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For Our First Ever Guest Post, I Am Excited To Present The Lovely Samantha of “PLAYDATES + PEARLS“…

I am so unbelievably excited to be featuring Samantha as our first guest post! She is absolutely amazing and, honestly, I kinda wish I was her! She is gorgeous and even after having a baby looks absolutely amazing (I wish I looked half as good as she does and I have no excuse not to… Oops! But, tell me she is not the cutest mom ever!) Her blog is fantastic and I know you are all going to love it! (Make sure you check out her ‘Home Tour’… She has a beautiful home and certainly has quite the eye for decorating!)

Before we get into our little question and answer session, here is a little about Samantha and her blog:

The Stunning Samantha Of PLAYDATES + PEARLS

The stunning  face behind PLAYDATES + PEARLS

“Hi, I’m Samantha, I’m a Mom, Wife, DIY’er, Product Junkie, Interior Decorating Obsessed, Foodie, Traveller, and Author of PLAYDATES + PEARLS. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for 3 years, and started my blog as a creative space where I could feel like myself (even only if for an hour during nap time). I live in Austin, TX with my husband, our 2 year old daughter, and our yellow lab Aly. If you want to know more about me, come visit me at” XO – Samantha


Guest Blogger Series - Samantha Of Playdates And Pearls


Okay, so now for a translation of what that actually means…

1. If you were on a tight budget and could only afford one of your favorite magazines (I know, I love them all too!), what would it be? What is your favorites section/part of that magazine?

  • My favorite magazine is HANDS DOWN House Beautiful. I keep every copy, and flip through them anytime I need inspiration or just want to look at pretty things I’ll never own. 😉 I love when they do the “designer in bed” feature about the designer and what they love about their bedroom. I also really love the vanity section, and seeing what each designers must-have beauty products are.

2. If I were a shoe, I would be…

  • I would either be a Christian Louboutin nude pump, or a Tory Burch flat. Being a mom, flats are always my friend, and I’ve been loving leopard print like crazy this year.

3. My fashion crush (idol, inspiration, admirer, the list could go on forever…) is…

  • Olivia Palermo. She’s flawless, and always looks classy and chic. She has such a timeless, effortless, yet trendy look. I don’t know how she manages to be that perfect everyday. It helps that her boyfriend is ridiculously good looking too.

4. If I were stranded on an island and could only have two make-up products, they would be…

  • Chanel Bronze Universal and Bobbi Brown corrector. I have very deep-set and am constantly battling dark circles. The bobbi brown corrector is creamy and hydrating, super pigmented, and doesn’t settle into my fine lines. The chanel bronzer is just amazing. It has a dense mousse-like texture, and blends into my skin beautifully. I can wear this alone, or layer powder bronzers over it for a more contoured/bronzed look.

5. I keep my skin looking fabulous and flawless by… (what are your go-to products?!)

  • I couldn’t live without a makeup removing balm, and the Clinique balm is so simple yet effective, I’ve fallen in love with it. I especially like that it doesn’t contain anything unnecessary, like scents. I also love the SKII sheet masks when I want to feel pampered, the embryollise moisturizer (from Paris, but available through, and origins gin-zing for my eyes which has a brightening effect.

6. I blog because… (Tell me when and why you started blogging, and then why you continued after you initially started!)

  • Read all about this here.

7. If I could live anywhere in the world, I would choose…

  • France. This photo is of my daughter in Nice, sitting along the mediterranean, which is one of the most spectacular places. The place in France that really stole my heart was Paris, and I would pack up and move there in a blink. The city is so breathtaking, and the locals are just really wonderful, friendly, and cultured people. The get a bad rep for being rude, but they were anything but. The city has so much history, and wandering around aimlessly and happening upon little gems was one of my favorite things to do while we were there.

8. When I grow up I want to be… (If you could be absolutely anything, what is your dream/ideal career!?)

  • I am actually living out my dreams already. I am a Mom to the most amazing little 2 year old, who makes me laugh until I’m nearly crying on a daily basis, and the wife to the best man in the world. I get to stay at home and take care of my little family, but be creative on my blog and have a space that is completely my own. If I could continue doing exactly what I’m doing today for the rest of my life, I’d be incredibly happy.

9. My favorite designer is…

  • Kelly Wearstler. That woman…swoon!!! She is everything. What I love about her is her confidence, and how she pushes boundaries, and is always trying new things. She’s fearless, and it’s so inspiring. I appreciate her interior design work, her home decor line, her clothing line, and I think she’s just really, really cool

10. My favorite quote is… Because… (What are your go-to words of wisdom from a fellow fashionista and why?)

  • “That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet” – Emily Dickinson
  • There are too many good ones to choose, but I love this quote because it helps remind me to enjoy the moments that are present, and always be happy with what I have, because I’ll only live this moment one time and it sure as hell better be good.

11. My rock is… (Who in your life inspires you and has helped you get where you are today?)

  • My husband and I met in high school, and started dating shortly after he graduated, and have been together since. He’s always been there…literally. He is my biggest supporter, and cheerleader. He encourages me to do things that make me happy, and pushes me when the things I’m doing are hard (like blogging can be). He is an amazing parent, and I’m always trying to be half as good as him. There’s a quote about your integrity being based off how you treat those who “serve” you, and he treats everyone with so much respect and never looks down at anyone, and it’s something I love the most about him. He always makes me want to be a better person.

12. With the abundance of free time I have (don’t we all wish this was the case!), I like to…

  • I spend most of my freetime playing with my daughter, or cleaning my house…but when I have time all to myself and all my chores are done, I LOVE decorating and redecorating my house. It’s therapeutic to me, switching out pillows, styling my bookshelves, cutting flowers from my garden to display on my tables, etc. Fluffing pillows, and “staging” are my idea of heaven.

Okay, so now try and tell me she isn’t amazing… You can’t! She has definitely inspired me to try and be more domestic (something I desperately need to work on…) and so much more! Make sure you check out her blog… you will not regret it! Plus, check out my guest post on her blog!


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