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Think Pink… Save The Tata’s And Get Free Stuff!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great week so far despite this dreadful weather we are having… Today I have a special request to make from all of you beauties. As I told y’all a few months ago, my sister is currently trying to raise enough money to participate in the 2-Day AVON Walk For Breast Cancer. In order to do so she needs to have a total of $1,800 within one month after completing the walk, which is this weekend (Saturday, May 3 to Sunday, May 4!).  That means that by June 2, she needs to have all of her money collected (otherwise she has to pay it out of pocked!).

So, in an attempt to help out my big sissy, I am going to ask a huge favor of you fashionistas today… If you are able to donate anything, and I mean ANYTHING at all, to help her reach her grand total of $1,800 to help fight breast cancer, it would mean more to me than you could ever possibly know!

Plus, here comes the best part… If you donate any amount of money to help her at all, you will be entered to win any piece of lia sophia jewelry ($100 or less… Sorry ladies, I’m on a bit of a budget these days!) that you want.  The way you donate and enter to win is:

  • Go to Danielle Booth‘s page on the AVON Walk For Breast Cancer website (click here)
  • Click the “Donate Now” button (on the right hand side under the photo)
  • Fill out your information
  • Under the “Personalize Your Gift” heading, specify that you are donating and entering to win the jewelry giveaway via Style by Kristen Blair
  • Click the “Donate Now” button at the bottom of the page to submit your donation!

After you make your donation, my sister will give me your name and email address so I can enter you into the drawing.  I will let you know that I got your entry when she forwards me the info, so if you donate and don’t hear from me, please don’t hesitate to email me (at and let me know! I wouldn’t want you to miss out on the free jewels you could win!

So, don’t wait beauties… Donate now to be entered to win your choice of jewelry from the lia sophia catalog! It would not only mean a lot to me, but also to my sister who would be able to participate in the AVON Walk for Breast Cancer for the second year in a row!

AVON Walk For Breast Cancer - Danielle And Friends At The Finish Line!

Thank you all in advance, and good luck with the giveaway! :)


Trending: Statement Jewelry


Big, Bold Earrings and Necklaces are the Perfect Addition to Any Outfit.

As I’m sure you all can tell, I absolutely LOVE accessories! Especially jewelry (well and shoes, of course, but what girl doesn’t?!).  This season one of the huge trends is big, bold statement jewelry… it’s like a dream come true! So, I figured what better than to highlight some of my personal favorite piece… the best part? They’re all under $100!

Lia Sophia Meadow Necklace - $98

 Meadow Necklace: lia sophia, $98

**Don’t miss out on this fabulous necklace! Hurry and order it now! It’s only available until the end of July!

Dani Bracelet - Just SVARA, $7

Dani Bracelet – Just SVARA, $7 (each sold separately)

Caribbean Twist Jewel Neckalce (Coral) - Franchesca's, $28

Caribbean Twist Jewel Necklace in Coral – Francesca’s, $28

Gold Setting Mint Green Stone Bracelet -, $25

Gold Setting/Mint Green Stone Bracelet – Etsy, $25

Bar III Green Bead Neckalce - Macy's, $38

Bar III Green Bead Necklace – Macy’s, $38

Slow Dance Earrings - lia sophia, $48

Slow Dance Earrings – lia sophia, $48

**Don’t miss the sale! Order now and take advantage of the Buy 2 Get 4 At Half Price deal!!  It only lasts until the end of July! Sale applies to ALL lia sophia items! 

Short Wrapped Green Stone Necklace - Ann Taylor Loft, $39.99

Short Wrapped Green Stone Necklace – Ann Taylor LOFT, $39.99

Glacial Necklace - Lia Sophia, $98

Glacial Necklace – lia sophia, $98

Short Hills Square Drop Earrings - Francesca's, $18

Short Hills Square Drop Earrings – Francesca’s, $18


Lake Hillier Jeweled Dangle Earrings - Francesca's, $12

Lake Hillier Jeweled Dangle Earrings – Francesca’s, $12

Lila Necklace - Just SVARA, $35

  Lila Necklace – Just SVARA, $35

Florid Bracelet - lia sophia, $62

 Florid Bracelet – lia sophia, $62

Cara Studded Leather Bracelets - Norstrom, @29.90

Cara Studded Leather Bracelets – Nordstrom$45.00 $29.90 On Sale! (each sold separately)

There are SO many more pieces of jewelry that I absolutely love, but there just isn’t enough space (or time in the day, to be honest) to list every single piece that I like! So, I hope you like this highlight of some of my favorite pieces of statement jewelry that are out this season, and please feel free to comment with your favorite out of the list, or with a link to your favorite pieces! I love getting new ideas and seeing new stuff! :)

XOXO Kristen


Coming Soon… Fall/Winter 2013 From lia sophia!

The New Jewelry Plus Sales, Deals, & Steals On The Old Jewelry! What More Could A Girl Ask For…

Spring/Summer 2013 Lia Sophia Catalog It’s that time of year again… lia sophia is retiring 1/3 of their catalog and replacing the old with all new pieces!  And, with new jewelry coming soon, there are amazing deals and sales going on for everything in the Spring/Summer 2013 catalog! Jewelry from the old catalog can still be ordered until the end of July, so if there are any pieces that you wanted to get that may be retiring make sure you get on it and order them now! But, even though the old catalog is still available until the end of July, the jewelry in the new catalog is actually available starting tomorrow!!

End of Catalog Sale

The deal that is currently going on for the old catalog is the same every 6 months when the catalog is retiring… The deal is

Buy One Get Two At Half Price

If that isn’t an amazing deal, then I don’t know what is! And, in addition to that, (as always) the Full Bloom Necklace - Lia Sophia 2013 least expensive item is the one that you pay full price for! Now, I’m sure you can all see why this is my favorite time of year… while I always tend to spend my entire life savings during these sales, it always proves to be worth it when I get all of my new fabulous jewels!

Plus, if you host a party you can get even more of these fantastic jewels for even less money!

Hosting a lia sophia Party

Candy Dots Rings - Lia Sophia 2013 When you find that your wish list is far more extensive than your wallet will allow, you can always host a lia sophia party!  All you have to do is have a few friends over, and while you and all of your family and friends fall in love with the jewelry and the sales of the show grow and grow, the amount of free jewelry you get will also grow!

By hosting a party you automatically get 20% of your sales in free jewelry credit. But if you have at least 10 orders and 2 of your friends  book parties, then you can double that 20% to 40% of your sales in free jewelry! Let’s be honest… what is better than free jewelry?! In addition to the free jewelry you get from hosting a party, you get a hostess bonus item, which is any item in the catalog $100 or less for $15 (if the item is more than $100 then it is priced as marked) at the time of your party; and then after your party you get 4 more bonus items that you can order! But wait, thats not all… you also get 5 additional items at half price! Wow, think of all the jewelry you can get without paying full price for any of it… does that sound like an awesome deal or what?! And just think… you get all of this just by throwing a party and having a few friends over!

Keep Calm And Have A Lia Sophia Party

If you have any questions or want to order jewelry or host a party feel free to contact lia sophia advisor, Lynn Booth at!

XOXO Kriste


High Fashion Jewelry Anyone?



Create A “Fashion Forward” Lifestyle By Becoming A Part Of lia sophia

lia sophia

I am not sure if you have heard of lia sophia or not, but for those of you who have not, here is a quick overview of who they are and what they are all about…

lia sophia amazonia necklace What is lia sophia?

Lia sophia is a direct sales high-fashion jewelry company based in the Midwest United States, but is rapidly beginning to expand eastward toward areas such as the DC Metro Area (my hometown) and other areas along the east coast.  Lia sophia has a lifetime guarantee on all their jewelry, so that means when you buy something from them you can return it at any time, for any reason as long as you have the receipt (even if you just decide you don’t like it anymore!).  Their jewelry is extremely fashionable and is made with high quality materials such as rhodium and gold.

What lia Means To Me

Lia sophia is a large part of my life.  Both my mom and my sister are advisors for the company, and have both had an amazing experience in working with the company.  My mom has had a great deal of success and is currently working to grow further and climb higher within the company.  She started with lia sophia when I was a senior in high school (2010) so that she would have something to fill some of her free time when I (the baby in the family) went off to college.  It all started as a part time job that she started to take up time and make a little extra money, and now it has become a huge part of my whole family’s life.

I am currently working with my mom to expand and grow her business through the use of social media such as a blog (using Tumblr) along with Twitter and Instagram accounts.  She already has a Facebook page (and is a little nervous about all of these new social media platforms I think) but I have finally convinced her that she really needs to create a presence on various other sites.

And Now… Working For lia sophia

The product really does speak for itself.  Lia sophia offers an amazing product that is desired by so lia sophia melodious necklace many people.  According to my mom, “the jewelry really sells itself.”  She claims that lia sophia is one of the easiest products to sell because of the quality and look of the jewelry.  Even for those people who do not know much (or anything) about lia sophia and the products they offer, they can make purchases without feeling uneasy because they know the product is backed by a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy. Both my mother and sister claim that lia sophia is a phenomenal company to not only purchase from, but also to work for.

Lia sophia never puts any pressure on the advisors to sell more, or forces them to reach a quota; rather they offer incentives.  Lia sophia offers incentives to it’s advisors in an attempt to motivate them to sell more, however there is no pressure to meet them.  Overall, it’s an extremely supportive company and always stands behind their advisors 100%. If anyone is looking for a part time (or full time) job opportunity, contact my mom or my sister for more information on how to get started with a career in direct sales high fashion jewelry by joining the lia sophia team!

Keep Your Eyes Peeled, Beauties, More About lia sophia Is Coming Soon!

get this lia sophia look!

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