NYFW: A’Detacher SS’14 Collection

Better Late Than Never… Right?

So, as I told you lovely ladies a few weeks ago (you know… right after it actually happened!), I had the privilege of  working New York Fashion Week with the PR firm that I interned with this summer! And being a dream of mine for so many years, it was absolutely amazing… I’m sure it is much more glamorous for the guests attending the shows (my life was a little stressful and very busy those few days!), but I had so much fun and I cannot wait to be able to do it again (hopefully, at least!).  So, the very first runway show I worked (the first event was a presentation – Sergio Davila – so unfortunately I wasn’t able to get any pictures) was A’Detacher.  A very fashion forward collection, designer Mona Kowalska included pronounced creases and flyaway zippers in many of her pieces, that added a lot of personality to the overall look.  They may sound really simple (and they are) and non-vital to the collection, but they really were an essential part of her line that made it stand out from many of the other collections we saw during the week, which were centered mainly around pastel tunics and sheer overlays.  Overall, I think her collection was very bold and different; and, while it has been called “scattered” by many (and I agree that some of it was a bit different that the norm for a SS collection), I think there is definitely a place in almost every woman’s closet for at least one of her pieces!

And now for the best part! Here are some of my pictures from the show:

A'Detacher Model Board - Backstage, NYFW, Pier 59

A'Detacher SS14 Show - NYFW

A'Detacher Show SS14 - NYFW

A'Detacher Show SS14 - NYFW

A'Detacher Show SS14 - NYFW

A'Detacher Show SS14 - NYFW

A'Detacher Show SS14 - NYFW

They aren’t the best quality because all I had with me was my phone, but a girl I worked with (and an amazing friend!), Taylor, had an awesome camera with her, so when she puts her photos online, I will post some more (with much better quality…) for you beauties!

What did you guys think of her collection? I would love some other opinions!!

XOXO, Kristen



  1. Holly says:

    As much as I loved reading your post today and am totally fascinated by your experience I just can’t see any of these pieces in my closet yet. I know I still have some time so maybe by SS14 I may change my mind. Thanks again for another interesting topic

    • Hi Holly!
      I’m so glad you enjoyed reading about my experience! I know how you feel, sometimes when it is so far out, you just can’t seem to place things in your wardrobe because there are so many other things you need before you even begin to think about the following season!
      My pictures also do not do her collection justice… if you want to see more from the collection, visit her website at adetacher.com!
      Thanks so much for the feedback and constant love and support!
      I hope you have a fantastic weekend!
      XOXO, K

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