Day 1 In The Life Of An Intern…

My First Day At Company Agenda!

Company Agenda PR - Fashion Industry New York City Last Tuesday I started my job as an intern at Company Agenda, a boutique PR firm in the fashion industry.  Today I completed my third day of work, and I absolutely love it! My first day was extremely long (I got there at 10am and got home at 8pm!), but I learned a lot in just that one day. My frist day I worked on a lot of press clips, which is when you take an article that has been published about any one of the firm’s clients, and you either scan in the article if it is print, or you copy and paste the article if it is online,  into Word, then you print out the document, and then file it into the respective company’s binder.  This is a way of keeping a running file of all the press that each of our client’s gets so that we have a portfolio to show them of everything we have done for them.

After learning how to do press clips I did a ton of them, putting my new skills and knowledge to use; and then, it was time for lunch! I packed my lunch from home (since I am an intern I am broke, and this is an expensive city to live in!), so I stayed at the office for lunch.  After lunch it was time to organize the back room which is used for storage.  The room was a WRECK, but one of the other intens and I spent about 5 hours cleaning out and reorganizing the whole room! After we were done, we were both exhausted and my feet were killing me (it was not a good choice to wear brand new, 6 inch wedges on my first day!), but it all paid off because since the next day was one of the Account Executive’s birthday we got cake and champagne! Overall, my first day was great! I learned a lot about the company and how things are done there, as well as a lot about what being an intern really means.  That being said, I was absolutely exhausted, and when I got home I ate dinner, took a shower, and was in bed by about 10pm.

Company Agenda PR - Fashion Industry NYC

XOXO Kristen


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