OOTD: Workout Wednesday

The First Day Back Is Always The Hardest… But New Clothes Will Make It Easier!

We all know that the first day (or first few days if you’re like me!) back in the gym are always the worst! Its so hard to get the motivation to actually go and then once I’m there, after I’m done with my run (or whatever cardio I do that day), I feel like I accomplished so much more than usual so I feel like I can leave… WRONG! But, I know that one thing that always helps me get back into my routine is getting new gym clothes! I absolutely love getting super cute workout outfits, so for those of you struggling right now, here is our first ever Workout Wednesday! OOTD: Workout Wednesday - Go To The Gym In Style!

Top: Forever 21 Cutout Mesh Workout Tank – forever21.com, $18

Pants: Forever 21 Perforated Floral Workout Leggings – forever21.com, $22

Shoes: Nike Flex Run High-Performance Running Shoes – kohls.com, $80

The best part about this super cute workout ensemble? It actually doubles as a wallet friendly outfit, and its not even Friday yet!!

Have a great day beauties, and get your skinny butts back to the gym! Good luck ladies!

XOXO, Kristen



  1. Henry says:

    OMG!! I wish I could wear this outfit to the gym…I’m so jealous of you ladies! Have any suggestions for us boys? I want to look snazzy at the gym too!

    • Hi Henry!
      I am so happy to see there are some boys following my blog also! (I will have to stop referring to everyone as “ladies”!! Sorry about that…)
      But, I can work on some male outfits for Workout Wednesday as well as all of the other days of the week! It will be a litter harder to find, because I am making them on Polyvore and I haven’t seen a lot of men’s clothing, but I will definitely look into that for you and see what I can do!!
      XOXO, K

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