OOTD: Workout Wednesday

Pretty In Pink… Workout Style!

Good morning gorgeous! It’s time to rise and shine!! It’s finally Wednesday, and you know what that means… Workout Wednesday is finally here! I know it’s a rough week, but its half way over now, and getting that workout in will just help you release some of the stress in your life and give you a little “me time” (plus, I know I always feel better when I feel skinny!).  So… With that being said, here is this week’s Workout Wednesday!

Outfit Of The Day - Workout Wednesday - Pretty In Pink

Tank Top:  Nike Premier Maria Women’s Tennis Tank – nike.com, $50

Sweatshirt:  Under Armour Varsity Sweatshirt – gearbuyer.com, $45

Pants:  Forever 21 Sweetheart Skinny Workout Leggings – forever21.com, $22

Shoes:  Nike Flex 2013 Run – zappos.com, $80

Alright girls, now get up and get your skinny little butts to the gym (or on a run, or walk, or something!). You’ll feel so much better, I promise! Don’t let yourself fall off the path now.. only two more days until the weekend! And plus, what could possibly be better than a pink workout outfit?! …Two of my favorite things, workout clothes and the color pink! Trust me ladies, you are going to be turning all the heads in the gym with this one!

I hope you have an amazing day beauties! Hit the gym and do big things… There’s no time like the present to start your workout routine!


OOTD: Workout Wednesday

The First Day Back Is Always The Hardest… But New Clothes Will Make It Easier!

We all know that the first day (or first few days if you’re like me!) back in the gym are always the worst! Its so hard to get the motivation to actually go and then once I’m there, after I’m done with my run (or whatever cardio I do that day), I feel like I accomplished so much more than usual so I feel like I can leave… WRONG! But, I know that one thing that always helps me get back into my routine is getting new gym clothes! I absolutely love getting super cute workout outfits, so for those of you struggling right now, here is our first ever Workout Wednesday! OOTD: Workout Wednesday - Go To The Gym In Style!

Top: Forever 21 Cutout Mesh Workout Tank – forever21.com, $18

Pants: Forever 21 Perforated Floral Workout Leggings – forever21.com, $22

Shoes: Nike Flex Run High-Performance Running Shoes – kohls.com, $80

The best part about this super cute workout ensemble? It actually doubles as a wallet friendly outfit, and its not even Friday yet!!

Have a great day beauties, and get your skinny butts back to the gym! Good luck ladies!

XOXO, Kristen


Mallzee: “Changing The Way The World Shops Online”

Who Knew…. A One Stop Online Shopping Mall!

Mallzee.com - Online Mall Experience

What Is Mallzee?

Cally Russell - Founder and CEO Of Mallzee.com Mallzee is a website that allows shoppers to was designed to make online shopping more of a fun an enjoyable experience, rather than feeling like a chore!  Started about a year ago by Cally Russell, CEO and founder of Mallzee, the site was launched earlier this year and has already seen a huge amount of growth (I mean who wouldn’t want to use this awesome website that offers the best way to shop online?!). The mission statement of the company is “Mallzee find you your style”, and I would have to say, after only a little bit of experimenting with the site, that mission statement definitely holds true!

How Does Mallzee Work?

Mallzee.com - Brands

 Partnering with stores such as Accessorize, ASOS, Betsey Johnson, Bloomingdales, Forever 21, French Connection, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Urban Outfitters, to name just a few; and after following just a few
simple steps, you too could be shopping at all the retailers on Mallzee.com! These steps include:

Sign-up using either your Facebook Account or Email address

-Then you create your perfect mall where you can view all of the clothes that you love in one convenient location.

-Connect with your friends who have Mallzee… by doing this you will be able to recommend products, chat live as you shop with friends, or get your friends opinions on a new outfit that you like!

After you start shopping, you will start collecting Mallzee dollars. Every time you make a purchase on the sie, you will accumulate these dollars, and the more you buy the more Mallzee dollars you earn!  Collect them over time and then cash them all in and get exclusinve products offered from different retailers, store credit, or other free things that Mallzee offers!

Get started with Mallzee now!! Register for a complementary VIP membership with Mallzee simply beacause you read Style by Kristen Blair!! How awesome is that?!

Mallzee.com Search

What Mallzee Means To Me…

While I have not had a ton of experience with Mallzee (being that it’s so new and all…), but I have done some (“window”) shopping in the past few days and what can I say… I. LOVE. IT.

I must admit, I have never personally found shopping online to be a “chore” (the “new” Mallzee way, or the old fashioned way), but I know that most people out there do! As I have mentioned in the past, I have a bit of a “shopping problem” (as my family likes to call it). When I went away to college in a small town where the options as far as stores (and the variety of different stores!) is extremely limited (…and let me tell you, most of the choices that are available are definitely not places that I would really want to shop anyway!) compared to what I had grown up with and was used to. So, needless to say, without any other options (other than going home every time I need, okay okay… wanted, to go shopping), I turned to shopping online.  This quickly became a hobby and stress reliever (along with running!) for me to escape from all of my reading, papers, studying, exams, you name it.  So, as I’m sure you can now see, I loved shopping online before I discovered Mallzee… but, you have no idea how much more I love it now! (Look out wallet… this could be bad for you!)

Back to what I was getting at before I got side tracked and rambling… (shocking, I know)

However, for those of you who do not like shopping online due to the annoyance and hassle of going to each separate website and making multiple orders with multiple shipping fees, etc. that is where Mallzee comes into play.  It is also perfect for those of you who cringe at just the thought of going to the mall, by using Mallzee you do not have to spend as much time shopping online as before, but you also do not have to go to the mall (causing a spike in your blood pressure, anxiety, and gray hair count) either.

Now, what more could anyone want or possibly think of?! (I surely couldn’t come up with anything… You’re one smart cookie, Cally Russell (CEO and Founder of Mallzee)!


XOXO Kristen


PS – Don’t forget to sign up for a VIP Membership on Mallzee by clicking here right now my little beauty queen!

Mallzee - Online Mall Experience








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