Wedding Wear: Dos And Don’ts Of Dressing For A Wedding

Part One: Look Amazing While Sustaining An Appropriate Appearance

You're Invited! Now, What To Wear?

You’re invited! Now, what to wear?!

We all know the feeling… You get invited to a wedding for someone you haven’t seen in a few years and you have absolutely no idea what to wear, but you have to look amazing since it’s been so long since you’ve seen anyone. What do you wear? At some point, I think we have all felt like this, and to be brutally honest, it sucks big time! But what you don’t know, is how to fix it, and that’s the topic of discussion today: how to dress appropriately for a wedding.



  • Wedding Invitation - You're Invited! De-code the invitation.  All right ladies, here’s your chance! Pull out your magnifying glass and play inspector gadget.  Make sure you look for any indication or hint about what type of occasion the event will be.  Typically, if the wedding is formal, the invitation will be on heavier paper.  Another hint that it is formal is a night wedding.  Even if the couple doesn’t spell it out for you, there are at least some clues for you!
  • Dress for the occasion.  Make sure you are dressed in appropriate attire for the type of occasion. (Hint, hint, don’t wear a sundress to a formal event!)
  • Wear fun colors.  Go ahead, have fun with it, get that cute mint dress, or that amazing purple skirt. Wear all kinds of fun colors, but make sure you don’t “steal the show” by wearing red or bright yellow (we want the attention on the bride!).


  • Wear white. Never, under any circumstances, wear white to the wedding! Even if you find the Open Back Lace Wedding Dress - I HAVE To Have This! perfect dress that you love and can’t imagine wearing anything else, and it just happens to be white (that would happen…)! Trust me when I say this, ladies, just don’t do it!
  • Wear something you wouldn’t wear in front of your grandma. You have to keep in mind that the bride and groom are going to have their grandparents there, and other guests may have young children with them. Don’t wear anything revealing… Come on, its one night, you can do it!
  • Wear brand new shoes. Even if you just found the most amazing pair of heels that would look perfect with your dress… I promise, you will regret wearing them when your feet are throbbing before you even get to your seat at the ceremony!
  • Wear jeans. Like I said girls, its one night! Put on a pretty dress and get all dolled up for one night, and then you can go back to wearing your jeans everyday.

Sorry guys, I had to split this one up into two parts… There is just so much to say about wedding wear! But, stay tuned because part two is coming soon!




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