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Good morning again my beautiful fashionistas! I hope you are all getting ready for Thanksgiving! I am so beyond excited I can barely contain myself! I absolutley LOVE Thanksgiving is you could not already tell… Hehe.  But, today we have a special guest post from the amazing Vivan of VivanStonexo.  She is absolutely stunning and has an awesome blog that is all about everything beauty! She has definitely inspired me to start posting more often about beauty and skincare topics… I know you guys are going to love her as much as I did!

So, without further ado, here she is ladies! Before we get to her awesome answers to our Q&A session, here is a little about her and her blog:

Guest Blogger - Vivian Of VivianStonexo

The stunning Vivian of VivianStonexo

Hi Readers of Style by Kristen Blair!  I am Vivian and my blog is  I started my blog at beginning of summer this year and absolutely love it! I have a mixture of things on my blog including beauty, fashion, lifestyle, etc. I am 21 years old and live in California. I am a puppy mom to the best little guy! I love meeting and talking with new people! I want to thank Kristen so much for letting me do a guest post on her beautiful blog! I had such a fun time with these questions and I hope you all would check out my blog at – xo, Vivian Stone

Guest Blogger - Vivian Of VivianStonexo


And now for a translation of what that means…

1.      If you were on a tight budget and could only afford one of your favorite magazines (I know, I love them all too!), what would it be? What is your favorites section/part of that magazine?

  •  I can say hands down, no questions asked it would be Cosmopolitan magazine. I have collected the magazine since I was about 17 years old, so after accumulating issues for over four years I can say it’s my favorite. I love that they always do a Q&A section (similar to this 😉 Love it!!) With the fabulous women they have on the cover. I just love that it’s a magazine that is meant for more mature women 17+ where you can read about real life stories, beauties, and fashion!

2.      If I were a shoe, I would be…

  • I am currently obsessed with shoes that I cannot afford at the moment, I absolutely love Steve Madden shoes and these are the boots that I currently have my eye on!  I love country chic style, and these boots are so simple, yet so pretty.

3.      My fashion crush (idol, inspiration, admirer, the list could go on forever…) is…

  • Anyone that personally knows me would already know the answer to this question! Lauren Conrad, I have admired her since her Laguna Beach days. She has evolved so much over the years and now is huge in fashion. I think she is a great role model as well as my personal fashion crush!

4.      If I were stranded on an island and could only have two make-up products, they would be…

  • Like I said before, I have been obsession over things I really shouldn’t buy…that being said I have tried out the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder, I am trying so hard not to buy; it is after all almost Christmas. Also Mascara, a good glow and some long beautiful lashes are my favorite! Benefit’s “They’re Real Mascara” has been a fave!

5.      I keep my skin looking fabulous and flawless by… (what are your go-to products?!)

  • I love taking care of my skin, I have been loving the simple brand toner. No stinging unlike a ton of other toners, and just moisturizing like crazy! In the winter my skin is beyond dry and I rediscovered my love for the Cetaphil daily moisturizer!

6.      I blog because… (Tell me when and why you started blogging, and then why you continued after you initially started!)

  • I started blogging because I was seeing all of these girls in the beauty community making new friends and had a hobby that they truly loved! I love talking to other girls interested in the same things that I am, as well as sharing cool tips, products, and life experiences with others. This has been so amazing so far, I have already made friends through blogging, YouTube, and twitter.

7.      If I could live anywhere in the world, I would choose… 

  • I was born in California, and lived here until I moved to L.A and then Las Vegas for 5 years and now I am back in California! I loved living in Las Vegas the most, I spent my teenage years there and really did my growing up in that place. It’s a beautiful place to live and I would love to hopefully move back one day!

8.      When I grow up I want to be… (If you could be absolutely anything, what is your dream/ideal career!?)

  • Throughout my life I have changed my mind a million times about what I would love to be when I got older, and now that I am older and have to choose my career path I am still stuck! I plan on starting school in the fall to become a first grade teacher, I have been working with children since I was a young teenager. I most recently was an after school teacher for first grade and absolutely love teaching! I however still love blogging, and have always wanted to work for a major magazine, a girl can dream.

9.      My favorite designer is…

  • I have so many people that I think are geniuses in the fashion world; Marc Jacobs, Steve Madden, Rebeca Minkoff the list goes on, and on!

10.   My favorite quote is… Because… (What are your go-to words of wisdom from a fellow fashionista and why?)

  • Pinterest is something I love to go to when I need inspiring quotes, I have a whole board dedicated to awesome quotes! “I want my heart and my passions to be the most beautiful things about me” I love that quote because you should always do things in life with a good heart and great passion, and I feel like that will get someone so much further than doing things purely to make money and with a mean spirit.

11.   My rock is… (Who in your life inspires you and has helped you get where you are today?)

  • My mom has always been my ultimate rock, she has been my best friend since I was born. She is my inspiration and someone who has overcome a lot in life! I recently moved out this summer and even though we only live a few blocks away, not to mention we work together! I still have to go over pretty much nightly to visit with her! Since moving out I have had my amazing boyfriend to be my rock, I absolutely love living with my other best friend and he loves my mom just as much as I do.

12.   With the abundance of free time I have (don’t we all wish this was the case!), I like to…

  • I wish I had more free time because I love to read books, watch movies, take my puppy on walks, paint my nails, organize my house (I know I’m crazy), and of course go shopping!


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What did I tell ya ladies, is she amazing or what?! I know, I know… hate to say I told ya so, but…. :) So, check out her blog my little beauty queens, I know you’ll fall in love just as quickly as I did.  I hope you girls have an amazing day and keep your eyes out for another post from Vivian in our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide series… She’s just as amazing the second time around!



  1. Love it! Thank you again for the feature! I can’t wait to do it again!!

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