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As you guys may have noticed, last week I started doing “outfit of the day” (OOTD) posts with a featured outfit and where you can get each piece.  I am going to start doing these every week, with each day having a certain theme that I will follow each week!  As of right now, this is the schedule that I plan on having, but if you have any suggestions for either a new name for the day (with the same theme) or a new theme completely, just let me know! I am open to any suggestions!!  Here is what I have so far:


Motivational Monday:

Mondays will feature outfits that you can wear to work.  They will serve as motivation for you to get your butt in gear and look chic at work all week!

Trendy Tuesday:

Tuesdays are going to feature a really trendy outfit.  They will be the latest fashions and styles to keep you up to date with what’s “in” at the moment!


Workout Wednesday:

With all the stress of the week, Wednesdays are going to feature an outfit that you can wear to the gym! Hopefully this will motivate you (and me…) not to fall out of your gym routine half way through the week!


Addiction to Accessories:

Thursdays are all about accessories! From the latest/cutest jewelry, bags, shoes, and much more, they will all be a part of Thursdays OOTD post!


Wallet Friendly Friday:

As I have been putting these outfits together, it has been brought to my attention how expensive my taste in clothing is (as if I didn’t already know…), so Fridays will be an outfit that everyone can afford!

Some Friday’s will also feature an expensive piece of clothing, jewelry, pair of shoes, bag, etc. with an item that is either the same or very similar, yet affordable. (We call this “getting the look for less”!)

I thought of these names with the help of my amazingly supportive sister, Danielle, and her awesome boyfriend, Peter!  All of my outfits are from my Polyvore account. Create an account and follow me if you want to see them before everyone else! Get excited lovelies, I know I sure am! :)


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