Fix Me Up Friday: A Twist On Your Everyday Pony

I don’t know about you guys, but personally (when I have enough hair…) I tend to live with my hair pulled back in some way during the summertime.  In an attempt to add some sort of style to this unfortunate and boring ‘do, I am always searching for new, fun, and chic ways to add a little life to my dull old ponytail. Well, today I have an amazing one for you all that I cannot wait to try out in the coming months! It looks like it could potentially be a little tricky, but I think with a little practice and lots of patients (something I need to work on anyway!), it is definitely doable and maybe even easy!

Not Your Average Pony - Fix Me Up Friday

Is that not adorable or what?! I know I am personally so excited to get to try this one out and I definitely plan on practicing before I actually attempt to wear it out (I have a feeling my first few tries might not be very pretty…), but I will certainly keep y’all posted about how it goes and if it looks presentable maybe I’ll even share my results!


Classy And Chic: Appropriate Outfits For The Office

Getting dressed for work… I think this is something we all struggle with from time-to-time (or, if you’re like me, every morning!). It can be really difficult to find something to wear that is both cute and fashionable, but is also appropriate to wear in a professional setting.  Working at Company Agenda, I could wear a lot of things that I probably wouldn’t be able to wear in most other offices. It was a really relaxed environment, and we could really wear whatever we wanted (well within reason… no club attire!) But, sometimes I felt like this made it harder to get dressed in the morning because there were no clear-cut rules or guidelines as to what we could and could not wear.

However, while I could wear anything I wanted, I know that is not reality for most other offices in New York City and just in general! However, being in the city and on the subway in the mornings during rush hour, I saw some sights that were in no way okay to wear to work, or really anywhere for that matter! So, I decided I would put together a list of the basic rules that should be followed when getting dressed for work in the morning!


Rule #1:  Make sure your outfit actually matches!

I know, I know… This sounds like common sense for most of us, but let me tell you, I have learned that for some people nothing is common sense when it comes to fashion!  When you are attempting to look professional, your outfit should always match, no exceptions.  While it can sometimes be considered fashionable to wear things that don’t exactly match or really go together, and sometimes it looks super cute! However, wear that on the weekend or at night… that is not appropriate work wear.

Mismatched Outfits Are Never A Good Idea...

Rule #2:  Tuck your shirt in!

Tucking Your Shirt In Completes Your Outfit And Looks Way More Professional

Sometimes there can be an exception to this one, but for the most part, your shirt should be tucked in!  If you are wearing a button up, there are very few times that it is appropriate to leave it un-tucked, but there are certain blouses that are okay not to tuck when wearing pants or a skirt.

Usually, when you are wearing a skirt your shirt should always be tucked in.  I always feel that it looks a little awkward to leave it un-tucked, especially if it is high waisted, but I will not rule it out completely. Just use your noggin when following this one!

 Rule #3:  Your shoes count too!

Ladies, sneakers should be worn to the gym or to workout. That’s it.  Please do everyone a favor and don’t wear your gym shoes to work… Even if it is just on the train! You look silly and everyone notices!  However, that is definitely better than wearing them for the whole day, or wearing a pair of old, ratty heels that you got in college and used to wear out to the bars and frat parties back in the day! It looks trashy, and no matter how cute and nice the rest of your outfit is, it just ruins the whole thing!

Jimmy Choo Crumble Heels

Jimmy Choo Crumble black suede sandals with gold platform – $825.00

Rule #4: Hair…

I cannot tell you how many women I see on the subway with wet hair every morning. Come on girls… You are not a wet dog, so why walk around looking like one all day?! It does not take that long to pull out a blow dryer and style your hair before you leave.  I know that some people are blessed with beautiful hair and can just walk out with wet hair and it will dry looking nice, but it is not that difficult to simply flip your head upside down and dry it really quickly if you are one of them!

You're Not A Wet Dog - Style Your Hair

Also, there are tons of cute ways to put your hair up in either a bun or a ponytail. Why are you wearing your hair in a messy bun to work with your shift dress and designer pumps? I’m gonna tell you right now, it is not cute.  I know we all wake up late sometimes and may not have time to make your hair perfect like every other day, but there are plenty of ways to pull your hair back quickly and still look professional and put together!

A Classy And Professional Bun Is Much Better Looking

Rule #5:  Come on ladies… Get rid of the chipped nail polish!

One of my biggest pet peeves, regardless of where you are, is when women walk around with chipped nail polish… It drives me absolutely nuts! Not only is it tacky, but what does it say about the rest of your personal hygiene if you can’t even take the time out to rub the nail polish off your nails?!

Now that I have given my personal rant about chipped finger nail polish, let me also say that it is extremely unprofessional! When you are wearing a clean cut shift dress or a chic suit with that amazing pair of Jimmy Choo pumps and your favorite Prada bag, you look super professional, clean, and put together… You blow away anyone and everyone who sees you! But, then they get closer and see your hot pink or red nail polish that is chipped and only on 7 of your nails, and it kills the whole thing!  It doesn’t take that long… Just take of the nail polish!

Chipped Nail Polish Looks Tacky And Trashy... Keep Up With Your Nail Hygiene

Okay, so I know some of these little tips may seem a little harsh, and I am in no way trying to be mean, but there are certain things that everyone can do to make them selves look ten times better that take almost no time at all! Why wouldn’t you want to look your best if it was that simple?! I hope you ladies find this helpful and let me know if there are any other things that you have seen in New York City or wherever you may live! I always love being able to add additional rules and tips !


Fun Summer Hairstyles

Being a girl really stink in the summer when it is 110 degrees and your hair is stuck to your neck and/or back! I know personally, that is one of the worst feelings! Last summer I chopped all my hair off, but before that I have had long hair practically all my life… So, here are a few hairstyles you can try out in an attempt to beat the heat and still have flawless hair!

Braid Ponytail Hairstyle


Side Braid into a Ponytail – Learn How To Do It!

Long Ponytail

Long Ponytail with Hair Wrapped Around (hiding the hair tie!) – Learn How To Do It!

Wavy Bob - Short

Short, Wavy Bob – Perfect way to beat the heat with shorter hair!

Topsy Tail Hairstyle

“Topsy-Tail” Low Ponytail – Great solution for long hair that can get hot in the summer heat!

Long Wavy Hair, Ombre - Lauren Conrad Long, Wavy Ombre – Okay, Okay so it isn’t the most practical summer haircut/style, but I just love her! And she totally rocks this hairstyle… I wish I could pull off an ombre look!

Draped French Braid

Draped French Braid – Learn How To Do It!

Long Bob - Jennifer Aniston

Longer Bob – Great way to keep cool in the sweltering summer heat! In fact… she was my inspiration when I cut my hair last summer!

Long Bob - Kristen (Inspired by Jennifer Aniston)

I like to make believe the haircut made me look as amazing as her too! Hehe :)

XOXO Kristen

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