Home Sweet Home: Back To America!

Jet Lagged, Sleepy, and Happy To Be Home!

Last week I got back from my six week long adventure in Belgium and other parts of Europe.  It was the greatest six weeks of my life, but it was so good to be back!  I missed my family and friends more than you can imagine! There were many things that I missed about being home… Starbucks (or just regular coffee in general!), bagels, cheeseburgers, normal ketchup, chocolate chip cookies, and most of all, being able to call and talk to my mom, dad, and sister whenever I want!

New York City - View Of The City And The Brooklyn Bridge However, now that I am home it is time to get to work! This past Saturday, exactly one week after I got back to the US, I moved into my apartment in New York City! It has been a big adjustment, but I am finally getting used to it.  My apartment is in Williamsburg in Brooklyn, and I have an amazing, super nice roommate!  I start working at Company Agenda tomorrow morning, and I have the first day jitters already!  I am really nervous about my big day, but I am also more excited than you can possibly imagine!  I cannot wait to start my life and career in fashion! I know I still have one more year left of school, but I am so excited and I cannot believe all of this is happening… it is literally a dream come true!

When I was 8 years old my family took a road trip vacation, and all four of us got to pick anywhere on the East Coast that we wanted to go.  I picked New York City.  Ever since my very first visit to the city as a young 8 year old girl, I have known I wanted to live here one day.  I remember looking up at my dad and saying “Daddy, when I grow up I am going to live here,” and now my lifelong dream is finally coming true!

Stay tuned to find out about my first day!

XOXO Kristen



  1. Lynn says:

    Your summer sounds amazing…a once in a lifetime opportunity

  2. Kristen Booth says:

    Thank you! It has definitely been amazing… I’ve had the best experiences I could possibly imagine!

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