Italy And Greece Anyone?

Gondola In Venice, Italy This weekend the whole group is going to Venice, Italy, Milan, Italy, and Santorini, Greece for 8 days! Since we arrived in Antwerp almost 2 weeks ago it has been rainy and really cold everyday, so to say I am excited about warm weather, sunny skies, and sandy beaches is an understatement!

I cannot wait to ride a gondola in Venice, visit a vineyard in Milan, and lay on the beach in Santorini! I am also extremely excited about finally getting a little bit of a tan. A few friends and I are going to Croatia for our next free weekend, so it will be nice to get a little color on my pale skin before that!

I am also so excited about this trip because of my Italian roots.  My mom’s side of the family Santorini, Greece has a lot of Italian in it, so I think it will be really cool to go to the place where so much of my family is from.  Italy has always been my ideal vacation, and a place I only dreamed that I would actually go, but I am so excited that it is actually becoming a reality so soon!

Stay tuned for more details about what will probably be the best week of my life!

XOXO, Kristen



  1. We visited Venice for a weekend in November, and were so fortunate to spend a day with Roberta Curiel, especially because the next day was Venice’s great flood so we saw nothing but water that day! In one short day we managed to see both spectacular art and get a picture of daily life in Venice as we walked through Roberta’s neighborhoods and visited the best fish market I’ve ever seen. My daughter is an art history major and my husband is an artist, so it was particularly wonderful to have Roberta’s art knowledge and ability to tailor the tour to their knowledge and interest. I would agree with another reviewer that she probably is the best tour guide of our trip though they were all good. We can’t wait to return to Venice, and I would book a tour with Roberta again and do a whole group of different things next time.

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