OOTD: Workout Wednesday

Good morning and Happy Wednesday ladies!! You know what time is it… time to hit the gym! I know it’s so hard to find the motivation, and with me slacking over here in the motivation department, I don’t blame you for struggling a little bit! I am so sorry for the lack of Workout Wednesday posts the past few weeks lovelies… My life has been so crazy lately (not that there’s any excuse…)! But, now that I am back on track, this week’s Workout Wednesday!

Outfit Of The Day - Workout Wednesday

Top:  Moving Comfort Top ‘Dazzle’ – zoolando.at, $47

Pants:  Groove Pant – lululemon.com, $98

Shoes:  Nike Lunar Eclipse +3 Women’s Running Shoe – nike.com, $135

Okay beauties, there you have it! This awesome workout ensemble is the perfect thing to get you back into the gym! Whether you’re running, lifting, walking, or whatever you may be doing, this outfit is most certainly ideal! So, hit the gym at some point today ladies, you’ll feel so much better after you do… I promise!


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