Pinterest: The New Face of Social Media Marketing?


The Latest Fad in Social Media is Starting to Take Over Marketing Too


It’s no secret that marketing on social media websites is all the new hype lately.  With sites such as Facebook and Twitter being the two most popular and widely used social media sites, they are obviously the best choice for marketing purposes too, right? Not exactly.  Introduced to the Internet in 2009, Pinterest is a social media site where users create an array of “virtual pinboards” where they can then search through pages and pages of basically anything they find interesting, and then they can pin it to their corresponding board.  How is this relevant to marketing you might ask? Each pin is a small photo that shows up on the boards of those who pin it, but when you click on the picture it takes to the external site that goes along with it.  Thus, every time your item is pinned or repinned by a user on Pinterest creates a direct path back to your website, creating a vast possibility to increase traffic to your site.

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Now that we all know a little about Pinterest, there are many reasons to use it rather than Facebook or Twitter as far as marketing purposes go. Some of these include:

– Since May 2012, Pinterest traffic and usage has more than doubled.

-Over 70% of Pinterest users use the website to get ideas about what they should buy; compared with less than 20% of Facebook users.

-Nearly 1.5 million people use Pinterst daily, spending an average of 15 minutes on the site each day.

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A few ways to get started marketing your business on Pinterest include:

Pin! Pin! Pin! By pinning a lot of stuff and doing so consistently, rather than in huge bursts, you will maximize your exposure and engagement.

-Of course, make sure your business name is on your profile.

Tag other users in the description of your pins. (Not being done by a ton of people yet, so its an awesome way to stand out!)

Comment on other peoples pins. Any way to get your name out there is always a good idea!

-Pin from as many different sources as possible.

Now that you know a little bit more about Pinterest and ways to being marketing your business on the site (I repeat, BEGIN – all of those ideas are for beginner users) you can get started for yourself! There are many other ways to market yourself and your business via Pinterest, this list is by no means all encompassing of the possibilities that await you. Good luck and have fun!

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  1. Pinterest has become an online phenomenon as a visually driven social network where users create virtual pinboards that they fill with images from around the web. People share images of things that pique their interest by “pinning” them on pinboards in an array of categories such as fashion, cooking, and crafts. Other Pinterest users pass them on by “repinning” them to their own pinboards. Its explosive popularity has made it the fastest-growing social site today and turned it into a powerful business and marketing tool for brands, since many of these “pinnable” images are actually marketing materials for brands. The “pinned” images allow companies to promote their products and establish their brand personalities in a highly sharable forum. The distribution of these images typically retain their source links and help drive referral traffic to brand websites and encourages brand adoption among the Pinterest community. For a closer look at how Pinterest has become a major marketing tool, MDG Advertising created this insightful infographic that illustrates the demographics, unique visitors, and companies jumping to get in on Pinterest’s popularity.

  2. Kristen Booth says:

    Thanks so much for your informative and insightful comment!! :)

  3. What is Pinterest? It’s a social site launched in March 2010 where users create virtual pinboards of graphic bookmarks pointing to favorite recipes, clothing designs, home improvement projects, wedding and crafting ideas, and more.


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