tuned – they will definitely be here eventually! :)

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