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Susan of Susan Mahlburg Takes Over Style by Kristen Blair!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: hot chocolate, snow flakes, 75% off sales at all major retailers.  Let us rejoice!  It’s also sweater weather [cue the Spotify] and I’m sure every woman out there, be she 12 or 42, has a black or white knit tucked into the closet.

Kristen Booth Of Style By Kristen Blair

Susan Of Susan Mahlburg

I was so excited to get to do a double-take with Kristen, focusing on black/white knits.  Kristen’s style is very classic, a la Ralph Lauren or Coach.  The great thing about classic style is that it transitions so easily from casual to chic, and Kristen did so seamlessly by pairing her black sweater with jeans + boots.  To take her over the top, she added a neutral scarf that even Jackie O would die for.  Can I borrow this outfit?

image-3 2


Kristen Booth Of Style By Kristen Blair

I wanted to build on Kristen’s base and do an introverted take on the sweater – so I grabbed a white fuzzy number with geometric black design.  To give it a pop I paired with green Lilly Pulitzer capris and some chunky pink pumps.  To make sure my top and bottom were balanced, I accessorized with a simple purple necklace – color from head to toe.  (And yes – don’t be afraid to wear your capris in the winter months; as long as you’re pairing with heels and not sandals.  It’s a chic way to get by without so many toothpick jeans.)



Guest Blogger Series - Susan Of Susan Mahlburg

XOXO, Susan

There you have it ladies… Susan Fisher of Susan Mahlburg! She’s great, huh? That may be all we have from her today, but don’t worry because she may or may not pop up in our Holiday Gift Guide Series (and let me tell you, she’s equally as fabulous there, too!) I hope you are all having a fantastic day!


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