A Holiday Gift Guide From Susan of Susan Mahlburg



Hello There Lovelies!

With only five days (and four shopping days!) left until Christmas we have yet another fabulous Holiday Gift Guide from guest blogger Susan Fisher of Susan Mahlburg! After a phenomenal guest post a few weeks back, I was thrilled when I learned she was going to do a gift guide for us as well! Just a fantastic as before (maybe even more!), and stunning as ever, she has provided us with a little holiday help that did nothing but exceed any expectations I could have possibly had! So, without further ado, here is a Holiday Gift Guide from the lovely Susan of Susan Mahlburg!

A Holiday Gift Guide From Susan Of Susan Mahlburg

So what that actually means is…

1. I think the best shoes of the season are….

Kate Spade Glitter KedsI recently featured them on the blog and think it’s an easy way for even the most on-the-go ladies to add some sparkle to their steps during the holiday season.  It matches the Charm Heel, which is a KS cult favorite.

2. My favorite 2013 Holiday Gift Set is…

Nars Guy Bourdin Crime of Passion Kit.  Nars does such great collaborations, especially over the holidays (last year it was Andy Warhol).  And when they say Limited Edition, they really mean it.  Anyone would love to get Nars as a gift – they have this magical way of making sure any of their shades work with absolutely any skin tone.  It’s uncanny.  And not only is their product top-quality, the packaging is, too.

3. The hottest electronic device/gadget this year is…

The no!no! Hair Removal Gadget.  I always shied away from these things, but the more I hear about them, I just might buy one for myself.  How many times do you try to make a waxing appointment, only to find out they’re booked?  In Virginia, all the time.  Beggars can’t be choosers, so take matters into your own hands.

4. I am dying to make this gift for someone…

I am actually a huge fan of putting together gift baskets.  You can go several ways with this.  Option 1: a compilation of a bunch of favorite things.  Let’s be real: stores do cute things in miniature sizes this time of year, so why not do a bunch of things?  Option 2: the ‘event’ basket – you know the one, it’s themed for a particular activity.  She likes crafts?  Knit her a scarf but include it with a bunch of yarn, etc so she can knit her own.  She likes baking?  Bake her some cookies, but then compile all of the ingredients she would need to make another great recipe and display it in a cute Mason jar you’ve glitzed up for her.

5. Three things on my Christmas list this year are…

1) Saint-Laurent Metalic Leather Biker Jacket

2) Zac Posen Eartha Extreme Soft Top Handle

3) Prada Acetate Baroque Gradiant Sunglasses



XOXO, Susan

See, is she amazing or what?! Not that I had to tell you, because you have already seen how great she is from her guest post! But, if you haven’t already done so, please check out here blog here! It’s just as fantastic as she is… I promise you won’t regret it! It is quickly becoming one of my favorite fashion blogs to read everyday! Her style is absolutely amazing and I hope one day I am as awesome as she is! (Plus, only living about 45 minutes away from JMU, she my neighbor! How cool is that?!)

I hope you guys have a wonderful day and don’t forget to check out her blog if you haven’t already done so today!


Holiday Gift Guide: For Him



Only 5 More Days Until Christmas… Are You Ready?!

Are you having trouble finding the perfect gift for the man (or men for some of you!) in your life? Well, I have the answers for you today! Be it your dad, your bother, your husband, or your boyfriend, I am sure you will be able to find something (or at least have a good idea started) from the options I have listed here!

I got the inspiration for this post because today I am taking my dad shopping and giving him a little mini makeover (I’ll definitely keep you guys updated on the progress we make today!), so in thinking about the things that we are going to be getting/look at, I thought that it would be a good thing to post.  I know that my sister and I struggle to think of the right thing to get for our dad for Christmas every year, so knowing the trouble we always have, I figured there was bound to be a few other ladies out there who have the same problem(s).

Holiday Gift Guide - Gift Ideas For Him


While I know this short list is not all inclusive (the gift my sister and I got for my dad this year isn’t listed here! I’d tell ya what it is but my dad may be reading so you’ll have to wait until after Christmas!), but this is certainly a good start to get yourselves thinking in the right direction.  It is always hard to find something that you feel good about for the men in your life, especially if your dad is anything like mine and always says he doesn’t want or need anything! But, I hope this little list helps and if there is anything else you need help brainstorming gifts for, please let me know and I can definitely put together a gift guide for that, also! (I’m starting to run out of ideas so any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!) Shoot me an email at kristen.booth06@gmail.com with any suggestions :)

I hope you have a great day my little beauty queen, it’s almost the weekend… Hang in there you’re almost done!


A Holiday Gift Guide From Michele Of Style On The Vine


Good Afternoon ladies!

I hope you are all have a fabulous Thursday… It’s almost over so just keep going! You can do it! To help you get through the day, we have another Holiday Gift Guide from a guest blogger! Today we are being graced with the presence of Michele, the face of the fabulous blog Style On The Vine.  She is absolutely amazing and has some wonderful gift ideas for this holiday season!

Holiday Gift Guide Guest Blogger - Michele Of Style On The Vine


So, what that actually means is…

1.     I think the best shoes of the season are….

Well if you can afford them, a pair of Stuart Weitzman 50/50 boots. It’s the anniversary year for the brand as well so they have special edition boots too!

2.     My favorite 2013 Holiday Gift Set is…

Butter of London 3 Days of Fashion Week set. They are great neutrals and the lacquer is rich & luxurious.

3.     The hottest electronic device/gadget this year is…

Microsoft Surface Tablet. My boyfriend got one last year for Christmas and I am obsessed! It’s like having an iPad & a laptop all in one. I can blog right on it and link to all my social networks! Plus its half the price of an iPad with twice the capability.

4.     I am dying to make this gift for someone….

Well this year I am actually making almost ALL my gifts but the common stocking stuffer gift I am making is coffee cup sleeves. They reduce garbage and can stay in your purse to reuse during your Starbuck’s run!

5.     Three things on my Christmas list this year are…

  • Chanel quilted chain bag
  • Burberry Prorsum red coated trnch coat
  • Christian Louboutain heeled booties

I can ALWAYS dream riiight?


XOXO, Michele

Is she amazing or what?! I know, I know, Kristen’s right again… shocking, huh?! Hehe :)

Keep an eye out for more from Michele in our Guest Blogger Series, trust me, you’ll love her even more after that one! But, in the mean time, check out her blog and learn more about her here! And don’t forget, keep your eyes open for another Holiday Gift Guide guest post coming soon!


Holiday Gift Guide For The Office

Hello beauties! I hope you are all having a wonderful day! Today we have a special Holiday Gift Guide guest post from the lovely Christie of The Closet by Christie.  She has provided us with a special feature for our Holiday Gift Guide… Something I know I definitely struggle with every year! Today, we have a gift guide that goes over everything you could possibly need to know about buying gifts for co-workers and people at the office.  So, without further ado, here she is ladies and gentlemen!

It’s that time of year, again! The holidays, better known as the gifting season. It’s fun and easy to shop for people you know, like your close friends and family. That perfect item in the store jumps out at you and you think ‘oh, so and so would love this!’ But what about shopping for colleagues at the office? You may be new to the office or you may not have connected with these colleagues on a personal level. You don’t want to be the only fool that shows up without gifts, but you don’t want to go overboard either. You know you need the perfect, professional little something but what is that? I’ve learned a thing or two over these past few years of office gifting.

Holiday Gift Guide for the Office


Here’s my Holiday Gift Guide for the Office!

1- Ornaments: This is a wonderful gift for anyone. If you know your colleagues personalities and interests well, get them something they’ll love and may be able to use year-round as a decoration. If you work beside a sports fanatic, get a sport-themed ornament. If you’re less familiar with them, get a standard holiday-themed one. This is an affordable gift that shows you were thinking of them. And trust me, there’s an ornament out there for everyone these days. My favorite place to get gorgeous ornaments is Pier 1! Check out Pier 1’s Christmas Ornaments.

2- Glassware Baskets: One of my favorite, easy, go-to gifts is glassware baskets. It makes for such a quick, neutral gift. The most affordable way to do this is by getting a coffee mug and filling it with candy, like chocolate kisses, and wrapping it in cellophane with a pretty ribbon or bow. If you want to get fancy, fill the mug with k-cups or coffee samples! For the head honcho (aka your boss), I recommend getting a pretty serving dish and filling it with whatever you desire. I think some gift bag fluff and candies is sufficient. I found some lovely and affordable glassware at Kohl’s. Check it out: Kohl’s Holiday Glassware.

3- Wine Accessories: Depending on your company culture and colleagues, you may want to consider wine accessories. I’ve seen some of the cutest wine bottle outfits! They have winter sweaters, winter coats, a Mrs. Claus dress, etc. In addition, there’s always bottle stoppers and wine glass charms. You could get festive for the holidays or go with a normal, everyday one. Check out the following stores for some really great, affordable ones: Bed Bath & Beyond Wine OutfitsBed Bath & Beyond Wine Glass CharmsBed Bath & Beyond Wine Stoppers, & Kohl’s Wine Outfits.

4- Baked Goods: Everyone likes a yummy treat, right? For the bakers out there, pick up a few holiday tins and show off your skills by baking your famous peppermint bark or melted snowman cookies! For those that don’t bake, like me, head over to your neighborhood grocery store and buy something. They don’t have to know it wasn’t homemade! Check out these great recipes from fellow bloggers: Baked by Rachel’s Peppermint Bark and Somewhat Simple’s Melted Snowman Cookies.

5. Gift Cards: This is definitely the most effortless option! I recommend getting coffee gift cards so it makes more sense to add a smaller amount to it. I think $5 is the perfect amount, especially if you have a number of people to shop for. Starbucks has THE cutest gift cards, but Dunkin Donuts is another option. Choose what you think your colleagues will want to use!

What are you getting your colleagues for the holidays? I will likely get a combination of the above!


She is absolutely amazing as is her awesome blog! I have only recently come upon her blog, but I have quickly fallen in love.  With an emphasis on appropriate dress for the office while looking extremely fashionable and chic, her blog is everything I am always preaching at you lovely ladies about getting dressed for work! She is great and you all need to check out her wonderful blog!  Also, keep an eye out for her in our Guest Blogger Series… A Guest Post from Christie is coming soon!


Holiday Gift Guide From Danielle Of Kanielemegumi

Good morning again ladies and another Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and an amazing Thanksgiving! Did you hit all of the Black Friday sales and get lots of good stuff?! Well I certainly hope so…

But, today is back to work, school, and real life for a few more weeks until Christmas! So, with that we have our first guest post in the Holiday Gift Guide Series! Danielle is absolutely amazing and gorgeous! She has put together some of her favorite items this season and I know you will all love them as much as I do! And don’t forget to check out her blog here! It’s great and I know you girls are going to love it!
Holiday Gift Guide From Daniielle Of Kanielemegumi



So, what that actually means is…

  1. The best shoes of the season are the Sole Society Nessie combat boots. So I personally do not own them, but I love the color, I love the look and I am a combat boot junkie. I own the Steven Madden look-alikes and they literally do with everything and add a cute pair of socks to show right at the top and you are looking cute, warm and cozy.
  2. My favorite 2013 Holiday Gift Set would be the Philosophy the Gingerbread House Gift Set. It is filled with loads of bath and body washes and some lip glosses and they are all holiday scented so you can smell like the holidays and I cant think of anything better. And lately I have been obsessing over bath and body lotions and bubble baths stuff so this was just the cherry on top.
  3. The hottest electronic or device this year, in my opinion would have to be the Polaroid Camera, I have just found myself wanting the instant film and being able to automatically have the memories in my hands seconds after the moment was captured. I know for other people it’s the iPad or the Kindle, but for me, I have a phone, I’m good on that stuff for more. I am a camera obsessed person and I am in love with the different ways that you can capture such a special moment.
  4. A DIY gift that I am dying to give would be hot cocoa in a jar. This just has to be the cutest little gift a person can think of. Ever since I had purchased a crate of mason jars, I feel the need t put everything in them because they just make everything seem more adorable and cute.
  5. Three things on my Christmas list this year are..

Don’t you just love her?! She is so cute and absolutely amazing! Keep an eye out for more from Danielle in our Guest Blogger series! I hope you all have a fantastic day and keep your eyes peeled for another Holiday Gift Guide guest post coming soon!


Holiday Gift Guide: 2013 Black Friday Part 2…

Every year more and more stores are opening earlier and earlier to try and get the most business they possibly can for Black Friday.  However, in the past few years it has become an increasing trend for many stores to actually open on Thanksgiving Day.  While this is not a new idea for some of the major stores such as Target and Walmart, many of the smaller retailers are taking to this also.

Make sure you’re ready for Black Friday this year! Map out your shopping trip and know what stores you want to go to and when you want to be there.  Also, know the sales and deals before you leave so you make sure you hit all the stores that you want to hit.  Black Friday shopping is all about your strategy, so make sure you have a good one so that you can save as much money as possible and get all of the gifts that you need. To help you map out your plan and make a successful strategy, here is a list of some of the major stores that will be opening on Thanksgiving Day and the time that they will open! Good luck and happy shopping!


Some of the stores that are starting Black Friday early and opening on Thanksgiving day are:

The following stores will open at 6pm on Thanksgiving Day:

  • Best Buy – and will remain open until 10pm on Black Friday

The following stores will open at 7pm on Thanksgiving Day:

  • Old Navy – and it will remain open until 11:59pm on Black Friday (Check out their Black Friday deals and sales here)
    • Old Navy will also be open from 9am to 4pm on Thanskgving Day!

The following stores open at 8pm on Thanksgiving Day:

  • Hollister & Co.
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods – and will remain open until 10pm on Black Friday (sales will last until 2pm on Friday!)
  • Abercrombie & Fitch – some locations will open at 8pm on Thanksgiving Day; check your local listings for the hours of the store nearest you
  • Macy’s – and will remain open through Black Friday (Check out their Black Friday deals and sales here)
  • Target – and will remain open until 11pm on Black Friday (Check out their Black Friday deals and sales here)

The following stores will open at 9pm on Thanksgiving Day:

The following stores will open at 10pm on Thanksgiving Day:

Some others that will be open at varying time on Thanksgiving Day are…

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