My Baking Obsession…

 I Have Been Told A Time Or Two That It Is An Obsession, But I Like To Call Baking More Of My Hobby…

(We All Know Fashion Is My True Obsession!)

Birthday Cake Round 1

Every year my sister and I make each other a birthday cake.  Two years ago on her birthday I decided that I was going to make a really cool and special cake… so I decided that I was going to do this by decorating my regular white boxed cake with fondant.  This was the first cake that I ever decorated.  I used a boxed cake mix white cake, made homemade buttercream frosting, and bought packaged, pre-made vanilla fondant from Michael’s.

Birthday Cake Round 2

So then, this year takes had been set high and everyone would be expecting an even better cake! With these expectations from everyone who would be eating this cake, along with myself, I went in head first and made a three layer cake from scratch.  Two layers were white cake that was absolutely to die for, and the middle layer was the best chocolate cake I have ever had!  I also used the same recipe for homemade buttercream icing as the year before, and rather than buying the fondant, I made homemade marshmallow fondant… and if I do say so myself, this cake was absolutely AMAZING!

Here are some other cakes that I have made since my first ever attempt at decorating a cake in November 2011:

Cake For Sarah's Friend's Baby Shower

My sister’s college roommate threw a baby shower for her best friend and paid me $50 to make this cake for her… it was my first (and only to date) cake that someone paid me for!

Mama's Birthday Cake 1

Mama Birthday Cake 2

This was my mom’s birthday cake last year! We may have a slight obsession with lady buys in our family…

Sissy's Graduation Cake

This was one of two cakes I made for my sister’s graduation from graduate school last May! (The other was for her party, it was huge with a graduation cap made of fondant on the top of the cake along with the words “Congrats Fab 5” – she and her friends called themselves the fab 5!)

Year 2 Sissy's Birthday Cake #2

This year we had two birthday celebrations for my sister, so for the second cake I decided to try decorating the cake with just icing rather than fondant!

Daddy's Birthday Cake

This was my daddy’s birthday cake this year! I made it out of all icing just like I did with one of my sister’s birthday cakes this year!

If you can’t tell, I might have a slight obsession with baking… Don’t you worry! There are more of my sugary delights to come! :)

XOXO Kristen



  1. Lynn says:

    Looks like baking agrees with you…looks delicious

  2. Thank you so much! Plus, all of my cakes are low fat (well lower fat…)! I use egg whites, and add one egg to the number that the recipe calls for (if it calls for three egg, I do four egg whites), and I substitute oil for an equivalent amount of plain apple sauce in all of my cakes! You can substitute apple sauce in almost anything you bake, but some things taste different… like brownies, for example, are not very good with apple sauce!

  3. Thank you so much! :)
    XOXO, K

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