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I don’t know about you, but I’m feelin’ 22…

Happy Friday ladies! It’s finally here… Not only is today Friday (so the start of the weekend, duh Kristen!), but today is also my very best friend (and roommate…) Kasey’s 22nd birthday!! So, needless to say it is a HUGE day and even bigger weekend in our home! So, in celebration of her birthday, I have put together a little something that shows all of her favorite things!

Kasey's Birthday Surprise!


So there are all of her favorite things… And here is what they are/what they mean to her!

So, Channing Tatum is obviously her man… they’re totally in love! She is super glamorous and has a pair of gold sparkly pumps that she absolutely adores (and look soo cute on her!), but her dream pair of sparkly kicks are the Louboutins (I mean who doesn’t want some Louboutin in their life…).  She (obviously) goes to JMU and (like me) is obsessed with Tervis Tumblers! They’re just so perfect for our morning coffee… She is an accessory lover like me, and she absolutely loves Alex and Ani bracelets (of which she has a ton!), especially when paired with her awesome Coach watch! With that, she can rock some statement necklaces, and her dream bag is that super chic Michael Kors purse. Her favorite mascara is the MAC False Lashes mascara.  She can rock some cowboy boots like no one’s business! She just got a new trench coat and, let me tell you, its fabulous! She also has an obsession with infinity scarves and she has the perfect cream one! And last but not least, she has always wanted a pearl ring and has just never been able to find one that she likes!

So there ya go… Most of her favorite things are things that I also LOVE! We are super similar and have a lot of the same things (she’s just super skinny (and absolutely gorgeous!) so I usually have to get my own so that it will fit… depressing!).  But, we have a big weekend planned ahead, with her actual birthday today (birthday dinner/dessert and then our next door neighbors are having a party!), and then tomorrow night we’re having a birthday party at our house for her and some friends are coming to visit! So, as you can see, we will be super busy this weekend, but I’ll be sure to get lots of pictures for ya and share next week! (I have some surprises planned but I can’t tell ya because she is super supportive and reads my posts!).

I hope you all have as wonderful of a weekend as I am going to and I hope your Friday is absolutely amazing!

599397_10151992784919994_1187000495_n My Gorgeous Best Friend Kasey


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