OOTD: Workout Wednesday



Happy Wednesday Lovelies!

I hope you are all keeping warm during this crazy wintery tundra we are experiencing! Having snow days is so nice, but I am so ready for all this snow to be out of the way so we can get on with our everyday life! But, anyway… How are you all doing with your New Years Resolutions?! Getting into the fourth week in January now, I am sure some of you may have fallen off the wagon or are getting ready to do so, but I am here to tell ya to get back on and stick it! My roommate, Kasey, and I have been doing so well with out new workout and diet regimen and I promise, you will just feel so much better if you stick with it! While I am not doing it to necessarily lose weight, I would just like to get a little healthier, I know whatever your reasons for diet and exercise may be, you will feel so much better both physically and emotionally if you make yourself stick it out! And to make it a little easier, here is an awesome workout outfit to motivate you to get your skinny booty to the gym!

Outfit Of The Day - Workout Wednesday


Top: The North Face Velocitee Long Sleeve Shirt – dickssportinggoods.com, $25

Bra: Victoria’s Secret The Player Cami Sports Bra – victoriassecret.com$30 $15 (ON SALE NOW!)

Pants: Forever 21 Side-Pocket Skinny Workout Leggings – forever21.com, $20

Shoes: Nike Flex Experience Run 2 – zappos.com, $65

Watch: PUMA Fit Watch – puma.com, $95

Water Bottle: Contigo Addison Water Bottle (Pink) – target.com, $13

How can an awesome outfit like that not motivate you to workout?! I know… You’re probably getting off the couch right now! So get up and get moving ladies, what is 30 minutes on the tredmill or elliptical?! The TV will be waiting when ya get back, I promise!

I hope you all have a wonderful snow day! Stay safe and don’t leave the home if you don’t have to! Let me know what you think of this awesome outfit and how your New Year’s Resolutions are coming!


Think Pink… Buy A Square To Help Fight Breast Cancer!


Hello There Gorgeous!

I hope you ladies are all having a great Friday! Today, I have a little something to share with you all that is very special to me.  As I’m sure you all know, breast cancer is one of the most widespread cancers in the US these days.  In 2014 alone, about 230,480 women and 2,140 men will learn that they have breast cancer and will begin their own personal battle with the horrid disease.  It is no secret that breast cancer is a huge problem in today’s society and that some type of solution or cure for this deadly disease needs to be discovered, and soon.

Avon Walk For Breast Cancer - 2013

Heather, Kristen, and Danielle (my sister) at the starting line of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in 2013!

Last year my sister participated in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer where she walked a total of 40 miles in just two days.  She also raised a little more than $1,800 for the cause in addition to devoting an entire weekend to the cause.  I admire her so much for doing such an amazing thing.  My whole family has talked about doing it for years, but the thought of having to fundraise a minimum of $1,800 is just so scary, so needless to say, we never did it.  But last year, my sister picked up the slack our family had been putting down for years and decided to do it.  The deciding factor for her was when one of her good friends (who is ironically also named Kristen!) from work asked her and one of their other close friends, Heather, if they would do it with her.  Kristen’s mom had just won her battle with breast cancer, and she really wanted to do her part in helping find a cure so that more people could beat the disease such as her mom had.  The road to raising the money was extremely hard for my sister, but at the last minute (after lots of stress and panic attacks!) she finally made it, and actually exceeded the $1,800 requirement.

Avon Walk For Breast Cancer - 2013

Heather, Danielle, and Kristen taking a short break during their 40 mile trek!

Then came what most people think of as the hard part… The actual walk! While my sister wasn’t all that concerned about the walking part (I mean, after all, she did run everyday and was in really good shape!), but that turned out to be a killer for even someone in as fantastic shape as she is! After struggling to walk and being in a ton of physical agony for days and days after the walk was completed, she was finally back to normal and that is when she said she wanted to sign up for the walk in 2014, also.  She has such an amazing experience and said it was one of the best things she had ever done.  All of this really moved me and made me want to do it also, so I decided I was going to sign up also, but then, much to my dismay, the walk ended up falling the weekend before my graduation this year (and the weekend before finals…) so I am not going to be able to do it.  But, you better believe I will do anything and everything in my power to be right there with her in 2015!

Fighting Breast Cancer One Square At A Time Fundraiser For The Avon Walk 2014  Why am I telling you all of this, you might wonder? Well, in an attempt to raise money for the cause, my sister has teamed ud with Lia Sophia to bring you a fundraising raffle called “Fighting Breast Cancer One Square At A Time”.  What the heck does that mean, you might be thinking? Well, she is selling 100 squares for only $10 per square, which will total $1,000 after all squares are sold.  With this money, $700 of the $1,000 will be donated to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, and then the other $300 will go to the first and second place winners. The way to win is by having your number (which will be a number somewhere within 1 through 100) drawn in the raffle drawing after all 1oo squares have been sold.  What will be prizes be? Well…

The first place winner will receive:

  • $200 in FREE jewelry from Lia Sophia, and

The second place winner will receive:

  • $100 in FREE jewelry from Lia Sophia.

And it doesn’t stop there! Even if you aren’t the first or second place winner, there are other prizes to be won also. These include:

  • 5 items priced at or below $100 for only $15 (you get your choice of any of the items priced at or below $100 in the current Lia Sophia catalog!), and
  • 5 items (any items in the ENTIRE catalog!) for half price.

Kristen, an Avon Walk volunteer, Danielle, and Heather posing for the camera!



A few facts about breast cancer…

  • Ever 3 minutes, someone in the US is diagnosed with an invasive case of breast cancer; and ever 13 minutes a life is lost to the disease.
  • 39,520 women and 450 men in the U.S. will lose their life from breast cancer each year.
  • There are more than 250,000 women under the age of 40 in the U.S. living with breast cancer, and over 11,000 will be diagnosed in 2014 alone.
  • Survival for men with breast cancer is similar to survival for women, when their stage of diagnosis is the same.
Avon Walk For Breast Cancer 2013

Kristen, Heather, and Danielle showing off their support with their super cute t-shirts.

If you would like to purchase a square from my amazing big sister, Danielle Booth, you can do so my emailing her at danielle.booth08@gmail.com or by giving her a call at 703.307.4262.  She is accepting payments in the form of cash, check, and through Paypal.  If you would like to pay by check, you can do so by mailing a check made out to Danielle Booth to:

Danielle Booth

310 Bradford Court

Sterling, VA 20164

If you would like to pay using Paypal, you can do so by sending the payment to danielle.booth08@gmail.com.  If you have any questions feel free to contact her either by email or phone and she would be happy to help you with anything you need!

Avon Walk For Breast Cancer 2013

Heather, Danielle, and Kristen at the finish line after they finished all 40 miles!

I know it is a tough time right now guys, but if you are able to help her out in any way possible, I know she would be forever grateful! Thanks so much and I hope you all had a fantastic Friday! :)

  Avon Walk For Breast Cancer 2013



OOTD: Workout Wednesday



Hello Again There Gorgeous…

With guest posts comes Workout Wednesday, also! I know that going to the gym or getting a little workout in is the last thing we want to do when we have a million other things we need to do in getting ready for the holidays, but just think about that little outfit you want to wear on New Years Eve when you are trying to think of an excuse not to go, and make a little time for the treadmill!

Outfit Of The Day - Workout Wednesday


Top:  Forever 21 Padded Workout Tank – forever21.com, $15

Sports Bra:  Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Cami Sport Bra – victoriassecret.com, $33

Pants: Adidas Tight Workout Pants – adidas.com, $55

Shoes:  Nike Free 3.0 Running Shoes – nike.com

How can you not want to go to the gym just to wear this cute little outfit?! It’s so adorable… I would drop what I was doing just to be able to wear the workout outfit, but that is always my inspiration for working out (if I can’t think of anything else…)! I just absolutely love workout clothes, not only are the super  comfy, but they make me look so sporty so even if I am not going to the gym right then, people think I am and they think I am so skinny… Hahaha (just a little confession… I probably shouldn’t tell people that, but consider yourselves lucky!)

I hope you beautiful ladies have an awesome day and keep your eyes open for more to come later today maybe…


OOTD: Workout Wednesday

Good afternoon beauties! I am so sorry I have been MIA this week… it’s finals and I have been so busy! But only two more to go, so I am all done tomorrow! In the spirit of finals week, don’t forget to hit the gym ladies! I know that this week is a crazy one and everyone is so stressed and busy, but making a little time for the gym and a quick workout session will make you feel so much better! Everyone needs a little study break so why not make it one that is actually beneficial to not only your brain, but also your bod… So, now for this week’s Workout Wednesday…

Outfit Of The Day - Workout Wednesday


Top:  Patagonia Women’s Innerspace Tank – patagonia.com$55 $27

Pants: Forever 21 Colorblock Skinny Workout Leggings – forever21.com, $22

Shoes:  Nike Trainers Nike Flyknit Lunar 1+ – endclothing.co.uk, $210

Headphones: Diane von Furstenberg Lip-Print Ear Buds – net-a-porter.com, $45

Okay so let’s get to the gym ladies! Take a little break from whatever may be stressing you out and keeping you busy this week and get a short workout in. I promise you’ll feel so much better and you’ll be able to concentrate so much better on what you need to be learning!

Good luck on your finals if you have them! You’re almost done… You can do it beautiful!


OOTD: Workout Wednesday


Good Morning Gorgeous!

Happy Wednesday ladies! Guess what time it is… time to hit the gym! I know its been a long week already, and a tough one at that, but there’s no time like the present to get back into the swing of things and hit the gym! I know we all ate tons and tons of turkey and pie, so we def need to get back to the treadmill and burn those cals before Christmas cookies start coming out!

Outfit Of The Day - Workout Wednesday

Tank Top: Tees by Tina Racerback Tank – pinkmascara.com, $38

Sweatshirt:  Adidas Ultimate Fleece Crew Sweatshirt – finishline.com$45 $23

Pants:  Nike Black Leggings – lipsy.co.uk, $41

Shoes:  Nike Flyknit Lunar1+ Running Shoe – nordstrom.com, $160

Okay girls, no excuses! Get your little booties to the gym and keep that sexy bod you have worked so hard to get! I know it isn’t always easy, but its important and it gets easier after the first time! So get up and get to the gym!


One Of My All-Time Favorite Treadmill Workouts!

We all know that intervals are the best way to lose weight (burn fat) while increasing your endurance at the same time… However, I know that personally, I am not all that fond of them! When I go for a run, I like to just set my pace and incline and go, if I think about it along the way I may change the speed or incline and I may not. It is my time to clear my mind, and in a way “relax” (I know… I sound crazy!). But, in an effort to tone up a little and increase my endurance, I have been trying out some interval workouts! So far, this one has been the hardest hands down! But, I actually really liked it! And, I definitely felt like I accomplished something HUGE when I was done! Here it is, I really encourage you to try it out and let me know what you think!

Want to try some of the other interval workouts I’ve done? Check out my Pinterest page! All of the ones I have tried are pinned on my “Thinspiration board!

XOXO Kristen


Last Minute Beach Bod… 6 Exercises To Get Your 6 Pack Back!

Looking For A Quick Fix To Get That 6 Pack Back Before Your Beach Trip? These 6 Ab Exercises Are Sure To Help You Get Back Your Sexy Beach Body

1.  Ab Crunch

Ab Crunch - Ab Workout


The abdomen crunch is the most common and easiest ab exercise that you can do.  Simply lie on the floor with your back flat and your arms bent behing your head.  Then bend your legs and touch your knees to your elbows.

Modified way for beginners: Do the same thing, just lift your head up and put it between your knees each time rather than bringing your knees to your elbows!

2.  Reverse Ab Pose

Ab Workout - Beach bod


Lie on your back and put your arms in the shape of a T, with your legs lifted so they are perpendicular to the floor.  Move your hips a few inches to the left, exhale and drop both of your legs to the right… slowly! Make sure you stop before your legs hit the floor.  Hold your legs in the position above the floor for a deep breath, exhale and return back to where you started.  Repeat the exercise on both sides – alternate sides for 20 reps, doing 10 on each side

3.  Ab Vacuum

ab vacuum


Lie on on your back with your arms above your head, your feet on the floor, and your legs bent. Slowly lift your spine until your hips are high.  Exhale as you relax your abs and lower your spine down to the ground. As you do this, a natural vacuum will draw your belly in. When your hips are on the floor, lower hands to start position. Repeat 7 to 10 times.

4.  Ab Twist

ab twist


To do this one, you sit on the floor with your legs bent.  Lean your chest back and lift your feet off the ground about 6-9 inches balancing all your weight on your lower back and butt.  Then, holding a either a medicine ball or a weight and rotate your body to either side, letting the ball/weight almost touch the ground. Make sure you keep your abs tight the whole time! Do 2 to 3 sets of 15 reps on each side (30 total).

Modified way for beginners:  keep your feet on the floor, rather than lifting them 6-9 inches off the ground.  Everything else stays the same!

5.  Planks

Planks - 6 Pack Ab Exercises

Or was we used to call them in cheerleading, “elbows and toes”! Get into a push up position and then lower your arms so your forearms are resting on the ground, balancing your body weight along with your toes.  Do 2-3 sets, holing the plank for 1 one minute.

6. Leg Lifts with an Exercise Ball

Leg Lifts with Exercise Ball - 6 Pack Abs

Lie on the floor, flat on your back.  Start with the ball in your hands, with your arms extended above your head. Put the ball between your feet, squeezing them together to keep the ball in place, and lower both of your arms and legs down towards the floor. Make sure you only go down as far as you can without arching or straining your back. Then, bring them both back up and grab the ball with your hands.  Lower your arms and legs back down to the floor and start again! Do 2-3 sets of 15-25 reps.

Modified way for beginners:  try doing the same exercise without the ball! (Just touch your finger tips to your toes when you raise your arms and legs!)

With these 6 exercises, regular cardio, and healthy eating, you’re sure to have that six-pack back before you know it! Good luck! :)

XOXO Kristen


Half Marathon Here I Come!

Training To Run a Half Marathon: Deciding on The Race That Was Right For Me

army ten miler - runners

When I first came to JMU as a freshman I was terrified of gaining weight.  My biggest fear was going home at Thanksgiving or Christmas time and being the girl that everyone was talking about because she had “gotten so fat.” I refused to allow myself to be that girl. My solution? Running.

I was never a huge runner in high school – I was a cheerleader in the fall and I was on the swim team in the winter. In addition to that, I also did competitive all-star cheerleading outside of school (a year round commitment where I practiced an average of three days/week for two hours. Needless to say, I had my hands full between sports and school work along with trying to maintain some sort of social life. However, over the summer when I did not have to go to school and was only practicing with my outside cheerleading team, I would sometimes go running either to clear my mind, get some exercise, or just to get out of the house.

My real love for running, though, started when I was a freshman in college.  With this fear of gaining weight that I had, I decided the best way to avoid getting “fat,” was to start running everyday. And that is exactly what I did. I’m now a second semester junior, and I am still an avid runner.  The only difference being that I am no longer running to keep from gaining weight.  Today, I still run almost everyday, but it is because running is what calms me down when I am stressed or upset, it gives me time to clear my head when I am angry or frustrated, it allows me to think when I am in a tough spot – running has become my “Kristen time.”

Recently, I decided that I wanted to run in some kind of race.  I had done 5K‘s with both my Marathon runners sister and my best friend Kasey, but this time that is not what I want to do.  I decided that I want to run a longer distance race, which is when I chose a half marathon.  I decided this was a good place to start for a few reasons:

-I would love to eventually run a full marathon (but that a bit ambitious to start with don’t ya think!?)

-A half marathon is 13.1 miles, which is a fairly long distance, but it is not unreasonable if you train.

-I thought I would be able to talk both my sister and Kasey into doing it with me. – It is definitely long, but it is not completely insane (and the fact that its only a  “half” makes it sound so much better!)

From here, I asked (well, it was actually a little bit of asking and a little bit of telling) my sister and Kasey if they would run this race with me.  I was not yet sure of where or when I was going to run it, but I told them I wanted to find and register for one in the Fall of this year, and I wanted to do it sooner than later. I know how we always do things, we make big plans and then we never follow through – if we’re already registered (and paid) then we will have no excuse not to actually complete our goal! To my excitement, they both told me they would do it.

This past week, I sat down and searched for a half-marathon in the Northern Virginia area that
was sometime this coming fall. Much to my surprise, there was actually an abundance of american family fitness half marathon options! (Not all exactly in NOVA, but pretty close if not.) After much consideration and talking
to my sister and Kasey, we settled on the American Family Fitness Half Marathon in Richmond, VA on November 16, 2013.

After settling on that half marathon, we started talking about our training plan.  This is when we decided that we also wanted to run the Army Ten-Miler in Arlington, VA on October 20, Army Ten Miler 2013.  We thought this would make a good warm-up/practice race for our half that will follow three weeks after! I know, we sound crazy enough for wanting to do a half marathon, and now we have signed up for two races! As hard as I know it is going to be getting ready for it, I am excited and ready to push myself.

XOXO, Kristen

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