Holiday Outfit Ideas Part 1: Holiday Parties

Are you having trouble deciding what to wear to your company’s holiday party? Do you have a family party that you can never seem to know how to dress for? Or maybe just a dinner with friends?

Well, no matter what the occasion is, we have the solution for you! I know how hard it can be to pick out the perfect outfit for gatherings like these, because I always seem to struggle as well, so today, I have a couple outfit ideas to get your creative juices flowing so you can pick out the outfit that is best suited for you!

For our first look, we have a really festive and cute little dress paired with the perfect jewelry and an amazing pair of Louboutin pumps for a really complete and festive look!
Holiday Outfit Ideas - Holiday Parties


Dress: Frill Sleeve Chiffon Layered Dress (burgundy) –, $21 

Coat: MICHAEL by Michael Kors Belted Wrap Coat –$198 $158 (ON SALE NOW!)

Tights: Zara Soft Bamboo Tights –, $20

Shoes: Christian Louboutin 140mm Bianca Pumps (Black Patent Leather) –, $845

Bag: Givenchy Antigona Envelope Clutch –, $1,240

Necklace: 3-Row Berry Stone Necklace –$20 $14 (ON SALE NOW!)

Earrings: Ruby Stud Earrings –, $4.49

Lipstick: Nars Semi Matte Lipstick (Jungle Red) –, $26

Nail Polish: Nars Oxblood Red Nail Polish

And for look #2, we have a super cute little mini skirt paired with a chic and classy blouse for the perfect mixture of fun and classy!

Holiday Outfit Ideas - Holiday Parties


Top: Lavender Brown Double Layer Blouse (Cream) –, $156

Skirt: ZADIG & VOLTAIRE Sequined Jasmi Skirt (Black) –, $430

Tights: Zara Soft Bamboo Tights –, $20

Shoes: Jimmy Choo Anouk Pointy Toe Pumps (Black) –, $595

Necklace: Forever 21 Glam Bib Necklace –, $13

Earrings: Kenneth Cole New York Gold Tone Faceted Round Bead Stud Earrings –, $24

I hope my ideas and suggestions have helped you a little, and if there is anything else you would like help with or would like me to feature, just let me know! I know we’ve gotten down to crunch time and you’re hitting the last few holiday parties before you have your family gatherings for the holidays, but I also know many of you are procrastinators… So, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at with any and all ideas/suggestions you have for me!

I hope you ladies are having a wonderful day and stay posted for more to come in Holiday Outfit Ideas Part 2!


Its A Never Ending Cycle… Keep Your “Old” Clothes!

Seasonal Trends: A Never-Ending, Rotating Cycle…

“What’s trending this season?” and “What are the hottest looks these days?”

Those seem to be the questions we ask ourselves every few months as the seasons change and we get a new set of trends and styles that are “in” at that point in time.  When we are in the moment, many of us think these styles are completely new ideas that no one has ever thought of making or wearing before.  I find myself doing it more often than I would like to admit… But, if you look into the past, you will find that a vast majority (if not all) of the trending styles we are wearing today, are really just recycled trends from previous decades.  For example, take a look at some of the largest trends that I found for this season:

High Waisted Shorts/Pants

Returning Trend - High Waisted Shorts

Topshop Embellished High Waist Shorts, Nordstrom, $90

High-waisted pants and shorts are a huge thing this season! Everywhere I turn I feel like I see at least one person wearing these super cute and stylish bottoms.  An extremely popular style this season, but was it the first time we’ve seen this one? Not at all!  High-waisted shorts were an enormous trend in the 1970’s first!

Big, Chunky, Statement Jewelry

Repeating Trends - Chunky, Bold Jewelry

ABS by Allen Schwartz Jewelry Glass Bib Necklace, Saks Fifth Avenue, $250

Statement jewelry… Everyone has it, talks about, plans their outfit around it, etc.  It seems to be consuming our lives, and I cannot say I hate it!  I absolutely love the return of the big, bold, colorful jewelry.  Paired with a bright colored top, we have a massive trend from the 1980’s that has made a comeback.


Repeating Trend - Leggings

High Waist Aztec Print Leggings, Etsy, $25

One of my all time favorite trends to make it back into style… Leggings are another blast from the past that seems to be everywhere.  Returning after being ever popular in the 1990’s, there are so many ways to wear them. Leggings are the most popular with oversized sweaters, sweatshirts, and t-shirts, and mini dresses and skirts.

However, we wouldn’t stop at just plain old black leggings, would we?  Not a chance! This season, leggings are making an even bigger statement and are now being worn in various neon and pastel colors in addition to fun prints.

Chunky/Thick Heel

Repeating Trends - Thick/Chunky Heel

MICHAEL Michael Kors Heaven Suede Platform Pump, Neiman Marcus, $150

And now for the shoes… My weakness! This season’s hot chunky heel is far from a new style… popular amongst the ladies of disco in the 1970’s and then making their way back into style in the 1990’s, the idea of a thicker heel is far from original.


Repeating Trend - Denim

Starry ‘Bout That Sleeveless Shirt, LuLu’s, $41

While were on a roll with the 90’s, why not bring up the increasingly popular trend of denim.  Denim is all over the place this season.  From pants, to dresses, shirts, overalls, and jackets (just to name a few!), everywhere you turn there is denim on denim on denim!

As you can see, this season’s styles are far from new or original. So, if the past is any indication, next season’s probably won’t be either.  With that being said, why throw away, donate, recycle, or whatever you may choose to do with your “old” clothes, when you could just put them away in a safe place and pull them back out when they return again in a few years?!


How To Look Hot All Day And All Night

Beat The Heat In These Stylish And Refreshing Outfits That Look Good From Day To Night

As August is quickly approaching, we all know the scorching hot days we are already experiencing are only going to get worse.  While there are many styles that are extremely cute and flattering on almost everyone, such as the maxi dress and skirt, they are not always the best for keeping us cool… And let’s be honest, I know I cannot stand to be wearing clothes that make me hotter than necessary on the already excruciatingly hot days.  Not only is it super difficult to find outfits that keep you cooled off while maintaining your usual trendy look, but having to change into an outfit to go out in after spending a long day out in the heat, can sometimes be worse! How can this be solved you might ask? Well, here are just a few suggestions that can be worn all day long, day to night, and still have the normal, appropriate look for whatever time of day it is and whatever you are doing!

High Waisted Shorts – Necessary Clothing $24.99

High Waisted Shorts - Necessary Clothing


Daytime:  Pair these awesome shorts with a blouse or nice top and a pair of flats or dressy sandals and you have the perfect outfit for a relaxing and comfortable day at the office!

After The Sun Sets:  Swap out that blouse for either a more casual tank or a crop top and change out of your flats and into a pair of nude or cream colored wedges and you will have a sexy outfit for your nighttime extravaganzas!

Crochet Bathing Suit – 6 Shore Road $138

Black Crochet Bathing Suit - 6 Shore Road


Daytime:  Wear this super sexy suit for a day on the beach with friends or when you’re just laying out, catching some rays at the pool.  Where ever you are, you are sure to turn the heads of everyone around with this chic little number on.

After The Sun Sets:  Be sure to pack a maxi skirt, a pair of jeans, or some high wasted shorts in your beach bag to throw on over your suit for your evening activities.  Not only is this piece an extremely flattering bathing suit, but it is also a stunning top.  Add a pair of heels or wedges and you will surely be turning everyone’s head!

White Jeans –Tory Burch (Nordstrom) $185

White Jeans - Tory Burch At Nordstrom

Daytime:  Pair these super cute white jeans with a bright colored tank top (pastels look awesome, too!)  and a pair of flats or sandals for the perfect daytime outfit.  Cuff the bottom of the already cropped pants to make them a little shorter – it adds to the overall look and keeps you feeling a little cooler!

After The Sun Sets:  For your nighttime adventures, uncuff the pants and add a pair of wedges or heels with a darker color (navy or black are always a good option) tank top or crop top.  Add a bright colored chunky statement necklace for a night pop of color and you are sure to be ready for whatever comes your way that evening!

Crop Top – American Apparel $38

Crop Top - American Apparel

Daytime:  Pair this crop top with a pair of white shorts and a pair of comfy sandals or flip flops along with a long necklace, a watch and a cute pair of earrings and you will be set for the sunshine!

After The Sun Sets: In the evening, switch out of your shorts and put on white jeans or regular blue denim jeans with a pair of cute wedges and some bigger accent pieces of jewelry and you’ll be the focal point of the night.

Trousers (aka “Pajama Style Bottoms”) – Zara $59.90

Trousers/Pajama Style Bottoms - Zara  Daytime: Add a nice blouse or tank top along with a blazer and a pair of flats to these super cute trousers and you have an appropriate, comfortable, and super hot outfit for a summer day at work.

After The Sun Sets: Ditch the blazer, keep the tank top, and switch out the flats for either a pair of sexy heels or super cute wedges and you’re all ready for a round of drinks at happy hour after a long day in the office.

As you can see, the options for day to night summer outfits really are endless.  This is not even close to an all inclusive list, rather more of a starting point to get you headed in the right direction! I hope this is helpful to you in planning your outfits for the rest of the summer, and if you need and help or have any questions or comments please just let me know! :)

XOXO Kristen


2012 vs. 2013

Most Popular Styles From Spring 2012 vs. The Biggest Trends for Spring 2013


In the Spring/Summer of 2012, some of the trends in fashion were very similar to those of the 2013 Spring/Summer; however, some were very different from what is popular this season.

models wearing neon colors spring 2012 Colors:

In 2012, neon colors such as yellows and oranges were “the colors” to be seen wearing.  These bright colors were everywhere in the spring and summer of 2012; whether it was a dress, a top, pants, or accessories, everyone was wearing them, especially bright yellows and oranges.    Metallic colors were also extremely popular during this season.

Model Wearing Large Hat on Runway In Italy Hats:

With the excruciatingly hot temperatures and bright rays of sunshine that summer of 2012 brought, came a fashion trend of hats.  Not only on the fashion forward members of society, hats made the cut in almost every type of person’s wardrobe last summer!


Sheer tops were the big thing in the Spring and Summer of 2012.  A newer trend, many people came to love the look of a lightweight, stylish top that could be worn with a tank top of some sort underneath it to work, or with simply a bandeau type top under it for a night out on the town.  They are most definitely still in style today and they are extremely popular, they are just simply not a “new” trend of the 2013 season.


In 2012, prints were a rising trend on the fashion front.  However, simply one article of printed clothing was not enough.  The trend in 2012 with prints was pairing multiple different pieces with different prints and combining them to make one outfit.

models wearing "sporty chic" attire “Sporty Chic” Look:

Wearing your gym clothes anywhere other than the gym used to be frowned upon, and many people swore up and down that they would never be caught out in their work-out attire.  However, in the spring of 2012 one of the largest fashion trends was the “athletic chic” look that many of us (I know I did!) came to love!


models walking the runway wearing pastels Colors:

This spring and summer the color palette is all about the pastels, and especially mint! These pastels are
everywhere this season! Be it pants, tops, dresses, or accessories – such as

jewelry – no matter where you shop, you are pretty much guaranteed to find something you like in one of these light, springy colors!

Statement Jewelry:

Serena from Gossip Girl Rocking Statement Necklaces!

Another rising trend in fashion this spring is adding a piece of large, statement jewelry to your outfit.  Primarily necklaces, these pieces can really add so much to your outfit.  By making them the focal point of your ensemble, they can really pull the whole look together and make you look extremely fashionable and can complete your outfit!

*”Serena” (Blake Lively) photoed on the right starring in Gossip Girl, is an excellent example of super cute statement jewelry really completing an outfit!


One of the most popular trends in fashion for the Spring/Summer 2013 season is floral printed pieces of clothing. Of the floral pieces, one of the most popular this season is floral pants.  Also popular, are sheer printed floral tops.

For more about this seasons trends, go to my blog post  about the fashion trends of spring and summer 2013!!

XOXO, Kristen


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