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Get up, get dressed, and get your skinny butt moving!

Workout Wednesday - Quote Of The Day/QOTD

Do you absolutely love the way you look? Are you 100% satisfied with what you see when you look in the mirror everyday? While I sincerely wish your honest answer to these questions was “yes”, I have a pretty good feeling that is not the case… However, if you answered these questions “no”, ask yourself this: “Am I doing everything I can to get myself to that point?” If your answer to this question is “yes” then you can just stop reading now (good for your girlfriend, keep it up… We all need you as inspiration!). However, if you answered that questions with “no”, this is the time to reevaluate some things and get together a plan and a routine in order to be able to answer all of the above questions with a confident “yes!”.

As a society, the ladies of today have increasingly unrealistic expectations as to what we “should” look like or what the “ideal” image is. I will be the first one to admit that no matter what I look like, I will probably never be 100% satisfied with what I see when I look in the mirror.  I know that is probably not what I am supposed to say, but it is the truth for me and a majority of the other girls out there.  But, society’s expectations of what we should look like is not what we should be looking at or listening to at all… Rather, we should be looking at what we do to look the way we do and how much progress we have made from where we started.  If you are doing as much as you possibly can to get your ideal body and image, then you should love the way you look.  If you go to the gym regularly and eat a healthy diet, basically you’re living the healthiest life you possibly can, then you are doing your absolute best and you should reward yourself for that rather than beating yourself up for the things you still don’t like about your appearance.

Many of my friends and family may say that this is extremely hypocritical coming from me… For as long as I can remember there has always been something about my appearance that I wanted to change or improve. I usually workout a minimum of five days a week and make every effort to do some type of exercise everyday (sometimes it just doesn’t happen!), and I make every effort to eat as healthy as I can possibly imagine (my latest change has been eating gluten free), yet I still am not completely satisfied with my appearance. Why not? Well this is partially personal (insecurities) and also partially due to the environment I am surrounded by.  With my love of fashion comes the obsession with fashion magazines, and with the obsession of fashion magazines comes the pages and pages of ads showing photoshopped, edited, and airbrushed models who are unrealistically and unhealthily thin.

So what can be done about this problem that way more girls than just me are facing everyday? Well, as far as personal insecurities, we just have to really try and accept and grow to love the way we look.  It is not going to be an easy task at all, but it is one that is worth the time that you will have to put in.  And, while I am never going to give up my monthly mags and I have a strange feeling that the editors of fashion magazines aren’t going to start using real women who portray the image of what real women look like, I am just going to have to accept the fact that I will never look like the stick thin models, nor will almost any other healthy woman in the world. So for now, make sure you are doing everything in your power to obtain the image you want. Go to the gym everyday, go outside and run, or do an at-home workout from the comfort of your living room! Whatever you do, just make sure you’re exercising and leading a healthy lifestyle, there’s nothing more you can do… So love yourself, you deserve it!


OOTD: Workout Wednesday

Hello there beauties! I hope you are all having a fantastic Wednesday so far, and that you’re as excited about Workout Wednesday as I am! So, with the weather getting to be typical September cold one day, super hot the next, Northern Virginia weather, this may be our last summertime Workout Wednesday outfit, but who knows… It may not! Anyway, getting back on track, I am personally a huge fan of fun workout tank tops… They are one of my favorite things ever, and if I could wear them everywhere I probably would (okay, maybe not everywhere, but you know what I mean!).  Even more, I especially love workout tank tops with fun quotes! There are some super sassy ones out there, and I just love them all! If that isn’t motivation for you when you look at yourself in the mirror at the gym and staring back is a fun, sassy quote telling you how awesome you are or to workout harder, then I don’t know what is! So, in the spirit of the fun tanks, I bring you this week’s Workout Wednesday

Outfit Of The Day - Workout Wednesday

Tank: Etsy, $29; Sports Bra: Nike, $43; Shorts: Nike, $28; Shoes: Nike, $$80

If you hadn’t ever noticed, and you couldn’t tell from this outfit, I am definitely partial to Nike products.  I am also a huge fan and supporter of Under Armour, but for some reason Nike just tops the list for me.  Nike running shoes are the only ones I will buy. This is because I have always had such a great experience with them and they never hurt my feet (I have had a lot of problems with shoes hurting my feet or rubbing when I run… Talk about awful!), so I know what I like and I stick to it… That just happens to be Nike (I would say my favorite is Lululemon, but it’s a little out of my price range at this point in time…. This girl doesn’t have a job at the moment!) But, now off my soapbox about Nike and back to Workout Wednesday

This outfit is so fun with it’s pop of color and the fun quote on the tank! I don’t know about you ladies, but it really makes me want to go change and hit the gym! Do you have a favorite brand for workout clothes other than Nike? What is your favorite type of outfit to wear when you hit the gym or venture into the great outdoors for your daily exercise?


OOTD: Workout Wednesday

Good morning and happy Wednesday beauty queens! I hope you are all ready for a great (and rainy, yet again…) Wednesday! Today is my last college class ever, and I am so excited (and terrified all at the same time)! Being the last day of classes, that means that summer is soo close… Which means that you only have a few more days to get your bikini bod in shape. With bathing suit season practically here, I just want to make sure you are all in the best shape ever and you’re ready to show off your goodies at the pool, beach, wherever this summer!

But, since it has been a little chilly and super rainy lately, this week’s Workout Wednesday is accommodating for such.  So [finally], here’s this week’s Workout Wednesday:

Outfit Of The Day - Workout Wednesday


Top: Roxy, $38; Pants: Nike$50 $42 (On Sale Now!); Shoes: Nike, $145.

With only a few days or weeks left until summer (whenever you’re done with school… I know everyone’s is different!), make sure your bod is in tip top shape and you’re ready for whatever this season has in store for you! Don’t let your body ruin anything this summer by making you self conscious… Do what you can now to make your summer as fun as possible!

Have a great Wednesday gorgeous, hit the gym and make sure your diet is in the right spot to help you achieve your goal too… After all, abs are made in the kitchen!


OOTD: Workout Wednesday

Hello there beautiful! I hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday so far, and hopefully your weather is warmer than mine is… But if not, hopefully you’re at least staying warm! As I told you all last week, my sister and I finally decided to pick the race and set the date for the half marathon we’ve been talking about doing for the past year (which will be in September… AHH!).  So, while our training hasn’t technically started yet (we’re doing a 12-week training program), I am definitely doing everything I can to get in shape as much as possible starting now! So, with that, these Workout Wednesday outfits are going to start becoming very real in my life, and I am going to try and post outfits that I actually have/I’m looking to get so I can give you a little more info on the different pieces! So, this week’s Workout Wednesday is really springy and fun, and is something I’ve definitely been eyeing lately!

Outfit Of The Day - Workout Wednesday


Top: Studio by Capezio Andria, $34; Sports Bra: Casall, $74; Pants: Nike, $54; Shoes: Nike, $105.

I don’t know about you, but that outfit makes me want to go for a run… Thank goodness (hopefully it actually makes me follow through, too!).  But, a quick gym run is all you need, ladies. You don’t have to spend hours upon hours there, even if you only have time for a quick 30 minute cardio session… It’s better than doing nothing! Don’t keep putting it off, get your skinny booties to the gym!


OOTD: Workout Wednesday


Good morning and happy Wednesday lovelies!

So I’ve made it to week two of lent, and so far I’m going strong! No dessert, more workouts (less laziness…), and (a little) less complaining… Hey, that one’s really hard! I am definitely trying, but it isn’t as easy as it may seem.  But, this week’s Workout Wednesday is an awesome little ensemble to get my sister and I motivated to run like the wind.  We are officially doing the Navy-Air Force Half Marathon in Washington, DC this September, and it is going to take a lot of training, but we are really excited about it! It is something I have wanted to do for a long time, so I am really excited to finally be following through.

But, enough about me… Here is this week’s fabulous Workout Wednesday!

Outfit Of The Day - Workout Wednesday


Top: Nike, $40; Leggings: Under Armour, $30; Shoes: Nike, $100; iPod: Apple, $106.

Does that make you want to get outside (or on the treadmill inside…) and run, or what?! I know for me, running is a stress relieve.  I use it to get away from things that may be bothering me or just to clear my head (almost) everyday.  The easiest way for me to do this, is to put my headphones in, turn up my “running” playlist, and just go.  How do you relieve stress? What is your favorite exercise/cardio workout? Let me know in the comments, I’d love new ideas for ways to get my daily cardio in!

Stay tuned for updates on me and my sister’s progress in training for our half marathon!


OOTD: Workout Wednesday

Good morning beautiful, and happy Wednesday! I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far, and you are finally back up and running after all of this snow (well, if you actually had snow like I did…)! This week’s Workout Wednesday is special, because it is Ash Wednesday, and for those of you who are Catholic (like I am) this is the official start of lent! With lent also comes what you are giving up, as a symbol of what you are sacrificing for Jesus.  Well this year, I have chosen a few things to give up…

  1. Dessert (or sweets in general) – I tried to give this up last year and I failed, miserably! So, this year I am making it my mission to complete the next 6 weeks without sweets! Dessert is most certainly my healthy eating pitfall, and I really need to break this habit I have of craving something sweet every single night to the point where it is all I can think about.  My solution, giving it up for lent! It has been said (by lots of important people…) that if you can go 21 days without something, you can break any addiction. Since lent is more than 21 days, I am hoping this will cure me of my chronic sweet tooth!
  2. Complaining/Bitching – My roommate and I have recently brought to light the fact that we do a lot of complaining/venting/bitching (whatever you would like to call it!), and that is not necessarily a personality trait that I would like to continue to have.  I have always known I wasn’t the most optimistic person, and I knew that I did my fair share of venting, but after reading a story in the latest Glamour about “a week without bitching” it really showed a lot of the things that can improve from this, for example self esteem (duh Kristen…), attitude, and even your diet! While those are just a few of the amazing effects that can result from having a more positive outlook on life!
  3. Laziness – As I told many of you, one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to go to the gym more often. Well, like most of us with these types of resolutions, I followed through for the first month or so, and now I am right back to where I started… So, for lent I am giving up laziness… I figured who can say no to the gym when it is something you’ve given up for Jesus, right?! That would just make me an awful person…

With that being said… Enough rambling! So, here is this week’s Workout Wednesday ladies!

Outfit Of The Day - Workout Wednesday


Top: Nike, $32; Sports Bra: Nike, $50; Pants: Nike$50 $45; Shoes: Nike$115 $94

Is that super cute or what, girls?! Like I have told you time and time again, getting fabulous workout clothes is always a huge motivator for me to get my booty back to the gym, so if you’re struggling like I am, treat yourself to a new outfit, you’ll be glad you did! Are you giving something up for lent? Let me know whether or not you are and if so, what you’re giving up in the comments below! Have a wonderful Wednesday lovely ladies, and get you skinny butts to the gym!


OOTD: Workout Wednesday



Happy Wednesday Lovelies!

I hope you are all keeping warm during this crazy wintery tundra we are experiencing! Having snow days is so nice, but I am so ready for all this snow to be out of the way so we can get on with our everyday life! But, anyway… How are you all doing with your New Years Resolutions?! Getting into the fourth week in January now, I am sure some of you may have fallen off the wagon or are getting ready to do so, but I am here to tell ya to get back on and stick it! My roommate, Kasey, and I have been doing so well with out new workout and diet regimen and I promise, you will just feel so much better if you stick with it! While I am not doing it to necessarily lose weight, I would just like to get a little healthier, I know whatever your reasons for diet and exercise may be, you will feel so much better both physically and emotionally if you make yourself stick it out! And to make it a little easier, here is an awesome workout outfit to motivate you to get your skinny booty to the gym!

Outfit Of The Day - Workout Wednesday


Top: The North Face Velocitee Long Sleeve Shirt – dickssportinggoods.com, $25

Bra: Victoria’s Secret The Player Cami Sports Bra – victoriassecret.com$30 $15 (ON SALE NOW!)

Pants: Forever 21 Side-Pocket Skinny Workout Leggings – forever21.com, $20

Shoes: Nike Flex Experience Run 2 – zappos.com, $65

Watch: PUMA Fit Watch – puma.com, $95

Water Bottle: Contigo Addison Water Bottle (Pink) – target.com, $13

How can an awesome outfit like that not motivate you to workout?! I know… You’re probably getting off the couch right now! So get up and get moving ladies, what is 30 minutes on the tredmill or elliptical?! The TV will be waiting when ya get back, I promise!

I hope you all have a wonderful snow day! Stay safe and don’t leave the home if you don’t have to! Let me know what you think of this awesome outfit and how your New Year’s Resolutions are coming!


OOTD: Workout Wednesday



Hello Again There Gorgeous…

With guest posts comes Workout Wednesday, also! I know that going to the gym or getting a little workout in is the last thing we want to do when we have a million other things we need to do in getting ready for the holidays, but just think about that little outfit you want to wear on New Years Eve when you are trying to think of an excuse not to go, and make a little time for the treadmill!

Outfit Of The Day - Workout Wednesday


Top:  Forever 21 Padded Workout Tank – forever21.com, $15

Sports Bra:  Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Cami Sport Bra – victoriassecret.com, $33

Pants: Adidas Tight Workout Pants – adidas.com, $55

Shoes:  Nike Free 3.0 Running Shoes – nike.com

How can you not want to go to the gym just to wear this cute little outfit?! It’s so adorable… I would drop what I was doing just to be able to wear the workout outfit, but that is always my inspiration for working out (if I can’t think of anything else…)! I just absolutely love workout clothes, not only are the super  comfy, but they make me look so sporty so even if I am not going to the gym right then, people think I am and they think I am so skinny… Hahaha (just a little confession… I probably shouldn’t tell people that, but consider yourselves lucky!)

I hope you beautiful ladies have an awesome day and keep your eyes open for more to come later today maybe…


OOTD: Workout Wednesday

Good afternoon beauties! I am so sorry I have been MIA this week… it’s finals and I have been so busy! But only two more to go, so I am all done tomorrow! In the spirit of finals week, don’t forget to hit the gym ladies! I know that this week is a crazy one and everyone is so stressed and busy, but making a little time for the gym and a quick workout session will make you feel so much better! Everyone needs a little study break so why not make it one that is actually beneficial to not only your brain, but also your bod… So, now for this week’s Workout Wednesday…

Outfit Of The Day - Workout Wednesday


Top:  Patagonia Women’s Innerspace Tank – patagonia.com$55 $27

Pants: Forever 21 Colorblock Skinny Workout Leggings – forever21.com, $22

Shoes:  Nike Trainers Nike Flyknit Lunar 1+ – endclothing.co.uk, $210

Headphones: Diane von Furstenberg Lip-Print Ear Buds – net-a-porter.com, $45

Okay so let’s get to the gym ladies! Take a little break from whatever may be stressing you out and keeping you busy this week and get a short workout in. I promise you’ll feel so much better and you’ll be able to concentrate so much better on what you need to be learning!

Good luck on your finals if you have them! You’re almost done… You can do it beautiful!


Guest Post: Isabel Of ‘Classic And Crippled’

Hello my beauty queens! Happy Wednesday! I hope you are all have a wonderful day and that you’re staying warm while you get ready for Christmas (who’s excited?! I know I am…)!  It’s Wednesday, so you know what that means… It’s time for our Guest Blogger of the week! This week we have a very special and extremely inspiration blogger named Isabel.  She is gorgeous face behind the blog ‘Classic and Crippled‘ where she blogs about fashion and make-up for all women with a post or two every week that is dedicated to being fashionable while having a disability.  She is one of the most amazing people I have ever met, and she truly inspires me to be a better person.  So, without further ado, here is the absolutely amazing Isabel of ‘Classic and Crippled‘…

Before we get into our Q&A, here is a little more about Isabel and her blog:

Isabel of 'Classic and Crippled'

The Gorgeous Isabel of ‘Classic and Crippled

Howdy! I am Isabel, the author of Classic and Crippled! I am a 16-year-old high school Junior. I am obsessed with Audrey Hepburn, pink and country music. I also absolutely love my dogs Midge (Boston Terrier and Black Lab mix) and Dixie (Jack Russell, Yorkie, Corgi and Westie mix). I also have a condition called Ehlers-Danlos that affects my connective tissue. Thanks Kristen for giving me this feature opportunity!

Guest Blogger - Isabel Of 'Classic And Crippled'


And now for a translation of what that means…

1.     If you were on a tight budget and could only afford one of your favorite magazines (I know, I love them all too!), what would it be? What is your favorites section/part of that magazine?

Hmmm, that’s so hard!! But if I could only buy one magazine, it would be Vogue (hands down). In my opinion, Vogue is the epitome of a high fashion magazine. Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington fill all of the glossy pages with articles and photos that are not only fashionable but are pieces of art as well. Vogue completely redefined the magazine and fashion industry, and for people looking to go into that industry, it’s full of hope, goals and inspiration.

2.     If I were a shoe, I would be…

Manolo Blahnik’s ‘Hangisi’ Jeweled Pump aka Carrie Bradshaw’s signature shoe. This shoe is literally the most glamorous thing I have ever seen. Every time I walk through a store that carries (get it?) these, I stop, stare and drool! I have sat and looked at them for at least 20 minutes a couple of times! The first time I saw these in person, I was in Nordstrom, and then I walked over and proceeded to start hallelujah opera singing… Lets just say I was asked to stop singing or leave!

3.     My fashion crush (idol, inspiration, admirer, the list could go on forever…) is…

My fashion idol title is tied between Audrey Hepburn and Olivia Palermo. Both of these lovely ladies keep their style classic, minimal and conservative. All of these style traits are very prevalent in my wardrobe and personality. What seems like their style rules are very similar to mine, which is good because I can draw inspiration but still add my twist. I would have to say my biggest style rules are, keep it simple and keep it conservative.

4.     If I were stranded on an island and could only have two make-up products, they would be…

Mascara and Sunscreen!

My Maybelline New York Volum’ Express Falsies Mascara is my number one mascara, and its under $10! This mascara makes my eyelashes look full, dark (I have blonde eyelashes) and long! If I only have time to use one makeup product, mascara would be it! Secondly, I would bring sunscreen because the only thing worse than being stranded, would be getting a sunburn. I have extremely fair skin that tans, but if you are stuck for days and days, anyone would get a sunburn. And a sunburn without cream or aloe would be a nightmare!

5.     I keep my skin looking fabulous and flawless by… (what are your go-to products?!)

  • Bliss ‘Triple Oxygen’ Instant Energizing Cleansing Foam ($28)
  • Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief ($30)
  • Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub ($6)

6.     I blog because… (Tell me when and why you started blogging, and then why you continued after you initially started!)

  • Read all about this here.

I have been searching the web for fashion blogs directed towards ladies with disabilities, and I found NONE! Having a disability myself, I started to think, Maybe I should start one. I have a genetic connective (ligament) tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos. Because of this, I have had many major operations, braces (back, knee, shoulder, hip, ankle, neck, knee etc.), walkers, wheelchairs and many other annoyances. With all of these, I have had a hard time keeping my style and actually being able to put an ensemble together or even being able to dress myself. Because of this disorder, I have experience dressing well while being handicapped. My goal for this blog is to reach girls that are struggling, and help then become more confident in their clothes and overall, be able to express themselves the way they want!

7.     If I could live anywhere in the world, I would choose…

Seattle, Washington.

I absolutely love Seattle because of the beautiful buildings, overall vibe of the city and climate. Yes, I know that it rains a lot! I actually love the rain because it reminds me how fortunate we are to even have rain. In many parts of the world, rain is a luxury and here in parts of the US, people complain about it and take it for granted. I also love the rain because I wear bright colors and it lights up the gray!

8.     When I grow up I want to be… (If you could be absolutely anything, what is your dream/ideal career!?)

If I could do anything as a job, I would work in fashion journalism and work my way up to creative director of Vogue. It would be so fun and interesting to be in charge of all thing art and creative at any fashion magazine. While watching “The September Issue”, a documentary about the making of an issue of Vogue, I saw the job of creative director (currently filled by Grace Coddington) and said to myself, I NEED to do that!! Ever since, I’ve been obsessed.

9.     My favorite designer is…

Alice and Olivia or Kate Spade are my all time favorite designers. Partly because these brands are literally me but in material form. Both of these brands are filled with lovely prints, happy colors and classic prints. It brightens my day just looking at these designs!

10.  My favorite quote is… Because… (What are your go-to words of wisdom from a fellow fashionista and why?)

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” – Audrey Hepburn

This quote is definitely a quote to live by. In fact, every Audrey Hepburn quote is lovely, smart and passionate about life.

11.  My rock is… (Who in your life inspires you and has helped you get where you are today?)

My younger sister, Maria. Maria is 11 years old, she is always so happy and is my biggest fan. Through all of my medical complications she has always been there cheering me on. We are literally the definition of Yin and Yang, I love her so much!

12.  With the abundance of free time I have (don’t we all wish this was the case!), I like to…

  • I don’t like this, but I  have a lot of doctors appointments
  • Watch Scandal (ABC)
  • Listen to and obsess over country music
  • Online shop!
  • Swimming (competitive and non-competitive)

So was I right or what?! Pretty amazing, huh? I know, I know… I hate to say it, but I seem to always be right about these things, huh?! (Hehe, just kidding! …I am all about tooting my own horn lately, huh ladies!?) But, if you loved her as much as I did (I’m sure you did… What’s not to love?!) then show this phenomenal girl a little love and check out her blog! I hope y’all enjoyed hearing a little bit about her and her life/blog as much as I did!


Follow Classic and Crippled on Bloglovin’ here!

Have a wonderful day my little fashionistas!

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