Introducing Style by Kristen Blair’s First Annual Holiday Gift Guide


The Holidays Are Among Us… Make Sure You’re Prepared!

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, we all know the holidays are creeping up on us! I know I personally always seem to struggle figuring out what to get for the loved ones in my life, so I have decided to put together a 2013 Holiday Gift Guide in an attempt to help you solve your issues in deciding what to get that special someone in your life!

For our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide, there will be a bunch of posts from me (Kristen) as well as a bunch of Guest Posts by other bloggers and influential people in fashion!  When it comes to guest posts, this is what a typical one will look like…

2013 Holiday Gift Guide


1.     I think the best shoes of the season are….

Jimmy Choo Doreen Rugged Leather Knee Boot (black).  I  am absolutely obsessed with Jimmy Choo and I came across these boots during some shopping recently.  I am in the market for some new black leather boots this year and these are definitely my number 1 pick! (I am not sure how realisitic that is but, hey a girl can dream right?! Hint, hint Mom and Dad!) J

2.     My favorite 2013 Holiday Gift Set is…

OPI Take Ten Mini 10 Piece Nail Polish Set.  I am absolutely in love with getting my nails done… I mean, who doesn’t love a day of pampering at the salon?! However, being a girl on a (somewhat tight at times…) budget, that is not always an option! So, instead I usually take to doing my own nails.  My favorite nail polish to get is OPI (followed closely by Essie) and this gift set is the perfect solution for any of your female friends or family members who seem to have the same dilemma as me!

**Every girl should have their nails done at all times ladies… its personal hygiene! Get it together girls!

3.     The hottest electronic device/gadget this year is…

Apple iPad Mini.  I have an iPad 2 and I absolutely love it… I do not know what I would do without it at times.  However, if I were to be in the market for a new tablet this year, my go-to solution would be the iPad Mini.  With all it has to offer, the lighter weight, and the super convenient size, plus so much more, you really can beat it for the price of only $299!

4.     I am dying to make this gift for someone….

Aluminum Lanterns.  They are so cute and they seem so easy to make! With just a few supplies needed that are fairly inexpensive and then some cute candles to put inside, this would be such a fun and easy gift to make for almost anyone on your list this year!

Find the supplies needed and the simple step-by-step instructions here!

5.     Three things on my Christmas list this year are…

If you liked this little preview, then get ready girls! There is so much more to come and let me tell you, I have some good stuff in store for you, if I do say so myself! (Not to toot my own horn, but…. Toot, toot!) So stay tuned and posted for the next (well first real) post in our 2013 Holiday Gift  Guide series! It is going to be so fun and exciting waiting to see what will be next! You will never know unless you check back!

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