Its A Never Ending Cycle… Keep Your “Old” Clothes!

Seasonal Trends: A Never-Ending, Rotating Cycle…

“What’s trending this season?” and “What are the hottest looks these days?”

Those seem to be the questions we ask ourselves every few months as the seasons change and we get a new set of trends and styles that are “in” at that point in time.  When we are in the moment, many of us think these styles are completely new ideas that no one has ever thought of making or wearing before.  I find myself doing it more often than I would like to admit… But, if you look into the past, you will find that a vast majority (if not all) of the trending styles we are wearing today, are really just recycled trends from previous decades.  For example, take a look at some of the largest trends that I found for this season:

High Waisted Shorts/Pants

Returning Trend - High Waisted Shorts

Topshop Embellished High Waist Shorts, Nordstrom, $90

High-waisted pants and shorts are a huge thing this season! Everywhere I turn I feel like I see at least one person wearing these super cute and stylish bottoms.  An extremely popular style this season, but was it the first time we’ve seen this one? Not at all!  High-waisted shorts were an enormous trend in the 1970’s first!

Big, Chunky, Statement Jewelry

Repeating Trends - Chunky, Bold Jewelry

ABS by Allen Schwartz Jewelry Glass Bib Necklace, Saks Fifth Avenue, $250

Statement jewelry… Everyone has it, talks about, plans their outfit around it, etc.  It seems to be consuming our lives, and I cannot say I hate it!  I absolutely love the return of the big, bold, colorful jewelry.  Paired with a bright colored top, we have a massive trend from the 1980’s that has made a comeback.


Repeating Trend - Leggings

High Waist Aztec Print Leggings, Etsy, $25

One of my all time favorite trends to make it back into style… Leggings are another blast from the past that seems to be everywhere.  Returning after being ever popular in the 1990’s, there are so many ways to wear them. Leggings are the most popular with oversized sweaters, sweatshirts, and t-shirts, and mini dresses and skirts.

However, we wouldn’t stop at just plain old black leggings, would we?  Not a chance! This season, leggings are making an even bigger statement and are now being worn in various neon and pastel colors in addition to fun prints.

Chunky/Thick Heel

Repeating Trends - Thick/Chunky Heel

MICHAEL Michael Kors Heaven Suede Platform Pump, Neiman Marcus, $150

And now for the shoes… My weakness! This season’s hot chunky heel is far from a new style… popular amongst the ladies of disco in the 1970’s and then making their way back into style in the 1990’s, the idea of a thicker heel is far from original.


Repeating Trend - Denim

Starry ‘Bout That Sleeveless Shirt, LuLu’s, $41

While were on a roll with the 90’s, why not bring up the increasingly popular trend of denim.  Denim is all over the place this season.  From pants, to dresses, shirts, overalls, and jackets (just to name a few!), everywhere you turn there is denim on denim on denim!

As you can see, this season’s styles are far from new or original. So, if the past is any indication, next season’s probably won’t be either.  With that being said, why throw away, donate, recycle, or whatever you may choose to do with your “old” clothes, when you could just put them away in a safe place and pull them back out when they return again in a few years?!


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