Dress To Impress: How To Look Professional, Classy, And Stylish For A Job Interview In The Fashion Industry

Dress The Part For Your Interview

No matter what industry you are pursuing, it is always of the utmost importance to look polished, professional, and put together.  However, while many interviews look for applicants to arrive dressed in a suit with a pair of closed-toe, three inch, black heels, the world of fashion is looking for something entirely different! The first step to landing that dream job, is looking the part.  If you believe that you look and feel like you belong, then your interviewer will be more likely to feel the same way.

Rule #1:  Research The Company

Do Research On The Company

I’m sure you all know that you obviously need to do your homework before you show up for your interview, but what you also need to do, is research the clothes and the style of the brand.  By looking at the current and past collections of the company, you will get a sense of the style and type of clothing they offer.  When choosing your outfit, you should then take into account the type of clothes they sell and try your best to fit with that look.  This will give your interviewer the sense that you are the right fit for the company and that you venerate the image that the line portrays.

Rule #2: Wear Their Clothes

Wear Their Clothes - Devil Wears Prada Closet

If you’re interviewing with a design house, try and wear something that is from their line if possible.  I know when you’re looking for a job money can sometimes be tight and the places you’re interviewing may not necessarily be affordable, but even if it is something small (the cheapest thing they sell!), it will really set you apart from others who have never worn the label, and it will allow you to be able to speak from personal experience when asked what you like about the brand.

Rule #3:  When In Doubt, Over-Dress

Undredressed vs. Overdressed For A Fashion Job Interview

When you’re going to an interview, it is always better to over-dress rather than under-dress.  You would much rather be the girl that they remember because of her impeccable outfit and her professional look, rather than the one they remember only because she looked ridiculous and inappropriate.  You want your potential boss/interviewer to be able to envision you in a position higher than the one you’re applying for, so make sure you don’t look like a bum!

 Rule #4:  Wear New Shoes

Wear New Shoes To Your Interview - Christian Louboutin

While you don’t have to go out and buy a pair of brand new, $1,000 Louboutin heels (although, it could never hurt!), you should make sure the shoes that you wear are either new or appear to be new.  You never want to show up in a pair of shoes that look like they are old and ragged.  The nicer and cleaner your shoes appear, the more put together your whole look will seem.

Rule #5:  Always Steer Towards The Conservative Side

Dress Conservatively - Prada Shift Dress

You would be surprised at how many women think it is okay to wear a low cut shirt or a short dress/skirt to an interview in the fashion industry… They think, “Oh I just need to look fashionable and I will have that job in a minute”, when in reality yes, looking good is a huge factor, but maintaining a professional appearance and having the right experience and background is just as important as what you are wearing!

With that being said, keep it classy ladies! Make sure you are wearing more conservative options. If you’re wearing a dress, it should come to (or below) the knee and it should not be revealing or low cut AT ALL! For example, the Prada shift dress pictured above is a perfect option that is professional, conservatice, and extremely fashionable!  If you’re wearing a top with pants or a skirt, make sure the top is not too revealing or low cut.  If you’re wearing a skirt, make sure it is an appropriate length (same guidelines as a dress!).

With these five simple tips, you’re sure to land that job that you’ve been dreaming of your entire life! Good luck with that interview, go get ’em girl! :)

XOXO Kristen



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