Fix Me Up Friday: An Easy Fix For The Worst Sunburns

Hello and happy Friday gorgeous! I hope you have all had a wonderful week and you’re ready for the weekend (I know I sure am…)! Well, this week I have a cure for the worst sunburns you could possibly imagine.  I actually did this earlier in the summer and have been meaning to tell y’all about it for some time now, but I guess it must have slipped my mind when I was MIA for a little… (sorry about that guys!). But anyway, here it is:

  • Rub the burnt area with a wet washcloth so the skin is damp (not dripping, but visibly wet).
  • Generously pour apple cider vinegar on the affected area, and let it set in as much as possible.
  • After the vinegar has set in and dried a little, apply a good amount of coconut oil to the area and let it set in.

Memorial day weekend of this summer I got extremely sunburnt on my back. As we all know, I am working at a pool for the summer, and although I was wearing sunscreen, I guess my pasty skin still got scorched.  When I got home on Saturday, my mom (being the amazing mother that she is) decided to take matters into her own hands and Google “home remedies” for curing sunburn.  Well, after searching for a little while this is what she finally came up with, and let me tell ya… It worked like a charm! She did this regimen to my back and I went to bed and when I woke up the next morning, not only was the red a lot better (I didn’t say she was a miracle worker… It was still a little pink, but nothing like the tomato it was the day before!) but the pain was also completely gone.  I was shocked and so were my mom and all of the lifeguards I work with at the pool.  So, if you or anyone you know has or is prone to sunburn, get your skinny butt to the store and pick up some vinegar and coconut oil because let me tell you this stuff really works!

Have you tried anything else that works like a charm? Please let us know! I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and an even better weekend! Until next time, ladies…


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