Happy New Year, Y’all! What Will You Change In 2014?

Good afternoon gorgeous! I hope you all had a fabulous New Years Eve and New Years Day and you’re having a good day back to work if you had to head back in today! It is widely known that you are more likely to stick with your goals and plans if you tell people what they are… That is why I am tell all of you lovely ladies what my New Years resolutions are! Coming up with at least one resolution is something I do every year, and usually it is always to be more healthy or try and lose some weight (that one may or may not have made my list again…), but like almost everyone else who makes a resolution, I tend to ditch these goals and plans sometime around spring break (if not before!). So this year, I am hoping to stick with these resolutions that I am making all year (or at least until they are completed…)! This year, my New Years resolutions are:

  1.  Save more money – as I’m sure many of you can tell, I may have a little bitty shopping problem… And, as you can imagine, this “addiction” as some may call it, leads me to spend far more money than I should be.  With graduation right around the corner (and dreams of moving to the greatest place in all the land, New York City), I really need to start saving as much money as I possibly can!
  2. Live a healthier lifestyle – I really do try my best to be as healthy as I possibly can, but this pertains to more than just my diet, I obviously would like to eat a little healthier (my roommate and I are going to cut carbs and sugar when we get back to school!), but I also am going to make a conscious effort to get back into going to the gym at least 6 days a week.  This also includes many other aspects of living a healthy lift!
  3. Be more positive – Whether or not you’ve been in my shoes or not, we all know that looking for a job these days is a rather bleak thought.  With the economy on the up side, the job market is certainly getting better, but it is still not the greatest.  So, one thing I am going to work on this year is being more positive about the hunt for a job.  (After all, even if I am not employed right when I graduate, someone has to hire me eventually, right?!).  This resolution to be a more positive person applies to more than just the job search though. I am really aiming to be more of a “glass half full” person in all aspects of life!
  4. Read more – I am not sure that you guys know this about me, but I absolutely love, love, love to read.  Reading, like running, is one of the few things that just takes me to my own world and makes me such a happy person.  However, with the stress of school and the seemingly never ending pile of reading for class, I always seem to lose track of the books that I read for myself during the school year.  But this year, I really want to make the conscious effort to read a book that is totally for me at least a few times a week.

There you have it ladies, those are my four resolutions for 2014.  I am going to take steps to make these happen that will include you guys (who’s ready for a book club?!).  Do you have any ideas for me to carry out any of these resolutions? What are your resolutions this year!? I’d love to hear ’em ladies!


Finding The Perfect Outfit This NYE

With the holidays passing and the end of the month creeping up on us quickly, it is that time of year again… Time to decide what you’re going to wear on New Years Eve!  Many people may think that the hard part is figuring out where you are going to go, or coordinating everyone’s plans and transportation for the evening, but if you’re anything like me, the hardest part comes when you’re trying to pick that perfect outfit for the evening’s festivities.  For that dilemma, I have a few suggestions and ideas for you to help guide your decisions, but don’t get too ahead of yourselves, because right now we only get to see the first one!

New Years Eve Outfit Idea - Affordable


Top: Clayton Sequin Vest Top by Goldie – topshop.com, $76

Pants: Koral Skinny Jean (Black Blue) – auqtique.co.uk, $295

Shoes: Steve Madden Deeny – lorisshoes.com, $97

Bag: Jimmy Choo Charlize Leather Clutch – jimmychoo.com, $1,450

Bracelet: Flora Handmade Bangle – oliverbonas.com, $43

Earrings: Kate Spade New York French Wire Drop Earrings – piperlime.gap.com, $68

I hope you ladies are having a great Sunday afternoon and stay posted, with only two more days until New Year’s Eve, there are more outfit ideas coming your way!


Holiday Gift Guide: For Him



Only 5 More Days Until Christmas… Are You Ready?!

Are you having trouble finding the perfect gift for the man (or men for some of you!) in your life? Well, I have the answers for you today! Be it your dad, your bother, your husband, or your boyfriend, I am sure you will be able to find something (or at least have a good idea started) from the options I have listed here!

I got the inspiration for this post because today I am taking my dad shopping and giving him a little mini makeover (I’ll definitely keep you guys updated on the progress we make today!), so in thinking about the things that we are going to be getting/look at, I thought that it would be a good thing to post.  I know that my sister and I struggle to think of the right thing to get for our dad for Christmas every year, so knowing the trouble we always have, I figured there was bound to be a few other ladies out there who have the same problem(s).

Holiday Gift Guide - Gift Ideas For Him


While I know this short list is not all inclusive (the gift my sister and I got for my dad this year isn’t listed here! I’d tell ya what it is but my dad may be reading so you’ll have to wait until after Christmas!), but this is certainly a good start to get yourselves thinking in the right direction.  It is always hard to find something that you feel good about for the men in your life, especially if your dad is anything like mine and always says he doesn’t want or need anything! But, I hope this little list helps and if there is anything else you need help brainstorming gifts for, please let me know and I can definitely put together a gift guide for that, also! (I’m starting to run out of ideas so any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!) Shoot me an email at kristen.booth06@gmail.com with any suggestions :)

I hope you have a great day my little beauty queen, it’s almost the weekend… Hang in there you’re almost done!


The 2013 Winter Collection From Warby Parker



Good Afternoon Loves!

Today, I have yet another treat for y’all… A look at the Winter 2013 Collection from Warby Parker that is available now here!

Do you hate going to the eye doctor and getting a pair of overpriced designer glasses that you don’t necessarily love, but they were the best one’s that you could find? Well, Warby Parker knows how you feel and they have set out (and succeeded, if you ask me!) to fix that problem that so many people feel! Providing many people worldwide with higher-quality and lower-priced eyewear that look better than what you find in the stores, you are sure to find something you absolutely love! With glasses starting at just $85, here are a few of my favorites:

Edgeworth Glasses in Sage, $95

Warby Parker - Edgeworth Glasses

Warby Parker - Edgeworth Glasses

Durand Glasses in Woodland Tortoise, $95

Warby Parket - Durand Glasses


Seymore Glasses in Sage, $95

Warby Parker - Seymore Glasses

Warby Parket - Seymore Glasses

In addition to these fantastic frames, Warby Parker they also have some amazing electronic gift cards that you can send to anyone on your list this year! All you have to do is pick the date and they will do the rest! On the chosen date, there will be a gift card emailed to the person you are giving it to… Easy as that! Complete with all of the ingredients to make a fabulous snowman, here is an example of what their super cute gift cards look like:

Holiday Gift Card

Holiday Gift Card

Did you think that was great? Well, that’s not all! On top of their amazing Winter Collection and super cute Holiday Gift Cards, they also have their regular collections, featuring Leith Clark (for women) and Beck (for men)! Here is just a little preview of what they have to offer! (To view their entire collection, visit their website here!)

Warby Parker - Beck Collection

The 2013 Beck Collection for men by Warby Parket

Warby Parker - Leith Clark

The 2013 Leith Clark Collection for women by Warby Parker

Warby Parer Winter 2013 Collection

The 2013 Winter Collection for both men and women by Warby Parker

I have only grazed the tip of the ice burg with this one, so you guys will have to check out their site for yourself to really get the full effect of the amazing things they have to offer! With their fantastic collections for both men and women you and everyone on your list is sure to find the perfect pair of glasses this season!


Holiday Gift Guide: Beauty Gift Sets



The Best Beauty Gift Sets Of The Season At An Affordable Price!

Good morning and Happy Saturday ladies! I am so sorry that I was missing for so long, finals killed me this past week! But still, no excuses, I know… I should have planned ahead so it’s my fault! But anyway, I’m back and I have a super awesome surprise for you today! Are you struggling with finding the perfect  gift for the beauty queen in your life? Well here are some amazing gift sets that she is sure to love! But, that’s not all… they’re all under $50!

Holiday Gift Guide - Beauty Gift Sets Under Fifty Dollars


1.  Butter London Glam Rock 6 Piece Gift Set – 6pm.com, $39

2.  Clinique Limited Edition Party Favors Gift Set – neimanmarcus.com, $40

3.  Pure Delight 8 Piece Lip Surgence Set – ulta.com, $34

4.  Mary Kay Vanilla Sugar Satin Hands Pampering Set – marykay.com, $34

5.  Bliss You ‘Butter’ Watch Out Cream Set – neimanmarcus.com, $39

6.  Burt Bees Holiday Tips & Toes Kit – target.com, $13

7.  Michael Kors Limited Edition Lip Luster Gift Set – macys.com$48 $25

8.  Essie Holiday Kit – beauty.com, $15

9.  Philosophy Sweets For The Stocking Set – sephora.com, $26

Okay girls… Head to the stores or get to the websites before these awesome gift sets are gone! They’re pretty amazing, so I wouldn’t wait too long… They might sell out! I hope you are all having a wonderful day and a fantastic weekend! Happy shopping girls!


Introducing Style by Kristen Blair’s First Annual Holiday Gift Guide


The Holidays Are Among Us… Make Sure You’re Prepared!

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, we all know the holidays are creeping up on us! I know I personally always seem to struggle figuring out what to get for the loved ones in my life, so I have decided to put together a 2013 Holiday Gift Guide in an attempt to help you solve your issues in deciding what to get that special someone in your life!

For our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide, there will be a bunch of posts from me (Kristen) as well as a bunch of Guest Posts by other bloggers and influential people in fashion!  When it comes to guest posts, this is what a typical one will look like…

2013 Holiday Gift Guide


1.     I think the best shoes of the season are….

Jimmy Choo Doreen Rugged Leather Knee Boot (black).  I  am absolutely obsessed with Jimmy Choo and I came across these boots during some shopping recently.  I am in the market for some new black leather boots this year and these are definitely my number 1 pick! (I am not sure how realisitic that is but, hey a girl can dream right?! Hint, hint Mom and Dad!) J

2.     My favorite 2013 Holiday Gift Set is…

OPI Take Ten Mini 10 Piece Nail Polish Set.  I am absolutely in love with getting my nails done… I mean, who doesn’t love a day of pampering at the salon?! However, being a girl on a (somewhat tight at times…) budget, that is not always an option! So, instead I usually take to doing my own nails.  My favorite nail polish to get is OPI (followed closely by Essie) and this gift set is the perfect solution for any of your female friends or family members who seem to have the same dilemma as me!

**Every girl should have their nails done at all times ladies… its personal hygiene! Get it together girls!

3.     The hottest electronic device/gadget this year is…

Apple iPad Mini.  I have an iPad 2 and I absolutely love it… I do not know what I would do without it at times.  However, if I were to be in the market for a new tablet this year, my go-to solution would be the iPad Mini.  With all it has to offer, the lighter weight, and the super convenient size, plus so much more, you really can beat it for the price of only $299!

4.     I am dying to make this gift for someone….

Aluminum Lanterns.  They are so cute and they seem so easy to make! With just a few supplies needed that are fairly inexpensive and then some cute candles to put inside, this would be such a fun and easy gift to make for almost anyone on your list this year!

Find the supplies needed and the simple step-by-step instructions here!

5.     Three things on my Christmas list this year are…

If you liked this little preview, then get ready girls! There is so much more to come and let me tell you, I have some good stuff in store for you, if I do say so myself! (Not to toot my own horn, but…. Toot, toot!) So stay tuned and posted for the next (well first real) post in our 2013 Holiday Gift  Guide series! It is going to be so fun and exciting waiting to see what will be next! You will never know unless you check back!


How To Look Hot All Day And All Night

Beat The Heat In These Stylish And Refreshing Outfits That Look Good From Day To Night

As August is quickly approaching, we all know the scorching hot days we are already experiencing are only going to get worse.  While there are many styles that are extremely cute and flattering on almost everyone, such as the maxi dress and skirt, they are not always the best for keeping us cool… And let’s be honest, I know I cannot stand to be wearing clothes that make me hotter than necessary on the already excruciatingly hot days.  Not only is it super difficult to find outfits that keep you cooled off while maintaining your usual trendy look, but having to change into an outfit to go out in after spending a long day out in the heat, can sometimes be worse! How can this be solved you might ask? Well, here are just a few suggestions that can be worn all day long, day to night, and still have the normal, appropriate look for whatever time of day it is and whatever you are doing!

High Waisted Shorts – Necessary Clothing $24.99

High Waisted Shorts - Necessary Clothing


Daytime:  Pair these awesome shorts with a blouse or nice top and a pair of flats or dressy sandals and you have the perfect outfit for a relaxing and comfortable day at the office!

After The Sun Sets:  Swap out that blouse for either a more casual tank or a crop top and change out of your flats and into a pair of nude or cream colored wedges and you will have a sexy outfit for your nighttime extravaganzas!

Crochet Bathing Suit – 6 Shore Road $138

Black Crochet Bathing Suit - 6 Shore Road


Daytime:  Wear this super sexy suit for a day on the beach with friends or when you’re just laying out, catching some rays at the pool.  Where ever you are, you are sure to turn the heads of everyone around with this chic little number on.

After The Sun Sets:  Be sure to pack a maxi skirt, a pair of jeans, or some high wasted shorts in your beach bag to throw on over your suit for your evening activities.  Not only is this piece an extremely flattering bathing suit, but it is also a stunning top.  Add a pair of heels or wedges and you will surely be turning everyone’s head!

White Jeans –Tory Burch (Nordstrom) $185

White Jeans - Tory Burch At Nordstrom

Daytime:  Pair these super cute white jeans with a bright colored tank top (pastels look awesome, too!)  and a pair of flats or sandals for the perfect daytime outfit.  Cuff the bottom of the already cropped pants to make them a little shorter – it adds to the overall look and keeps you feeling a little cooler!

After The Sun Sets:  For your nighttime adventures, uncuff the pants and add a pair of wedges or heels with a darker color (navy or black are always a good option) tank top or crop top.  Add a bright colored chunky statement necklace for a night pop of color and you are sure to be ready for whatever comes your way that evening!

Crop Top – American Apparel $38

Crop Top - American Apparel

Daytime:  Pair this crop top with a pair of white shorts and a pair of comfy sandals or flip flops along with a long necklace, a watch and a cute pair of earrings and you will be set for the sunshine!

After The Sun Sets: In the evening, switch out of your shorts and put on white jeans or regular blue denim jeans with a pair of cute wedges and some bigger accent pieces of jewelry and you’ll be the focal point of the night.

Trousers (aka “Pajama Style Bottoms”) – Zara $59.90

Trousers/Pajama Style Bottoms - Zara  Daytime: Add a nice blouse or tank top along with a blazer and a pair of flats to these super cute trousers and you have an appropriate, comfortable, and super hot outfit for a summer day at work.

After The Sun Sets: Ditch the blazer, keep the tank top, and switch out the flats for either a pair of sexy heels or super cute wedges and you’re all ready for a round of drinks at happy hour after a long day in the office.

As you can see, the options for day to night summer outfits really are endless.  This is not even close to an all inclusive list, rather more of a starting point to get you headed in the right direction! I hope this is helpful to you in planning your outfits for the rest of the summer, and if you need and help or have any questions or comments please just let me know! :)

XOXO Kristen


Who Is Ready For Summer!?

Summertime Is Upon Us… Do You Have Anything Fun Planned?

University of Antwerp - Antwerp, Belgium Round 1:  Study Abroad – Trip To Belgium

For the first six weeks of the summer, I am studying abroad in Antwerp, Belgium at the University of Antwerp!  I am leaving this Saturday, May 11, and I will be back in the United States on Saturday, June 22!

While I am there, I am taking two classes – Global Marketing and Special Topics in International Logistics.  Both classes will be taught by professors from JMU who are traveling to Belgium with us, and both classes will be integrated and really tied together a lot!  In class, we will be assigned a group and we will be responsible for creating a business plan to bring an American product that is not currently available over seas, to Europe and then market it appropriately.

University of Antwerp - Antwerp, Belgium In addition to class and our school work, we will also be taking trips to Italy and Greece as a group, and then we will have two free weekends where we are free to travel wherever we choose!I am not positive yet where I am going to go for my two weekends, but my roommate and I are talking about Paris and Barcelona for one of them!

To say I am excited about my trip would be the understatement of the century!  I am absolutely ecstatic and extremely nervous all at the same time!  I cannot wait to experience life in Europe (I have never been to Europe before!) and get to travel throughout!  However, while I am super excited about the adventures that lie ahead, in the next two days I may not be feeling too happy… I have a TON of packing and shopping to do in order to get ready for my venture across the Atlantic!

Round 2:  Internship – New York City

After my six weeks abroad that I am spending in Belgium, I will be home for a little more than a week (June 22-July 1), and then I am headed to the most amazing city in the world, New York City!  I am going to the city for an internship in the fashion industry (yup, I did it!!).  After writing about a billion cover letters and almost ten interviews, I ended up getting four job offers (I know, I was shocked too!) and I ended up accepting two of them.

Company Agenda - Fashion PR Firm Internship #1:  Company Agenda

One of my internships is what you think of when you imagine an internship.. show up 2-3 days a week and do anything and everything you are asked to do.  I will be working for a PR firm in the fashion industry called Company Agenda, and is located in SoHo in New York City!  I have never done anything in PR and don’t have a ton of knowledge on the subject, but that is why I am so excited about this opportunity.  It is going to be an amazing opportunity to learn what I do/do not like and then go from there when I look for a real job after graduation!  My whole life I have dreamed of living in the city and working in fashion, and now it is finally happening!

I am extremely excited and anxious about starting my work with Company Agenda on July 2nd. But, I’m a little nervous since I have no where to live yet and I’m leaving the country in two days!! But I know everything will work out and I am so excited to see how it happens. (My parents are going to the city while I’m gone to find me a home away from home for the summer!)

Just SVARA - Online Retailer, Social Media Intern Internship #2:  Just SVARA

My second internship is with a start-up online retailer called Just SVARA, and is a virtual internship.  I will be working as a social media intern, and all my work will be done remotely. We will have weekly meetings either on the phone or on skype, and that is where the other interns and I will receive our assignments, present the work we have done, and pitch ideas that we think will be successful.  I am super excited about this, I already know that I love social media marketing and I am so eager to get started and see where it takes me!

While I am abroad, I am actually going to be acting as the European Correspondent, where I will simply email them once a week with pictures of things that I have done/places that I have been along with a few sentences about what the picture is!

As you can see, I have a super exciting, busy, and crazy summer ahead of me!  While I am going to be exhausted by the time September comes and it is time to go back to school, I could not be more excited to watch my dreams unfold!

XOXO Kristen

P.S. Stay posted for more about Belgium and my Internships!  I am leaving Saturday, so while I am away posts may be more spread out.  But stay tuned – they will definitely be here eventually! :)


2012 vs. 2013

Most Popular Styles From Spring 2012 vs. The Biggest Trends for Spring 2013


In the Spring/Summer of 2012, some of the trends in fashion were very similar to those of the 2013 Spring/Summer; however, some were very different from what is popular this season.

models wearing neon colors spring 2012 Colors:

In 2012, neon colors such as yellows and oranges were “the colors” to be seen wearing.  These bright colors were everywhere in the spring and summer of 2012; whether it was a dress, a top, pants, or accessories, everyone was wearing them, especially bright yellows and oranges.    Metallic colors were also extremely popular during this season.

Model Wearing Large Hat on Runway In Italy Hats:

With the excruciatingly hot temperatures and bright rays of sunshine that summer of 2012 brought, came a fashion trend of hats.  Not only on the fashion forward members of society, hats made the cut in almost every type of person’s wardrobe last summer!


Sheer tops were the big thing in the Spring and Summer of 2012.  A newer trend, many people came to love the look of a lightweight, stylish top that could be worn with a tank top of some sort underneath it to work, or with simply a bandeau type top under it for a night out on the town.  They are most definitely still in style today and they are extremely popular, they are just simply not a “new” trend of the 2013 season.


In 2012, prints were a rising trend on the fashion front.  However, simply one article of printed clothing was not enough.  The trend in 2012 with prints was pairing multiple different pieces with different prints and combining them to make one outfit.

models wearing "sporty chic" attire “Sporty Chic” Look:

Wearing your gym clothes anywhere other than the gym used to be frowned upon, and many people swore up and down that they would never be caught out in their work-out attire.  However, in the spring of 2012 one of the largest fashion trends was the “athletic chic” look that many of us (I know I did!) came to love!


models walking the runway wearing pastels Colors:

This spring and summer the color palette is all about the pastels, and especially mint! These pastels are
everywhere this season! Be it pants, tops, dresses, or accessories – such as

jewelry – no matter where you shop, you are pretty much guaranteed to find something you like in one of these light, springy colors!

Statement Jewelry:

Serena from Gossip Girl Rocking Statement Necklaces!

Another rising trend in fashion this spring is adding a piece of large, statement jewelry to your outfit.  Primarily necklaces, these pieces can really add so much to your outfit.  By making them the focal point of your ensemble, they can really pull the whole look together and make you look extremely fashionable and can complete your outfit!

*”Serena” (Blake Lively) photoed on the right starring in Gossip Girl, is an excellent example of super cute statement jewelry really completing an outfit!


One of the most popular trends in fashion for the Spring/Summer 2013 season is floral printed pieces of clothing. Of the floral pieces, one of the most popular this season is floral pants.  Also popular, are sheer printed floral tops.

For more about this seasons trends, go to my blog post  about the fashion trends of spring and summer 2013!!

XOXO, Kristen



Spring/Summer 2013 Trends In Fashion

It’s Never too Early to Start Shopping… Warm Weather and Sunshine are Just Around the Corner!

Spring has arrived and we all know what that means, green grass, blooming flowers, warmer weather, and the new clothes that highlight the latest trends in fashion.

Pastels (In particular, Mint)

If you have been to any clothing retailer in the recent past, you have probably Michael Kors "Selma Large" Leather Satchel seen the extensive presence of pastel everything – pants, tops, dresses, shoes, accessories and so much more!

Of all the pastel colors, mint is one of the most popular this season.  Pretty much anything you could imagine or want is probably available in mint.  While you can pastels - mint pants definitely find mint pants or tops (and they’re super cute I must say!), one way to add this fun and unique color into your wardrobe (a little more subtly) is through accessories.  By adding mint colored jewelry or a mint handbag, you can give your outfit a little flare.

For the more bold, go out there and rock those mint pants that you love and buy that super cute mint top that you’ve been eyeing at the store! Without a doubt, by including mint and other pastel colors into your wardrobe, you will definitely be looking chic and fashionable.


While it is definitely not a new trend in fashion, lace is a very big one this spring. This spring and summer women everywhere will be dressing in this fun and feminine fabric.

fashionable lace dresses

Whether its tops, skirts, shorts, or dresses, lace is the thing to be wearing this season.  Dress it up and wear it to work or to date night; or dress it down and wear it for a day around town. Whatever you decide to wear it for, you will look super cute at the same time as elegant and sophisticated!

trendy striped clothing Stripes

Be it horizontal, vertical, slanted, or zig-zag, stripes are another huge trend in fashion
this season.  By building up your collection of stripes within your wardrobe now, you will definitely feel ahead of the game when the sun starts shining and the temperature beings to rise.


A natural reminder and association of the spring and summer months, floral clothing are huge this season!  One of the most popular articles of clothing we are seeing in floral floral pants prints are jeans and other pants.  Be it more dull and darker colors that we saw in the  winter months, or the brighter more colorful prints we are seeing for the spring and summer, flowers are blooming everywhere! Paired with a darker shirt, these colorful poppy floral pants are extremely stylish and really cute!

While these are only the tip of the iceberg for the trends in fashion this season, these are certainly a few of the largest.  By just filling your wardrobe with a few of each of these fashionable items, you’re sure to have everyone talking about how cute you look!  Don’t put it off for too long, start preparing your closet now so you don’t miss out on the cutest items! Good luck shopping!

XOXO, Kristen

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