Welkom Bij Antwerpen!

My Experiences Over The Frist Few Days In Antwerp, Belgium!

A Typical Street in Antwerp, Belgium We arrived in Antwerp about a week or so ago (after a few delays and problems with the engine!).  The day that we got here, we got to the Monty (the apartment/dorm building we’re staying in) and then we got our room keys and all of our sheets/bedding/towels and stuff, along with our cell phones (from like 1900..) and then we went up to our rooms to unpack and get settled in! That night, we went to dinner as a group and then we all went out together!

The first few days was basically just focused around getting used to the city (and country), and adjusting to the time difference!But after we were all adjusted, we got down to business and started having real classes and doing things as a group! A Famous Fry Place In Antwer


One day we went on a tour of Brussels and I learned so much about the city and Belgium as a
whole! I didn’t know that french fries were called “french fries” because American soldiers were in Brussels during WWI and had fries, but they thought they were in France so they called them “french fries”! (I did know that they were from Belgium though, because my grandpa told me when I was a lot younger – I can thank him for a lot of the trivia knowledge that I have!)

Belgian Chocolate Belgium is also known for its world famous chocolate! Being a chocoholic myself, naturally I was super excited when I found this out! My roommate and I tried chocolate and one place that we thought would be one of the best places.. we paid 5 euros for a tiny box of chocolates to share! It was good.. but it was not anything that I hadn’t ever had before or that I felt like I couldn’t get in the US, but I know that I will be trying more over my 6 week stay and I am almost positive (and really hopeful!) that some of it will be absolutely amazing!

Our Tiny Box Of Belgian Chocolate!

Then over our first weekend, three friends and I went to Paris for the weekend! Stay posted for more about my amazing weekend in Paris, France!

XOXO, Kristen


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